Group stage (September 19, 2023 to December 13, 2023)

Group A

Group A Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1de Club Crest Bayern Munich4400116+5127.45.8+1.6+0.39
2dk Club Crest FC Copenhagen411278-145.66.6-1.1-0.26
3tr Club Crest Galatasaray411279-246.97.3-0.4-0.09
4eng Club Crest Manchester Utd4103911-238.68.8-0.2-0.04

Group B

Group B Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1eng Club Crest Arsenal430193+697.22.1+5.1+1.28
2nl Club Crest PSV Eindhoven412147-354.45.9-1.5-0.37
3fr Club Crest Lens412144054.33.6+0.7+0.18
4es Club Crest Sevilla402247-322.97.3-4.4-1.09

Group C

Group C Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1es Club Crest Real Madrid440093+6129.35.1+4.2+1.04
2it Club Crest Napoli421165+175.54.4+1.2+0.29
3pt Club Crest Braga410359-435.57.8-2.2-0.56
4de Club Crest Union Berlin401336-313.86.8-3.1-0.77

Group D

Group D Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1es Club Crest Real Sociedad431072+5106.82.5+4.3+1.07
2it Club Crest Inter431052+3108.62.9+5.7+1.43
3at Club Crest RB Salzburg410335-235.27.0-1.8-0.45
4pt Club Crest Benfica400417-603.111.3-8.2-2.05

Group E

Group E Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1es Club Crest Atlético Madrid4220125+786.74.5+2.1+0.54
2it Club Crest Lazio421155075.45.5-0.1-0.03
3nl Club Crest Feyenoord420275+267.54.5+2.9+0.73
4sct Club Crest Celtic4013312-912.37.3-5.0-1.24

Group F

Group F Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1de Club Crest Dortmund421132+174.85.6-0.8-0.21
2fr Club Crest Paris S-G420276+166.23.6+2.5+0.64
3it Club Crest Milan412124-255.64.1+1.5+0.36
4eng Club Crest Newcastle Utd411244042.86.0-3.2-0.79

Group G

Group G Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1eng Club Crest Manchester City4400123+91213.91.7+12.2+3.05
2de Club Crest RB Leipzig430196+398.55.2+3.3+0.84
3rs Club Crest Red Star4013510-515.812.1-6.3-1.58
4ch Club Crest Young Boys4013411-713.512.8-9.2-2.31

Group H

Group H Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Notes
1es Club Crest Barcelona430182+697.52.8+4.7+1.18
2pt Club Crest Porto430193+696.03.0+2.9+0.74
3ua Club Crest Shakhtar420267-164.67.1-2.5-0.63
4be Club Crest Antwerp4004314-1103.48.6-5.2-1.29

League Table

League Table Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts xG xGA xGD xGD/90 Last 5 Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
GReng Club Crest Manchester City4400123+91213.91.7+12.2+3.05
50,627Erling Haaland - 4Ederson
GRes Club Crest Real Madrid440093+6129.35.1+4.2+1.04
66,858Jude Bellingham - 3Kepa Arrizabalaga
GRde Club Crest Bayern Munich4400116+5127.45.8+1.6+0.39
75,000Harry Kane - 4Sven Ulreich
GRes Club Crest Real Sociedad431072+5106.82.5+4.3+1.07
36,703Brais Méndez - 3Álex Remiro
GRit Club Crest Inter431052+3108.62.9+5.7+1.43
69,199Lautaro Martínez - 2Yann Sommer
GReng Club Crest Arsenal430193+697.22.1+5.1+1.28
59,442Gabriel Jesus - 3David Raya
GRpt Club Crest Porto430193+696.03.0+2.9+0.74
47,276Evanilson - 4Diogo Costa
GRes Club Crest Barcelona430182+697.52.8+4.7+1.18
41,199Ferrán Torres, João Félix - 2Marc-André ter Stegen
GRde Club Crest RB Leipzig430196+398.55.2+3.3+0.84
43,719Loïs Openda, Xavi Simons - 2Janis Blaswich
GRes Club Crest Atlético Madrid4220125+786.74.5+2.1+0.54
61,303Álvaro Morata - 5Jan Oblak
GRit Club Crest Napoli421165+175.54.4+1.2+0.29
47,049Piotr Zieliński, Matteo Politano... - 1Alex Meret
GRde Club Crest Dortmund421132+174.85.6-0.8-0.21
81,365Julian Brandt, Niclas Füllkrug... - 1Gregor Kobel
GRit Club Crest Lazio421155075.45.5-0.1-0.03
41,390Pedro - 2Ivan Provedel
GRnl Club Crest Feyenoord420275+267.54.5+2.9+0.73
44,020Santiago Giménez - 2Timon Wellenreuther, Justin Bijlow
GRfr Club Crest Paris S-G420276+166.23.6+2.5+0.64
46,671Kylian Mbappé - 2Gianluigi Donnarumma
GRua Club Crest Shakhtar420267-164.67.1-2.5-0.63
47,938Danylo Sikan - 3Dmytro Riznyk
GRfr Club Crest Lens412144054.33.6+0.7+0.18
37,587Elye Wahi - 2Brice Samba
GRit Club Crest Milan412124-255.64.1+1.5+0.36
70,672Olivier Giroud, Rafael Leão - 1Mike Maignan
GRnl Club Crest PSV Eindhoven412147-354.45.9-1.5-0.37
34,203Luuk de Jong - 2Walter Benítez
GReng Club Crest Newcastle Utd411244042.86.0-3.2-0.79
52,017Dan Burn, Fabian Schär... - 1Nick Pope
GRdk Club Crest FC Copenhagen411278-145.66.6-1.1-0.26
35,895Diogo Gonçalves, Mohamed Elyounoussi... - 2Kamil Grabara
GRtr Club Crest Galatasaray411279-246.97.3-0.4-0.09
49,344Mauro Icardi - 2Fernando Muslera
GReng Club Crest Manchester Utd4103911-238.68.8-0.2-0.04
73,227Rasmus Højlund - 5André Onana
GRat Club Crest RB Salzburg410335-235.27.0-1.8-0.45
29,149Oscar Gloukh - 2Alexander Schlager
GRpt Club Crest Braga410359-435.57.8-2.2-0.56
24,121Bruma - 2Matheus
GRes Club Crest Sevilla402247-322.97.3-4.4-1.09
36,570Nemanja Gudelj - 2Ørjan Nyland, Marko Dmitrović
GRde Club Crest Union Berlin401336-313.86.8-3.1-0.77
72,754Sheraldo Becker - 2Frederik Rønnow
GRrs Club Crest Red Star4013510-515.812.1-6.3-1.58
44,581Osman Bukari - 2Omri Glazer
GRch Club Crest Young Boys4013411-713.512.8-9.2-2.31
31,500Meschak Elia - 2Anthony Racioppi
GRsct Club Crest Celtic4013312-912.37.3-5.0-1.24
55,954Kyogo Furuhashi - 2Joe Hart
GRpt Club Crest Benfica400417-603.111.3-8.2-2.05
58,460Rafa Silva - 1Anatolii Trubin
GRbe Club Crest Antwerp4004314-1103.48.6-5.2-1.29
13,580Arbnor Muja, Alhassan Yusuf... - 1Jean Butez
League Table Table
Home Away
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90 MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Pts/MP xG xGA xGD xGD/90
GReng Club Crest Manchester City220061+563.007.50.8+6.7+3.36220062+463.006.40.9+5.5+2.74
GRes Club Crest Real Madrid220040+463.006.91.7+5.3+2.64220053+
GRde Club Crest Bayern Munich220064+
GRes Club Crest Real Sociedad211042+
GRit Club Crest Inter220031+
GReng Club Crest Arsenal220060+663.003.80.6+3.2+1.60210133031.503.41.5+1.9+0.96
GRpt Club Crest Porto210121+131.502.91.9+1.0+0.51220072+563.003.11.2+1.9+0.97
GRes Club Crest Barcelona220071+663.005.41.3+4.1+2.05210111031.502.21.5+0.6+0.32
GRde Club Crest RB Leipzig210144031.503.63.2+0.4+0.21220052+363.004.92.0+2.9+1.47
GRes Club Crest Atlético Madrid220092+763.003.72.4+1.3+0.65202033021.003.02.1+0.8+0.42
GRit Club Crest Napoli201134-110.503.62.5+1.1+0.55220031+
GRde Club Crest Dortmund211020+
GRit Club Crest Lazio211021+
GRnl Club Crest Feyenoord220051+463.003.72.6+1.1+0.54200224-
GRfr Club Crest Paris S-G220050+563.003.71.2+2.5+1.23200226-400.002.52.4+0.1+0.04
GRua Club Crest Shakhtar210123-131.501.32.7-1.4-0.69210144031.503.24.4-1.1-0.57
GRfr Club Crest Lens211032+
GRit Club Crest Milan211021+
GRnl Club Crest PSV Eindhoven211032+
GReng Club Crest Newcastle Utd210142+231.502.02.7-0.7-0.36201102-210.500.83.3-2.5-1.23
GRdk Club Crest FC Copenhagen210155031.503.03.9-0.8-0.42201123-110.502.52.8-0.2-0.11
GRtr Club Crest Galatasaray201135-210.503.72.5+1.2+0.60210144031.503.24.8-1.6-0.78
GReng Club Crest Manchester Utd210133031.504.04.4-0.5-0.24200268-
GRat Club Crest RB Salzburg200203-300.001.43.2-1.8-0.88210132+131.503.83.80.0-0.01
GRpt Club Crest Braga200224-
GRes Club Crest Sevilla201123-110.501.63.2-1.7-0.83201124-210.501.34.0-2.7-1.36
GRde Club Crest Union Berlin200224-
GRrs Club Crest Red Star201134-110.504.14.9-0.9-0.43200226-400.001.87.2-5.5-2.73
GRch Club Crest Young Boys200226-400.000.96.8-5.9-2.94201125-310.502.66.0-3.4-1.69
GRsct Club Crest Celtic201134-110.502.02.8-0.8-0.41200208-800.000.34.5-4.1-2.07
GRpt Club Crest Benfica200203-300.001.94.2-2.3-1.15200214-300.001.27.1-5.9-2.95
GRbe Club Crest Antwerp200237-400.002.53.6-1.1-0.54200207-700.000.95.0-4.1-2.04


Nationalities 2023-2024 Champions League

  • Does not include qualifying rounds

League Notes

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