FBref Scouting Report

Scouting Reports compare a player's statistics to other players at their position over a specific amount of time. Each statistic is ranked as a percentile based on how it compares to other players. Any player who has reached a minimum amount of playing time in a competition with StatsBomb data receives a scouting report.

On a player's main page, we show a summary of the player's scouting report. This includes about 20 statistics we chose based on feedback from users and industry experts. We decided to show the same set of statistics for all outfield players regardless of their position for a few reasons. First, we felt this set of statistics covers all aspects of play (attacking, ball progression, possession, defense, etc) and can be applied to all outfield players. We also felt that keeping the statistics consistent from position to position allows users to become familiar with the scouting report layout, leading to less confusion.

FBref.com Logo Robert Lewandowski Scouting Report

FBref.com Logo Robert Lewandowski Scouting Report Table
Statistic Per 90 Percentile
Non-Penalty Goals0.94
Shots Total4.47
Shot-Creating Actions3.22
Passes Attempted22.86
Pass Completion %77.2%
Progressive Passes1.70
Progressive Carries2.88
Dribbles Completed1.04
Touches (Att Pen)8.10
Progressive Passes Rec8.77
Aerials won1.89

Scouting Report Types and Competitions

FBref includes scouting reports based on the last 365 days and each individual domestic league season. We also separate "last 365 days" scouting reports into three competition groups. Players are only compared to other players in their competition group. These groups are:

We felt that using the last 365 days is a good amount of time to determine the quality of a player. One issue that comes with using a specific season is that samples are too small to have a reliable measurement early in a season. Using the last 365 days provides built-in weighting, so that as the current season progresses, the sample relies more on the current season and less on the previous season. We understand that many users would like to look at a specific season, which is why we also include scouting reports for individual domestic league seasons. These scouting reports can be found by clicking on the "Complete Scouting Report" link.

Position Sets

Players are grouped into six position sets:

Comparison Pools

Comparison pools are groups of players in each position set who are used when calculating percentiles. To be included in a comparison pool, players need to reach a minimum number of minutes played at that position. These minimums have been set to balance the need to ensure that only players with an adequate amount of playing time are included, but also so that there are enough qualified players in the pool.

Our goal was to be as granular as possible with the positions, while also making sure each position includes an adequate number of players in the comparison pool. For example, separating Midfielders into Defensive, Central, Attacking and Wide Midfielders caused each comparison pool to include too few players. Instead, we combined Defensive, Central and Wide Midfielders into "Midfielders" and Attacking Midfielders and Wingers to another position set. Similarly, Wingbacks are included in the Fullbacks position set.


Percentiles are calculated by comparing a player's statistics to the players in the comparison pool. For example, when calculating the Goals percentile for Robert Lewandowski, we find the percentage of Forwards whose goals are lower than his, and the percentage of Forwards whose goals are lower than or equal to his. The average of these two percentages is his Goals percentile.

To be considered for a scouting report at each position, a player needs to reach a minimum number of minutes played at that position. Some players may meet the mimimum to have a scouting report, but don't have enough minutes to be in the comparison pool. This is done so that more players have scouting reports, but also so that players that do not meet the pool minimum do not affect the comparison pool.

Note: Minutes at a position are calculated using StatsBomb formation data, which includes starting XI formations and formations from in-game tactical changes.

There are some statistics where a lower value is considered better, such as goals allowed for Goalkeepers. In these cases, the lower value is given a high percentile and vice versa.

Possession Adjustments

The statistics used in scouting reports are not currenlty adjusted for possession. However, we do have plans to implement a possession adjustment in the future.

Complete Scouting Report

In addition to the scouting report summary on the main player pages, we also include complete scouting reports, which include percentiles for all statistics. These statistics are grouped and ordered as you would normally see them on our statistic tables.

Similar Players

For each player with a scouting report, we provide a list of up to 10 players who display similarities in their statistical profile. The calculation to determine similarities uses the statistics in the scouting report summary on each player's main page. The players who have the smallest differences in percentiles are considered the most similar. Currently, all statistics are treated equally in the similarity calculation with no statistic weighted more heavily or given more importance than another.

Minimum Minutes

Minimum Minutes Table
Time Frame Comp Report Pool
Last 365 DaysMen's Big 5 Leagues and European Competition4501350
Last 365 DaysMajor League Soccer450450
Last 365 DaysWomen's Super League180180
SeasonMajor League Soccer450450
SeasonPremier League450450
SeasonSerie A450450
SeasonLa Liga450450
SeasonLigue 1450450
SeasonWomen's Super League180180