Sports Reference's business is based on the quality of the data we provide to our audience. When we decided to launch FBref, we looked at a large number of football providers. When looking for advanced, play-level data, Statsbomb was our first and our last call. StatsBomb has quickly become the go-to resource for football analytics. They are football experts who have created a dataset that is unequaled in the industry. Whether you're in the media, gambling industry, work for a club, or are a fan, StatsBomb has analysis tools for everyone. We would heartily recommend working with them if you want to learn more at the game. Below you can find out more about their offerings and how to contact them.


Through an easy-to-use api, you can have access to data from dozens of competitions around the world. Each match includes, on average, over 3,000 events including shots, passes, dribbles, defensive pressures, duels, saves, clearances, ball recoveries, interceptions, fouls, etc. A single event contains an unmatched level of detail to describe its unique characteristics, such as pitch location, body part, pattern of play (open play, set piece, counter, etc), duration, and outcome.

Every shot includes StatsBomb's industry leading expected goal value. Also included are attributes such as the location on goal in which the shot reached, the technique used to take the shot, whether it was deflected, if it was the shooter's first touch, or if it was on an open goal. Every shot includes a freeze frame, which is the location of all relevant players on the pitch at the time of the shot. When a goalkeeper is involved in a shot, their body position, the body part used, and the outcome of the event are all recorded.

Each pass includes height, length, angle, recipient, and flags to indicate if it was a cross, a cut-back or a switch. If the pass assisted a shot or a goal, or if it was made under pressure from the opposition, this data is included as well.

Defensive Actions
StatsBomb tracks every time a player applies pressure to an opposing player. With each pressure event, you can see which player is being pressure, that player's event (shot, pass, pass receipt, etc), and their location on the pitch. With this data, you can determine how often a player applies pressure and their effectiveness based on the outcome of the event being pressured.

Free Data
StatsBomb provides freely available data for the 2018 Men's World Cup, the 2019 Women's World Cup, various women's leagues, and Lionel Messi's entire La Liga career. This is a great resource to help become familiar with the dataset. More information is available at the StatsBomb Resource Centre.

StatsBomb IQ

StatsBomb IQ takes their top-notch data and provides a seemingly endless collection of ways to digest their data. IQ gives you the ability to compare, filter and customize to your heart's content through their wide range of visualizations, such as radars, shot charts, pass network maps, and heat maps. Exporting data is also made easy with downloadable csv files of tabular data and image downloads of all graphical visualizations.

Want to see how Tottenham Hotspur has performed with Pochettino vs Mourinho as manager? These trendlines allow for visual and data customization, such as the ability to set date ranges and include various metrics.

Curious about which players are most similar to each other? IQ gives you the ability to find similar players based on various metrics and filters with the Similar Players tool. You're just a few clicks away from finding which under-25 Forward from outside the Premier League is most similar to Sergio Agüero.

Interested in which players connected for the most passes in a match? Passing Networks display passing combinations as well as which passes led to the most xG. These are available for all matches and can be filtered down by team and by starting 11 or first and second half.

Want to compare Arsenal and Chelsea's attack? The Team Style tool allows you to compare any two teams, using your choice of metrics over any date range and game type.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, a brief example of the vast possibilities provided by StatsBomb IQ. If you're a media member, there's plenty to inspire your next article or assist in crafting a narrative. Fantasy players can use IQ to find undervalued players or to scout upcoming opponents to find the best matchups. Those in the gambling industry can take advantage of both the api and StatsBomb IQ to build predictive models.

Editorial Content

StatsBomb's editorial team provides unmatched insight into world football through articles that are available in both English and Spanish. Here is a sample:


Listen to StatsBomb's weekly podcast through your preferred podcast platform:

Social Media

Connect with StatsBomb through various social media platforms:


In 2019, StatsBomb hosted a conference at Stamford Bridge, which included research presentations and panels from some of the greatest minds in football analytics. Research papers and videos from the conference are made available for those unable to attend.


Want to learn more about football analytics? StatsBomb hosts courses around the world on how to analyze professional football using data. If you're unable to attend in person, tutorials are provided in StatsBomb's Resource Centre and their YouTube channel.

For further inquiries or if you would like to work with them, contact them here.