Standard Stats 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa

Standard Stats 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min Gls Ast PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
Cezary Stefańczykpl POLDF3336363,2400000500.
Dominik Furmanpl POLMF2535332,88725001040.
Arkadiusz Recapl POLDF,MF2233302,5993200300.
Damian Szymańskipl POLMF2229282,53942001100.
Giorgi Merebashvilige GEOMF3029272,2845500500.200.200.390.200.39Matches
Nico Varelauy URUMF2632252,1608456600.330.170.500.120.29Matches
Adam Dźwigałapl POLDF2126222,0330000300.
José Kantégn GUIFW2630212,0599100820.390.040.440.390.44Matches
Seweryn Kiełpinpl POLGK2922211,9270000200.
Konrad Michalakpl POLMF1929201,7981300200.
Semir Štilićba BIHMF2927191,7054611400.210.320.530.160.48Matches
Igor Łasickipl POLDF2220191,5722000620.
Thomas Dähnede GERGK2316161,4030000200.
Damian Byrtekpl POLDF2618141,2652000100.
Alan Urygapl POLDF2317131,2844000500.
Damian Rasak25131,1900000200.
Kamil Bilińskipl POLFW291897745001100.580.000.580.580.58Matches
Patryk Stępińskipl POLDF221087460000300.
Mateusz Piątkowskipl POLFW321386472100000.280.140.420.280.42Matches
Bartłomiej Sielewskipl POLDF321077580000200.
Jakub Łukowskipl POLMF211545400000200.
Mikołaj Lebedyńskipl POLFW,MF26432760000100.
Przemysław Szymińskipl POLDF23332250000000.
Oskar Zawadapl POLFW21822010000100.
Kamil Sylwestrzakpl POLDF29221760000000.
Piotr Wlazłopl POLMF2822930000000.
Paul Pârvulescuro ROUDF,MF28311090000000.
Maksymilian Rogalskipl POLMF3421470000000.
Bartłomiej Gradeckipl POLGK1700Matches
Mateusz Kryczkapl POLGK2500Matches
Damian Rasakpl POLMF2100Matches
Squad Total374073,3305129681.380.782.161.222.00

Scores & Fixtures 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: All Competitions

Scores & Fixtures 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: All Competitions Table
Date Time Comp Round Day Venue Result GF GA Opponent Poss Attendance Captain Formation Referee Match Report Notes
2017-07-1418:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriHomeL02Lechia Gdańsk6,889Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Jarosław PrzybyłMatch Report
2017-07-2315:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunHomeW10Lech Poznań6,511Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Paweł GilMatch Report
2017-07-3015:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunAwayD11Arka Gdynia8,142Seweryn Kiełpin4-4-2Paweł RaczkowskiMatch Report
2017-08-0420:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriHomeL01Wisła Kraków5,501Bartłomiej Sielewski4-4-2Bartosz FrankowskiMatch Report
2017-08-1215:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayW10Nowy Sącz2,070Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Mariusz ZlotekMatch Report
2017-08-2015:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunHomeL01Legia Warsaw9,718Seweryn Kiełpin4-4-2Daniel StefańskiMatch Report
2017-08-2518:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriAwayL04Górnik Zabrze20,054Seweryn Kiełpin4-4-2Tomasz MusiałMatch Report
2017-09-0818:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriAwayD22Zagłębie Lubin5,178Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Zbigniew DobryninMatch Report
2017-09-1615:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatHomeW31Pogoń Szczecin3,111Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Paweł RaczkowskiMatch Report
2017-09-2518:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonMonAwayW31Cracovia4,803Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Jarosław PrzybyłMatch Report
2017-10-0115:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunHomeW10Nieciecza4,898Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Jarosław PrzybyłMatch Report
2017-10-1318:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriAwayL02Korona Kielce6,069Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Tomasz KwiatkowskiMatch Report
2017-10-2318:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonMonHomeW41Śląsk Wrocław3,613Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Krzysztof JakubikMatch Report
2017-10-2815:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayL12Piast Gliwice3,784Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Yusuke ArakiMatch Report
2017-11-0415:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatHomeL12Jagiellonia4,111Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Mariusz ZlotekMatch Report
2017-11-1820:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayL03Lechia Gdańsk7,670Bartłomiej Sielewski4-2-3-1Tomasz KwiatkowskiMatch Report
2017-11-2615:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunAwayL12Lech Poznań13,587Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Tomasz MusiałMatch Report
2017-12-0215:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatHomeW20Arka Gdynia2,883Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Paweł GilMatch Report
2017-12-1015:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunAwayW10Wisła Kraków10,141Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Bartosz FrankowskiMatch Report
2017-12-1320:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonWedHomeD22Nowy Sącz1,719Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Łukasz SzczechMatch Report
2017-12-1620:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayW20Legia Warsaw13,721Seweryn Kiełpin4-2-3-1Tomasz MusiałMatch Report
2018-02-0918:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriHomeW42Górnik Zabrze4,367Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Tomasz MusiałMatch Report
2018-02-1715:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatHomeW20Zagłębie Lubin4,011Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Piotr LasykMatch Report
2018-02-2418:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayL12Pogoń Szczecin3,688Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Jarosław PrzybyłMatch Report
2018-02-2718:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonTueHomeL01Cracovia899Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Dominik SulikowskiMatch Report
2018-03-0218:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonFriAwayW21Nieciecza919Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Paweł GilMatch Report
2018-03-1020:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatHomeW20Korona Kielce4,097Cezary Stefańczyk4-2-3-1Łukasz SzczechMatch Report
2018-03-1815:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSunAwayD11Śląsk Wrocław4,207Cezary Stefańczyk4-2-3-1Tomasz KwiatkowskiMatch Report
2018-04-0215:30 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonMonHomeW10Piast Gliwice2,718Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Mariusz ZlotekMatch Report
2018-04-0718:00 EkstraklasaRegular SeasonSatAwayW31Jagiellonia14,094Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Daniel StefańskiMatch Report
2018-04-1618:00 EkstraklasaChampionship roundMonHomeD22Wisła Kraków7,012Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Artur AluszykMatch Report
2018-04-2118:00 EkstraklasaChampionship roundSatAwayW10Górnik Zabrze14,891Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Tomasz MusiałMatch Report
2018-04-2815:30 EkstraklasaChampionship roundSatHomeL12Zagłębie Lubin7,119Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Krzysztof JakubikMatch Report
2018-05-0520:30 EkstraklasaChampionship roundSatHomeD00Lech Poznań10,021Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Tomasz KwiatkowskiMatch Report
2018-05-0918:00 EkstraklasaChampionship roundWedAwayL23Legia Warsaw20,541Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Jarosław PrzybyłMatch Report
2018-05-1318:00 EkstraklasaChampionship roundSunHomeW41Korona Kielce6,315Damian Szymański4-4-2Daniel StefańskiMatch Report
2018-05-2018:00 EkstraklasaChampionship roundSunAwayL12Jagiellonia20,086Damian Szymański4-2-3-1Piotr LasykMatch Report

Goalkeeping 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa

Goalkeeping 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa Table
Playing Time Performance Penalty Kicks
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min GA GA90 SoTA Saves Save% W D L CS CS% PKatt PKA PKsv PKm Matches
Seweryn Kiełpinpl POLGK2922211,927281.318254.683939628.63210Matches
Thomas Dähnede GERGK2316161,403171.095639.750835531.33300Matches
Squad Total37373,330451.2213893.710176141129.76510

Shooting 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa

Playing Time 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa

Miscellaneous Stats 2017-2018 Wisła Płock: Ekstraklasa

League Table, Ekstraklasa

League Table, Ekstraklasa Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
3Club Crest Lech Poznań37161295334+1960→ UEFA Europa League via league finish
4Club Crest Górnik Zabrze37161296854+1460→ UEFA Europa League via league finish
5Club Crest Wisła Płock37176145345+857
6Club Crest Wisła Kraków371510125142+955
7Club Crest Zagłębie Lubin371313114542+352

Regular Season, Ekstraklasa

Regular Season, Ekstraklasa Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
2Club Crest Jagiellonia3016684536+954→ Championship round
3Club Crest Legia Warsaw30173104331+1254→ Championship round
4Club Crest Wisła Płock30154114235+749→ Championship round
5Club Crest Górnik Zabrze30121175646+1047→ Championship round
6Club Crest Korona Kielce30111274437+745→ Championship round

Championship round, Ekstraklasa

Championship round, Ekstraklasa Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
1Club Crest Legia Warsaw37224115535+2070→ UEFA Champions League via league finish
2Club Crest Jagiellonia37207105541+1467→ UEFA Europa League via league finish 1
3Club Crest Lech Poznań37161295334+1960→ UEFA Europa League via league finish
4Club Crest Górnik Zabrze37161296854+1460→ UEFA Europa League via league finish
5Club Crest Wisła Płock37176145345+857
6Club Crest Wisła Kraków371510125142+955
7Club Crest Zagłębie Lubin371313114542+352
8Club Crest Korona Kielce371213124954-549

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