Domestic Leagues Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Leagues Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd38241048641+458255,979Mohamed Salah - 18Alisson→ Champions League via league finish
2022-2023Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League5th38191097547+286753,163Mohamed Salah - 19Alisson→ Europa League via league finish
2021-2022Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League2nd3828829426+689253,352Mohamed Salah - 23Alisson→ Champions League via league finish
2020-2021Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd3820996842+2669837Mohamed Salah - 22Alisson→ Champions League via league finish
2019-2020Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League1st3832338533+529941,955Mohamed Salah - 19Alisson→ Champions League via league finish
2018-2019Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League2nd3830718922+679752,983Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah - 22Alisson→ Champions League via league finish
2017-2018Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th38211258438+467553,049Mohamed Salah - 32Loris Karius, Simon Mignolet→ Champions League via league finish
2016-2017Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th38221067842+367653,016Philippe Coutinho, Sadio Mané - 13Simon Mignolet→ Champions League via league finish
2015-2016Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League8th381612106350+136043,910Roberto Firmino - 10Simon Mignolet
2014-2015Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League6th38188125248+46244,659Steven Gerrard - 9Simon Mignolet→ Europa League via league finish
2013-2014Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League2nd38266610150+518444,671Luis Suárez - 31Simon Mignolet→ Champions League via league finish
2012-2013Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7th38161397143+286144,749Luis Suárez - 23Pepe Reina
2011-2012Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League8th381410144740+75244,253Luis Suárez - 11Pepe Reina→ Europa League via cup win
2010-2011Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League6th38177145944+155842,820Dirk Kuyt - 13Pepe Reina
2009-2010Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7th38189116135+266342,864Fernando Torres - 18Pepe Reina→ Europa League via league finish
2008-2009Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League2nd38251127727+508643,611Steven Gerrard - 16Pepe Reina→ Champions League via league finish
2007-2008Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th38211346728+397643,532Fernando Torres - 24Pepe Reina→ Champions League via league finish
2006-2007Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd38208105727+306843,561Dirk Kuyt - 12Pepe Reina→ Champions League via league finish
2005-2006Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd3825765725+328244,236Steven Gerrard - 10Pepe Reina→ Champions League via league finish
2004-2005Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League5th38177145241+115842,587Milan Baroš - 9Jerzy Dudek→ Champions League
2003-2004Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th381612105537+186042,677Michael Owen - 16Jerzy Dudek→ Champions League via league finish
2002-2003Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League5th381810106141+206443,243Michael Owen - 19Jerzy Dudek→ UEFA Cup via league finish
2001-2002Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League2nd3824866730+378043,389Michael Owen - 19Jerzy Dudek→ Champions League via league finish
2000-2001Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd3820997139+326943,698Michael Owen - 16Sander Westerveld→ Champions League via league finish
1999-2000Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th38191095130+216741,757Michael Owen - 11Sander Westerveld→ UEFA Cup via league finish
1998-1999Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7th38159146849+195443,321Michael Owen - 18David James
1997-1998Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd38181196842+266540,628Michael Owen - 18David James→ UEFA Cup via league finish
1996-1997Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th38191186237+256839,777Robbie Fowler - 18David James→ UEFA Cup via league finish
1995-1996Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League3rd38201177034+367139,553Robbie Fowler - 28David James→ UEFA Cup Winners' Cup via cup win
1994-1995Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League4th422111106537+287433,305Robbie Fowler - 25David James→ UEFA Cup via league finish
1993-1994Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League8th42179165955+46038,503Ian Rush - 14Bruce Grobbelaar
1992-1993Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League6th421611156255+75937,009Ian Rush - 14David James
1991-1992Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division6th421616104740+764
1990-1991Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd3823787740+3776
1989-1990Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st38231057837+4179
1988-1989Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd38221066528+3776
1987-1988Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st40261228724+6390
1986-1987Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd42238117242+3077
1985-1986Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42261068937+5288
1984-1985Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd42221196835+3377
1983-1984Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42221467332+4180
1982-1983Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42241088737+5082
1981-1982Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st4226978032+4887
1980-1981Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th42171786242+2051
1979-1980Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42251078130+5160
1978-1979Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st4230848516+6968
1977-1978Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd4224996534+3157
1976-1977Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42231186233+2957
1975-1976Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42231456631+3560
1974-1975Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd422011116039+2151
1973-1974Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd42221375231+2157
1972-1973Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42251077242+3060
1971-1972Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division3rd4224996430+3457
1970-1971Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th42171784224+1851
1969-1970Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th422011116542+2351
1968-1969Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd42251166324+3961
1967-1968Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division3rd42221197140+3155
1966-1967Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th421913106447+1751
1965-1966Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st4226977934+4561
1964-1965Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division7th421710156773-644
1963-1964Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42265119245+4757
1962-1963Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division8th421710157159+1244
1953-1954Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division22nd42910236897-2928Relegated
1952-1953Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division17th42148206182-2136
1951-1952Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division11th421219115761-443
1950-1951Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division9th421611155359-643
1949-1950Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division8th421714116454+1048
1948-1949Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division12th421314155343+1040
1947-1948Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division11th421610166561+442
1946-1947Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42257108452+3257
1938-1939Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division11th421414146263-142
1937-1938Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division11th421511166571-641
1936-1937Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division18th421211196284-2235
1935-1936Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division19th421312176064-438
1934-1935Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division7th42197168588-345
1933-1934Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division18th421410187987-838
1932-1933Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division14th421411177984-539
1931-1932Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division10th42196178193-1244
1930-1931Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division9th421512158685+142
1929-1930Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division12th42169176379-1641
1928-1929Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th421712139064+2646
1927-1928Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division16th421313168487-339
1926-1927Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division9th42187176961+843
1925-1926Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division7th421416127063+744
1924-1925Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division4th422010126355+850
1923-1924Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division12th421511164948+141
1922-1923Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st4226887031+3960
1921-1922Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st42221376336+2757
1920-1921Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division4th42181596335+2851
1919-1920Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division4th421910135944+1548
1914-1915Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division13th38149156575-1037
1913-1914Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division16th38147174662-1635
1912-1913Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division12th38165176171-1037
1911-1912Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division17th381210164955-634
1910-1911Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division13th38157165353037
1909-1910Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd38216117857+2148
1908-1909Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division16th38156175765-836
1907-1908Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division8th38166166861+738
1906-1907Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division15th38137186465-133
1905-1906Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st38235107946+3351
1903-1904Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division17th3498174962-1326Relegated
1902-1903Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th34174136849+1938
1901-1902Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division11th341012124238+432
1900-1901Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division1st3419785935+2445
1899-1900Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division10th34145154945+433
1898-1899Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division2nd34195104933+1643
1897-1898Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division9th30116134845+328
1896-1897Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division5th3012994638+833
1894-1895Liverpooleng ENG1. First Division16th3078155170-1922Relegated, → Football League 1/2 Relegation/Promotion Test Matches

International Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
International Cup Results Table
Season Squad Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2024-2025Liverpool1. Champions Lg00000000
2023-2024Liverpool2. Europa LgQF107032912+172153,420Mohamed Salah, Darwin Núñez - 5Caoimhín Kelleher
2022-2023Liverpool1. Champions LgR1685031912+71551,578Mohamed Salah - 8Alisson
2021-2022Liverpool1. Champions Lg2nd1310123014+163164,118Mohamed Salah - 8Alisson
2020-2021Liverpool1. Champions LgQF10622156+920Mohamed Salah - 6Alisson
2019-2020Liverpool1. Champions LgR1684131512+31352,312Mohamed Salah - 4Alisson
2018-2019Liverpool1. Champions LgW138142412+122552,907Mohamed Salah - 5Alisson
2017-2018Liverpool1. Champions LgF137424116+252549,960Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané... - 10Loris Karius
2015-2016Liverpool2. Europa LgF156721913+62541,861Adam Lallana, Daniel Sturridge - 3Simon Mignolet
2014-2015Liverpool2. Europa LgR322101110343,353Mario Balotelli - 1Simon Mignolet
2014-2015Liverpool1. Champions LgGR612359-4543,372Steven Gerrard - 2Simon Mignolet
2012-2013Liverpool2. Europa LgR32125432013+71940,548Jonjo Shelvey - 4Pepe Reina
2010-2011Liverpool2. Europa LgR1614581165+112335,666Steven Gerrard - 3Pepe Reina
2009-2010Liverpool1. Champions LgGR621357-2741,339Yossi Benayoun - 2Pepe Reina
2009-2010Liverpool2. Europa LgSF8233147+7940,752Fernando Torres - 4Pepe Reina
2008-2009Liverpool1. Champions LgQF127412212+102542,018Steven Gerrard - 7Pepe Reina
2007-2008Liverpool1. Champions LgSF148333412+222741,626Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres - 6Pepe Reina
2006-2007Liverpool1. Champions LgF159342212+103050,527Peter Crouch - 6Pepe Reina
2005-2006Liverpool1. Champions LgR1614833207+132742,543Luis García, Djibril Cissé - 2Pepe Reina
2004-2005Liverpool1. Champions LgW158532010+102948,916Luis García - 5Jerzy Dudek
2003-2004Liverpool2. UEFA CupRd48431147+715Harry Kewell - 3
2002-2003Liverpool2. UEFA CupQF641163+313Michael Owen - 3
2002-2003Liverpool1. Champions LgGR16222128+4840,092Michael Owen - 4Jerzy Dudek
2001-2002Liverpool1. Champions LgQF167722312+112838,001Jari Litmanen - 3Jerzy Dudek
2000-2001Liverpool2. UEFA CupW13841199+1028Nick Barmby, Michael Owen - 4
1998-1999Liverpool3. UEFA CupRd36222116+58Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen... - 2
1997-1998Liverpool3. UEFA CupRd2412145-15Karl-Heinz Riedle, Robbie Fowler... - 1
1995-1996Liverpool3. UEFA CupRd241212205Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp - 1
1991-1992Liverpool3. UEFA CupQF8404168+812Dean Saunders - 9

Domestic Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Cup Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup1st6510145+91654,596Cody Gakpo - 4Caoimhín Kelleher
2023-2024Liverpooleng ENGFA CupQF4301136+7958,558Jayden Danns - 2Caoimhín Kelleher
2022-2023Liverpooleng ENGEFL CupRd4201123-1152,608Fabio Carvalho, Mohamed Salah - 1Caoimhín Kelleher
2022-2023Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup3111440452,636Harvey Elliott - 2Alisson
2021-2022Liverpooleng ENGEFL CupF6330103+71252,199Takumi Minamino - 4Caoimhín Kelleher
2021-2022Liverpooleng ENGFA CupF6510135+81651,908Takumi Minamino - 3Alisson
2020-2021Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup9th211072+54Takumi Minamino, Curtis Jones - 2Adrián
2020-2021Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup17th210164+23Mohamed Salah - 3Caoimhín Kelleher, Alisson
2019-2020Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup9th4211440752,491Curtis Jones - 2Adrián
2019-2020Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup5th3111710-3452,694James Milner, Divock Origi - 2Caoimhín Kelleher
2018-2019Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup17th100112-1045,503Daniel Sturridge - 1Simon Mignolet
2018-2019Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup33rd100112-10Divock Origi - 1Simon Mignolet
2017-2018Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup17th100102-20Danny Ward
2017-2018Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup17th2101440352,928James Milner, Mohamed Salah... - 1Simon Mignolet, Loris Karius
2016-2017Liverpooleng ENGEFL Cup3rd6402123+912Daniel Sturridge - 4Simon Mignolet, Loris Karius
2016-2017Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup17th31112204Lucas Leiva, Divock Origi - 1Loris Karius
2015-2016Liverpooleng ENGLeague Cup2nd6422104+61410,487Divock Origi - 3Simon Mignolet
2015-2016Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup17th412164+25Joe Allen, Philippe Coutinho... - 1Simon Mignolet
2014-2015Liverpooleng ENGFA Cup3rd742185+314Philippe Coutinho - 3Simon Mignolet
2014-2015Liverpooleng ENGLeague Cup3rd532186+21114,858Raheem Sterling - 3Simon Mignolet

International Super Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
International Super Cup Results Table
Season Squad Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2019-2020LiverpoolSuper Cup1st1010220138,434Sadio Mané - 2Adrián
2005-2006LiverpoolSuper Cup1st110031+23
2001-2002LiverpoolSuper Cup1st110032+13
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Domestic Super Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Super Cup Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2022-2023Liverpooleng ENGCommunity Shield1st110031+23Trent Alexander-Arnold, Darwin Núñez... - 1Adrián
2020-2021Liverpooleng ENGCommunity Shield2nd10101101Takumi Minamino - 1Alisson
2019-2020Liverpooleng ENGCommunity Shield2nd10101101Joël Matip - 1Alisson

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