National Team Match Logs (Summary)

National Team Match Logs (Summary) Table
Performance Expected SCA Passes Carries Take-Ons
Date Day Comp Round Venue Result Squad Opponent Start Pos Min Gls Ast PK PKatt Sh SoT CrdY CrdR Touches Tkl Int Blocks xG npxG xAG SCA GCA Cmp Att Cmp% PrgP Carries PrgC Att Succ Match Report
2011-06-28TueWorld CupGroup stageNeutralW 2–0us USAkp Korea DPRN160000Match Report
2011-07-06WedWorld CupGroup stageNeutralL 1–2us USAse SwedenN450000Match Report
2011-07-10SunWorld CupQuarter-finalsNeutralD 2 (5)–2 (3)us USAbr BrazilN490000Match Report
2011-07-13WedWorld CupSemi-finalsNeutralW 3–1us USAfr FranceN351000Match Report
2011-07-17SunWorld CupFinalNeutralD 2 (1)–2 (3)us USAjp JapanN751000Match Report
2012-07-25WedOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 4–2us USAfr FranceY73003200Match Report
2012-07-28SatOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 3–0us USAco ColombiaY90004100Match Report
2012-07-31TueOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 1–0us USAkp Korea DPRY90003200Match Report
2012-08-03FriOlympics (W)Quarter-finalsNeutralW 2–0us USAnz New ZealandY80007200Match Report
2012-08-06MonOlympics (W)Semi-finalsNeutralW 4–3us USAca CanadaY120003200Match Report
2012-08-09ThuOlympics (W)Gold-medal matchNeutralW 2–1us USAjp JapanY90004100Match Report
2014-10-15WedConfed ChampGroup stageHomeW 1–0us USAtt Trin & TobagoY90010000Match Report
2014-10-17FriConfed ChampGroup stageHomeW 5–0us USAgt GuatemalaY41000000Match Report
2015-06-08MonWorld CupGroup stageNeutralW 3–1us USAau AustraliaN11000000Match Report
2015-06-12FriWorld CupGroup stageNeutralD 0–0us USAse SwedenN12000000Match Report
2015-06-16TueWorld CupGroup stageNeutralW 1–0us USAng NigeriaYFW66000000Match Report
2015-06-22MonWorld CupRound of 16NeutralW 2–0us USAco ColombiaYFW90100000Match Report
2015-06-26FriWorld CupQuarter-finalsNeutralW 1–0us USAcn China PRYFW81000000Match Report
2015-06-30TueWorld CupSemi-finalsNeutralW 2–0us USAde GermanyYFW90000000Match Report
2015-07-05SunWorld CupFinalNeutralW 5–2us USAjp JapanYFW86000000Match Report
2016-03-03ThuSheBelieves CupMatchweek 1HomeW 1–0us USAeng EnglandY79000000Match Report
2016-03-06SunSheBelieves CupMatchweek 2HomeW 1–0us USAfr FranceY90100000Match Report
2016-03-09WedSheBelieves CupMatchweek 3HomeW 2–1us USAde GermanyY90100000Match Report
2016-08-03WedOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 2–0us USAnz New ZealandYFW80100000Match Report
2016-08-06SatOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 1–0us USAfr FranceYFW90000000Match Report
2016-08-09TueOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralD 2–2us USAco ColombiaN45000000Match Report
2016-08-12FriOlympics (W)Quarter-finalsNeutralD 1 (3)–1 (4)us USAse SwedenYFW120100000Match Report
2017-03-01WedSheBelieves CupSheBelieves CupHomeW 1–0us USAde GermanyN12000000Match Report
2017-03-04SatSheBelieves CupSheBelieves CupHomeL 0–1us USAeng EnglandY62000000Match Report
2017-03-07TueSheBelieves CupSheBelieves CupHomeL 0–3us USAfr FranceN21000000Match Report
2018-03-01ThuSheBelieves CupMatchweek 1HomeW 1–0us USAde GermanyY89010000Match Report
2018-03-04SunSheBelieves CupMatchweek 2HomeD 1–1us USAfr FranceY*90000000Match Report
2018-03-07WedSheBelieves CupMatchweek 3HomeW 1–0us USAeng EnglandY90000000Match Report
2018-10-04ThuConfed ChampGroup stageNeutralW 6–0us USAmx MexicoY90200000Match Report
2018-10-10WedConfed ChampGroup stageNeutralW 7–0us USAtt Trin & TobagoY*60200000Match Report
2018-10-14SunConfed ChampSemi-finalsNeutralW 6–0us USAjm JamaicaY90201100Match Report
2018-10-17WedConfed ChampFinalNeutralW 2–0us USAca CanadaY*90100000Match Report
2019-01-19SatFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayL 1–3us USAfr FranceY*83000000Match Report
2019-01-22TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayW 1–0us USAes SpainY90000000Match Report
2019-02-27WedSheBelieves CupMatchweek 1NeutralD 2–2us USAjp JapanY*84100000Match Report
2019-03-02SatSheBelieves CupMatchweek 2NeutralD 2–2us USAeng EnglandY90000000Match Report
2019-03-05TueSheBelieves CupMatchweek 3NeutralW 1–0us USAbr BrazilY*87000000Match Report
2019-04-04ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 5–3us USAau AustraliaY80100000Match Report
2019-04-07SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 6–0us USAbe BelgiumN45100000Match Report
2019-05-12SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 3–0us USAza South AfricaY*59000000Match Report
2019-05-16ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 5–0us USAnz New ZealandY72000000Match Report
2019-05-26SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 3–0us USAmx MexicoY*45000000Match Report
2019-06-11TueWorld CupGroup stageHomeW 13–0us USAth ThailandYFW90530010600452012.42.41.264193063.3323111Match Report
2019-06-20ThuWorld CupGroup stageAwayW 2–0us USAse SwedenY*FW4500002000120000.20.20.0105771.418200Match Report
2019-06-24MonWorld CupRound of 16AwayW 2–1us USAes SpainYFW8400000000330200.00.00.000132552.0121021Match Report
2019-06-28FriWorld CupQuarter-finalsAwayW 2–1us USAfr FranceY*FW9000002100331110.10.10.022142166.7222210Match Report
2019-07-02TueWorld CupSemi-finalsAwayW 2–1us USAeng EnglandY*FW,RM9010002100350100.50.50.120132259.1219120Match Report
2019-07-07SunWorld CupFinalHomeW 2–0us USAnl NetherlandsYFW,RW9000005400350100.60.60.021112347.8223320Match Report
2020-11-27FriFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayW 2–0us USAnl NetherlandsN45000000Match Report
2021-02-18ThuSheBelieves CupMatchweek 1HomeW 1–0us USAca CanadaN27000000Match Report
2021-02-21SunSheBelieves CupMatchweek 2HomeW 2–0us USAbr BrazilYFW70000000Match Report
2021-02-24WedSheBelieves CupMatchweek 3HomeW 6–0us USAar ArgentinaN45100000Match Report
2021-04-10SatFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayD 1–1us USAse SwedenN26000000Match Report
2021-04-13TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayW 2–0us USAfr FranceYFW75100000Match Report
2021-06-10ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 1–0us USApt PortugalYFW72000000Match Report
2021-06-13SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 4–0us USAjm JamaicaN45100000Match Report
2021-06-16WedFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–0us USAng NigeriaN38000000Match Report
2021-07-01ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 4–0us USAmx MexicoYFW77010000Match Report
2021-07-05MonFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 4–0us USAmx MexicoN45000000Match Report
2021-07-21WedOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralL 0–3us USAse SwedenYFW45000010000Match Report
2021-07-24SatOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralW 6–1us USAnz New ZealandN17100011000Match Report
2021-07-27TueOlympics (W)Group stageNeutralD 0–0us USAau AustraliaYFW73000011001Match Report
2021-07-30FriOlympics (W)Quarter-finalsNeutralD 2 (4)–2 (2)us USAnl NetherlandsN63000000000Match Report
2021-08-02MonOlympics (W)Semi-finalsNeutralL 0–1us USAca CanadaYFW59000020001Match Report
2021-08-05ThuOlympics (W)Bronze-medal matchNeutralW 4–3us USAau AustraliaN10000000000Match Report
2021-09-16ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 9–0us USApy ParaguayN32000000Match Report
2021-09-21TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 8–0us USApy ParaguayY*FW60300000Match Report
2021-10-21ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeD 0–0us USAkr Korea RepublicYFW62000000Match Report
2021-10-26TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 6–0us USAkr Korea RepublicN25110000Match Report
2022-06-25SatFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 3–0us USAco ColombiaN45000000Match Report
2022-06-28TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–0us USAco ColombiaYFW70000000Match Report
2022-07-04MonW ChampionshipGroup stageHomeW 3–0us USAht HaitiYFW90200000Match Report
2022-07-11MonW ChampionshipGroup stageHomeW 1–0us USAmx MexicoYFW79000000Match Report
2022-07-14ThuW ChampionshipSemi-finalsHomeW 3–0us USAcr Costa RicaYFW90000000Match Report
2022-07-18MonW ChampionshipFinalHomeW 1–0us USAca CanadaYFW88101100Match Report
2022-09-03SatFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 4–0us USAng NigeriaYFW69101100Match Report
2022-09-06TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–1us USAng NigeriaYFW79000000Match Report
2022-11-10ThuFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeL 1–2us USAde GermanyYFW90010000Match Report
2022-11-13SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–1us USAde GermanyYFW82000000Match Report
2023-01-18WedFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)AwayW 4–0us USAnz New ZealandYFW90100000Match Report
2023-02-16ThuSheBelieves CupMatchweek 1HomeW 2–0us USAca CanadaY*FW60010000Match Report
2023-02-19SunSheBelieves CupMatchweek 2HomeW 1–0us USAjp JapanYFW70010000Match Report
2023-02-22WedSheBelieves CupMatchweek 3HomeW 2–1us USAbr BrazilYFW80100000Match Report
2023-04-08SatFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–0us USAie Rep. of IrelandYFW66000000Match Report
2023-04-11TueFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 1–0us USAie Rep. of IrelandYFW45000000Match Report
2023-07-09SunFriendlies (W)Friendlies (W)HomeW 2–0us USAwls WalesYFW45000000Match Report
2023-07-22SatWorld CupGroup stageNeutralW 3–0us USAvn VietnamYFW6201014000220121.60.80.861111384.628010Match Report
2023-07-27ThuWorld CupGroup stageNeutralD 1–1us USAnl NetherlandsYFW9000002000423000.10.10.020193455.9423121Match Report
2023-08-01TueWorld CupGroup stageNeutralD 0–0us USApt PortugalYFW8900007100291221.01.00.16041330.8018232Match Report
2023-08-06SunWorld CupRound of 16NeutralD 0 (4)–0 (5)us USAse SwedenYFW9800003300400200.30.30.140162857.1420131Match Report
2024-04-06SatSheBelieves CupSemi-finalsHomeW 2–1us USAjp JapanYFW77000000Match Report
2024-04-09TueSheBelieves CupFinalHomeD 2 (5)–2 (4)us USAca CanadaYFW63000000Match Report

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