Group stage (September 21, 2023 to December 14, 2023)

Group A

Group A Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1eng Club Crest West Ham110031+232.20.5+1.7+1.66
2de Club Crest Freiburg110032+131.62.3-0.7-0.72
3gr Club Crest Olympiacos100123-102.31.6+0.7+0.72
4rs Club Crest TSC Bačka Top100113-200.52.2-1.7-1.66

Group B

Group B Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1gr Club Crest AEK Athens110032+131.32.7-1.4-1.37
2fr Club Crest Marseille101033012.42.6-0.2-0.20
3nl Club Crest Ajax101033012.62.4+0.2+0.20
4eng Club Crest Brighton100123-102.71.3+1.4+1.37

Group C

Group C Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1cz Club Crest Sparta Prague110032+131.71.0+0.6+0.61
2sct Club Crest Rangers110010+132.00.8+1.2+1.16
3cy Club Crest Aris Limassol FC100123-101.01.7-0.6-0.61
4es Club Crest Betis100101-100.82.0-1.2-1.16

Group D

Group D Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1it Club Crest Atalanta110020+233.90.8+3.1+3.10
2pt Club Crest Sporting CP110021+131.70.6+1.1+1.05
3at Club Crest Sturm Graz100112-100.61.7-1.1-1.05
4pl Club Crest RKS Raków100102-200.83.9-3.1-3.10

Group E

Group E Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1eng Club Crest Liverpool110031+232.20.3+2.0+1.95
2fr Club Crest Toulouse101011011.41.3+0.2+0.16
3be Club Crest Union SG101011011.31.4-0.2-0.16
4at Club Crest LASK100113-200.32.2-2.0-1.95

Group F

Group F Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1fr Club Crest Rennes110030+331.80.2+1.5+1.53
2gr Club Crest Panathinaikos110020+230.90.3+0.6+0.61
3es Club Crest Villarreal100102-200.30.9-0.6-0.61
4il Club Crest Maccabi Haifa100103-300.21.8-1.5-1.53

Group G

Group G Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1cz Club Crest Slavia Prague110020+231.20.4+0.8+0.82
2it Club Crest Roma110021+130.90.8+0.2+0.16
3md Club Crest Sheriff Tiraspol100112-100.80.9-0.2-0.16
4ch Club Crest Servette FC100102-200.41.2-0.8-0.82

Group H

Group H Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1de Club Crest Leverkusen110040+433.00.4+2.6+2.60
2az Club Crest Qarabağ Ağdam110010+131.80.2+1.5+1.53
3no Club Crest Molde100101-100.21.8-1.5-1.53
4se Club Crest Häcken100104-400.43.0-2.6-2.60

League Table

League Table Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
GRde Club Crest Leverkusen110040+433.00.4+2.6+2.60
25,402Jonas Hofmann, Florian Wirtz... - 1Matej Kovar
GRfr Club Crest Rennes110030+331.80.2+1.5+1.53
26,838Ludovic Blas, Adrien Truffert... - 1Steve Mandanda
GReng Club Crest Liverpool110031+232.20.3+2.0+1.95
Mohamed Salah, Luis Díaz... - 1Caoimhín Kelleher
GReng Club Crest West Ham110031+232.20.5+1.7+1.66
41,374Kudus Mohammed - 2Łukasz Fabiański
GRit Club Crest Atalanta110020+233.90.8+3.1+3.10
13,698Éderson, Charles De Ketelaere - 1Juan Musso
GRgr Club Crest Panathinaikos110020+230.90.3+0.6+0.61
57,003Andraž Šporar, Fotis Ioannidis - 1Alberto Brignoli
GRcz Club Crest Slavia Prague110020+231.20.4+0.8+0.82
Lukáš Masopust, Ogbu Igoh - 1Aleš Mandous
GRgr Club Crest AEK Athens110032+131.32.7-1.4-1.37
Djibril Sidibé, Mijat Gaćinović... - 1Cican Stankovic
GRde Club Crest Freiburg110032+131.62.3-0.7-0.72
Vincenzo Grifo, Maximilian Philipp... - 1Noah Atubolu
GRcz Club Crest Sparta Prague110032+131.71.0+0.6+0.61
17,371Ladislav Krejčí - 2Peter Vindahl Jensen
GRit Club Crest Roma110021+130.90.8+0.2+0.16
Romelu Lukaku - 1Mile Svilar
GRpt Club Crest Sporting CP110021+131.70.6+1.1+1.05
Viktor Gyökeres, Ousmane Diomande - 1Antonio Adán
GRaz Club Crest Qarabağ Ağdam110010+131.80.2+1.5+1.53
26,500Leandro Andrade - 1Andrey Lunyov
GRsct Club Crest Rangers110010+132.00.8+1.2+1.16
45,634Abdallah Sima - 1Jack Butland
GRnl Club Crest Ajax101033012.62.4+0.2+0.20
53,000Steven Berghuis, Kenneth Taylor... - 1Jay Gorter
GRfr Club Crest Marseille101033012.42.6-0.2-0.20
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 2Pau López
GRfr Club Crest Toulouse101011011.41.3+0.2+0.16
Thijs Dallinga - 1Guillaume Restes
GRbe Club Crest Union SG101011011.31.4-0.2-0.16
12,162Mohamed El Amine Amoura - 1Anthony Moris
GRcy Club Crest Aris Limassol FC100123-101.01.7-0.6-0.61
Aleksandr Kokorin, Shavy Babicka - 1Vaná
GReng Club Crest Brighton100123-102.71.3+1.4+1.37
30,178João Pedro - 2Jason Steele
GRgr Club Crest Olympiacos100123-102.31.6+0.7+0.72
30,056Ayoub El Kaabi - 2Alexandros Paschalakis
GRmd Club Crest Sheriff Tiraspol100112-100.80.9-0.2-0.16
10,711Cristian Tovar - 1Maksym Koval
GRat Club Crest Sturm Graz100112-100.61.7-1.1-1.05
13,517William Vick - 1Kjell Scherpen
GRes Club Crest Betis100101-100.82.0-1.2-1.16
Claudio Bravo
GRno Club Crest Molde100101-100.21.8-1.5-1.53
Jacob Karlstrom
GRat Club Crest LASK100113-200.32.2-2.0-1.95
18,091Florian Flecker - 1Tobias Lawal
GRrs Club Crest TSC Bačka Top100113-200.52.2-1.7-1.66
Petar Stanic - 1Nikola Simić
GRpl Club Crest RKS Raków100102-200.83.9-3.1-3.10
Vladen Kovačević
GRch Club Crest Servette FC100102-200.41.2-0.8-0.82
19,783Jérémy Frick
GRes Club Crest Villarreal100102-200.30.9-0.6-0.61
Pepe Reina
GRil Club Crest Maccabi Haifa100103-300.21.8-1.5-1.53
Itamar Nitzan
GRse Club Crest Häcken100104-400.43.0-2.6-2.60
Peter Abrahamsson
League Table Table
Home Away
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90 MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90
GRde Club Crest Leverkusen110040+433.003.00.4+2.6+2.60000000000.00.00.0
GRfr Club Crest Rennes110030+333.001.80.2+1.5+1.53000000000.00.00.0
GReng Club Crest Liverpool000000000.00.00.0110031+
GReng Club Crest West Ham110031+
GRit Club Crest Atalanta110020+
GRgr Club Crest Panathinaikos110020+
GRcz Club Crest Slavia Prague000000000.00.00.0110020+
GRgr Club Crest AEK Athens000000000.00.00.0110032+
GRde Club Crest Freiburg000000000.00.00.0110032+
GRcz Club Crest Sparta Prague110032+
GRit Club Crest Roma000000000.00.00.0110021+
GRpt Club Crest Sporting CP000000000.00.00.0110021+
GRaz Club Crest Qarabağ Ağdam110010+
GRsct Club Crest Rangers110010+
GRnl Club Crest Ajax101033011.002.62.4+0.2+0.20000000000.00.00.0
GRfr Club Crest Marseille000000000.00.00.0101033011.002.42.6-0.2-0.20
GRfr Club Crest Toulouse000000000.00.00.0101011011.001.41.3+0.2+0.16
GRbe Club Crest Union SG101011011.001.31.4-0.2-0.16000000000.00.00.0
GRcy Club Crest Aris Limassol FC000000000.00.00.0100123-
GReng Club Crest Brighton100123-
GRgr Club Crest Olympiacos100123-
GRmd Club Crest Sheriff Tiraspol100112-
GRat Club Crest Sturm Graz100112-
GRes Club Crest Betis000000000.00.00.0100101-
GRno Club Crest Molde000000000.00.00.0100101-
GRat Club Crest LASK100113-
GRrs Club Crest TSC Bačka Top000000000.00.00.0100113-
GRpl Club Crest RKS Raków000000000.00.00.0100102-
GRch Club Crest Servette FC100102-
GRes Club Crest Villarreal000000000.00.00.0100102-
GRil Club Crest Maccabi Haifa000000000.00.00.0100103-300.000.21.8-1.5-1.53
GRse Club Crest Häcken000000000.00.00.0100104-400.000.43.0-2.6-2.60


Nationalities 2023-2024 Europa League

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