Player Stats, Premier League

Player Stats, Premier League Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
David de Geaes ESPGK27383803,42090000011000.
Paul Pogbafr FRAMF25353413,011861397105460500.390.660.180.451.491.610.18Matches
Victor Lindelöfse SWEDF24302912,602871100201010.
Luke Shaweng ENGMF,DF23292902,5928914004211070.
Ashley Youngeng ENGMF,FW,DF33302822,5688622003810030.
Nemanja Matićrs SRBMF29282802,440871000278030.
Marcus Rashfordeng ENGFW20332672,34371106002631400.380.610.380.611.541.000.15Matches
Chris Smallingeng ENGDF28242402,128891000221030.
Romelu Lukakube BELFW253222102,13067120001840320.510.510.510.511.350.760.17Matches
Jesse Lingardeng ENGMF,FW25271981,6696242112730140.220.320.160.270.751.460.16Matches
Anthony Martialfr FRAFW22271891,62460102111420230.550.670.500.611.270.780.11Matches
Ander Herreraes ESPMF28221661,404642300214080.130.320.130.320.511.350.26Matches
Juan Mataes ESPMF,FW30221661,293593200103060.210.350.210.350.420.700.21Matches
Phil Joneseng ENGDF,MF26181531,26170010081020.
Fredbr BRAMF,FW25171341,044611100252020.
Diogo Dalotpt PORDF19161241,014630200123000.
Alexis Sánchezcl CHIMF,FW2920911877441300153090.100.410.100.410.921.540.31Matches
Scott McTominaysco SCOMF211697861542000111060.
Eric Baillyci CIVDF24128463653000050110.
Marouane Fellainibe BELMF301468746530100151030.
Andreas Pereirabr BRAMF221569594401100125020.150.300.150.300.301.820.76Matches
Antonio Valenciaec ECUDF,MF3265146678000072000.
Matteo Darmianit ITADF2865144374000030010.
Marcos Rojoar ARGDF2852321142000032040.
Mason Greenwoodeng ENGMF1631211538000000040.
Tahith Chong182023618000000010.
Angel Gomeseng ENGMF172022513000000010.
James Garnereng ENGMF17101000000000Matches
Squad Total3811237,55365409124367722261.712.761.472.535.9511.472.08

Goalkeeping Stats, Premier League

Goalkeeping Stats, Premier League Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
David de Geaes ESPGK27383803,42090541.42177.69519910718.4Matches
Squad Total383803,42090541.42177.69519910718.4

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Premier League UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
David de Geaes ESPGK27383,42000981000474,23000Matches
Paul Pogbafr FRAMF25353,011139972821443,7391510Matches
Luke Shaweng ENGDF,MF23292,59214872000373,31214Matches
Victor Lindelöfse SWEDF24302,60211763000373,23211Matches
Ashley Youngeng ENGMF,DF,FW33302,56822758201373,15023Matches
Marcus Rashfordeng ENGFW20332,3431061072421433,067127Matches
Nemanja Matićrs SRBMF29282,44010654000342,98010Matches
Chris Smallingeng ENGDF28242,12810872000322,84810Matches
Romelu Lukakube BELFW25322,130120954621412,676141Matches
Anthony Martialfr FRAFW22271,624102850610352,130112Matches
Jesse Lingardeng ENGMF,FW25271,66942629600331,96542Matches
Ander Herreraes ESPMF28221,40423216900241,57323Matches
Juan Mataes ESPMF,FW30221,29332627510281,56842Matches
Phil Joneseng ENGDF,MF26181,26101327000211,53101Matches
Fredbr BRAFW,MF25171,04411646101231,50512Matches
Diogo Dalotpt PORDF19161,01402424300201,25702Matches
Scott McTominaysco SCOMF211686120327000191,13120Matches
Alexis Sánchezcl CHIFW,MF292087713421000241,08713Matches
Marouane Fellainibe BELMF301474601530210191,04811Matches
Eric Baillyci CIVDF2412636004306001694200Matches
Andreas Pereirabr BRAMF2215594114190001978411Matches
Antonio Valenciaec ECUDF,MF32646600325200971800Matches
Matteo Darmianit ITADF28644300644300Matches
Marcos Rojoar ARGDF2852110014500625600Matches
Mason Greenwoodeng ENGMF163115001300411800Matches
Sergio Romeroar ARGGK311900019000Matches
Tahith Chong18236001100034600Matches
Angel Gomeseng ENGMF172250022500Matches
James Garnereng ENGMF17100100Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Premier League UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
David de Geaes ESPGK27383,420547981093474,2306310Matches
Sergio Romeroar ARGGK311902019020Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
Premier LeagueMatchweek 1Fri2018-08-1020:00 HomeW21Leicester City74,439Paul PogbaAndre MarrinerMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 2Sun2018-08-1916:00 AwayL23Brighton30,592Paul PogbaKevin FriendMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 3Mon2018-08-2720:00 HomeL03Tottenham74,400Antonio ValenciaCraig PawsonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 4Sun2018-09-0216:00 AwayW20Burnley21,525Antonio ValenciaJonathan MossMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 5Sat2018-09-1517:30 AwayW21Watford20,537Antonio ValenciaMike DeanMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-09-1921:00 AwayW30Young Boys31,120Paul PogbaDeniz AytekinMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 6Sat2018-09-2215:00 HomeD11Wolves74,489Antonio ValenciaKevin FriendMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 7Sat2018-09-2912:30 AwayL13West Ham56,938Ashley YoungMichael OliverMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-0220:00 HomeD00Valencia73,569Antonio ValenciaSlavko VinčičMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 8Sat2018-10-0617:30 HomeW32Newcastle Utd74,519Ashley YoungAnthony TaylorMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 9Sat2018-10-2012:30 AwayD22Chelsea40,721Ashley YoungMike DeanMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-2320:00 HomeL01Juventus73,946Ashley YoungDanilo GrujićMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 10Sun2018-10-2816:00 HomeW21Everton74,525Ashley YoungJonathan MossMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 11Sat2018-11-0312:30 AwayW21Bournemouth10,792Ashley YoungPaul TierneyMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-11-0721:00 AwayW21Juventus41,470Ashley YoungOvidiu HațeganMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 12Sun2018-11-1116:30 AwayL13Manchester City54,316Ashley YoungAnthony TaylorMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 13Sat2018-11-2415:00 HomeD00Crystal Palace74,516Ashley YoungLee MasonMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-11-2720:00 HomeW10Young Boys72,876Antonio ValenciaFelix BrychMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 14Sat2018-12-0117:30 AwayD22Southampton30,187Ashley YoungKevin FriendMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 15Wed2018-12-0520:00 HomeD22Arsenal74,507Chris SmallingAndre MarrinerMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 16Sat2018-12-0815:00 HomeW41Fulham74,523Ashley YoungLee ProbertMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-12-1221:00 AwayL12Valencia36,544Antonio ValenciaGeorgi KabakovMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 17Sun2018-12-1616:00 AwayL13Liverpool52,908Ashley YoungMartin AtkinsonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 18Sat2018-12-2217:30 AwayW51Cardiff City33,028Ashley YoungMichael OliverMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 19Wed2018-12-2615:00 HomeW31Huddersfield74,523David de GeaJonathan MossMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 20Sun2018-12-3016:30 HomeW41Bournemouth74,556Ashley YoungLee MasonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 21Wed2019-01-0220:00 AwayW20Newcastle Utd52,217Antonio ValenciaAndre MarrinerMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 22Sun2019-01-1316:30 AwayW10Tottenham80,062Ashley YoungMike DeanMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 23Sat2019-01-1915:00 HomeW21Brighton74,532Ashley YoungPaul TierneyMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 24Tue2019-01-2920:00 HomeD22Burnley74,529Ashley YoungJonathan MossMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 25Sun2019-02-0314:05 AwayW10Leicester City32,148Ashley YoungMike DeanMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 26Sat2019-02-0912:30 AwayW30Fulham25,001David de GeaPaul TierneyMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Tue2019-02-1220:00 HomeL02Paris S-G74,054Ashley YoungDaniele OrsatoMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Premier LeagueMatchweek 27Sun2019-02-2414:05 HomeD00Liverpool74,519Ashley YoungMichael OliverMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 28Wed2019-02-2720:00 AwayW31Crystal Palace25,754Ashley YoungMartin AtkinsonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 29Sat2019-03-0215:00 HomeW32Southampton74,459Ashley YoungStuart AttwellMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Wed2019-03-0621:00 AwayW31Paris S-G47,441Ashley YoungDamir SkominaMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Manchester Utd won
Premier LeagueMatchweek 30Sun2019-03-1016:30 AwayL02Arsenal60,000Ashley YoungJonathan MossMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 32Sat2019-03-3015:00 HomeW21Watford74,543Ashley YoungStuart AttwellMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 33Tue2019-04-0219:45 AwayL12Wolves31,302Ashley YoungMike DeanMatch Report
UCLQuarterfinalsWed2019-04-1020:00 HomeL01Barcelona74,093Ashley YoungGianluca RocchiMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Premier LeagueMatchweek 34Sat2019-04-1317:30 HomeW21West Ham74,478David de GeaGraham ScottMatch Report
UCLQuarterfinalsTue2019-04-1621:00 AwayL03Barcelona96,708Ashley YoungFelix BrychMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Barcelona won
Premier LeagueMatchweek 35Sun2019-04-2113:30 AwayL04Everton39,395David de GeaPaul TierneyMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 31Wed2019-04-2420:00 HomeL02Manchester City74,431Ashley YoungAndre MarrinerMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 36Sun2019-04-2816:30 HomeD11Chelsea74,526Ashley YoungMartin AtkinsonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 37Sun2019-05-0514:00 AwayD11Huddersfield24,263Ashley YoungLee MasonMatch Report
Premier LeagueMatchweek 38Sun2019-05-1215:00 HomeL02Cardiff City74,457Ashley YoungJonathan MossMatch Report

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