Player Stats, Süper Lig

Player Stats, Süper Lig Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Fernando Muslerauy URUGK32333302,97090000021000.
Henry Onyekurung NGAFW21312832,52281143002570330.500.610.500.611.180.890.25Matches
Marianobr BRADF32302822,4918305002210010.
Sofiane Feghoulidz ALGMF28292452,1077396003020170.380.640.380.640.731.280.09Matches
Younès Belhandama MARMF28242311,854774600308190.190.490.190.490.441.460.44Matches
Badou Ndiayesn SENMF27232211,9258433003151100.
Fernandobr BRAMF31222111,857842400189080.
Yuto Nagatomojp JPNDF31171701,530901200222020.
Ryan Donknl NEDDF32221751,477672200183040.
Marcãobr BRADF22151501,350900000175010.
Sinan Gümüşde GER,tr TURMF,FW24191451,1546142001450140.310.470.310.471.091.090.39Matches
Ozan Kabaktr TURDF18131211,084830000153000.
Maiconbr BRADF29151141,077721100110010.
Eren Derdiyokch SUIFW30131121,025797122111080.610.700.440.530.700.970.09Matches
Martin Linnesno NORMF,DF26191181,02354210063040.
Mbaye Diagneci CIV,sn SENFW261211199483101671720150.911.000.360.451.361.540.18Matches
Christian Luyindamacd CODDF2411110990900100164030.
Serdar Aziztr TURDF2710100826832100152150.220.330.220.330.541.630.33Matches
Garry Rodriguescv CPVMF2712102794663001820110.340.340.340.341.250.910.23Matches
Selçuk İnantr TURMF33229131,035470100213060.
Emre Akbabatr TURMF251697742462200102070.240.490.240.490.851.210.24Matches
Ömer Bayramtr TURMF,FW271275784651200121020.110.340.110.340.231.380.11Matches
Ahmet Yılmaz Çalıktr TURMF,DF2475252575000020000.
Emre Taşdemirtr TURDF2275237954000073000.
Kostas Mitroglougr GREFW3073426338110030030.340.680.340.681.031.030.00Matches
Semih Kayatr TURDF2753223046000020010.
Muğdat Çeliktr TURFW28102826627200050020.680.680.680.680.681.690.00Matches
Yunus Akgüntr TURFW181111017116010030020.000.530.000.531.051.580.00Matches
İsmail Çipe232119045000001000.
Bafétimbi Gomisfr FRAFW321014545000010010.
Celil Yükseltr TURMF20202116000010000.
Gökay Güneytr TURMF1910133000000000.
Mustafa Kapıtr TURMF15101000000000Matches
Squad Total3410033,59470468103958431702.063.411.823.185.0011.622.56

Goalkeeping Stats, Süper Lig

Goalkeeping Stats, Süper Lig Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Fernando Muslerauy URUGK32333302,97090320.97126.74620941236.4Matches
İsmail Çipe23110909044.0014.71400100.0Matches
Squad Total343403,06090361.06140.74320951235.3

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Süper Lig Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Fernando Muslerauy URUGK32654000218000332,97000413,69000Matches
Henry Onyekurung NGAFW21532300217300312,522143383,018143Matches
Marianobr BRADF32318200210700302,49105352,78005Matches
Badou Ndiayesn SENMF27542400216300231,92533302,51233Matches
Sofiane Feghoulidz ALGMF28313710217300292,10796342,417106Matches
Younès Belhandama MARMF28432700218000241,85446302,36146Matches
Fernandobr BRAMF3143250019000221,85724272,27224Matches
Yuto Nagatomojp JPNDF31544200218001171,53012242,15213Matches
Ryan Donknl NEDDF3264730017800221,47722292,02822Matches
Marcãobr BRADF22218000151,35000171,53000Matches
Martin Linnesno NORDF,MF2654030017300191,02321251,49921Matches
Ozan Kabaktr TURDF18436000131,08400171,44400Matches
Sinan Gümüşde GER,tr TURMF,FW2432230022900191,15442241,40642Matches
Maiconbr BRADF29428700151,07711191,36411Matches
Eren Derdiyokch SUIFW30433220131,02571171,35791Matches
Garry Rodriguescv CPVMF276513111279430181,30741Matches
Serdar Aziztr TURDF274360001082621141,18621Matches
Mbaye Diagneci CIV,sn SENFW2621800012994101141,174101Matches
Christian Luyindamacd CODDF242180101199001131,17011Matches
Selçuk İnantr TURMF33510010221,03501271,13511Matches
Emre Akbabatr TURMF2519001170016742221883923Matches
Ömer Bayramtr TURMF,FW272530012784121483712Matches
Ahmet Yılmaz Çalıktr TURDF,MF24752500752500Matches
Emre Taşdemirtr TURDF22737900737900Matches
Muğdat Çeliktr TURFW283380010266201330420Matches
Kostas Mitroglougr GREFW30726311726311Matches
Semih Kayatr TURDF27523000523000Matches
Yunus Akgüntr TURFW181400170011171011318201Matches
İsmail Çipe232900029000Matches
Bafétimbi Gomisfr FRAFW321450014500Matches
Celil Yükseltr TURMF202110021100Matches
Gökay Güneytr TURMF1913001300Matches
Mustafa Kapıtr TURMF15100100Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Süper Lig Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Fernando Muslerauy URUGK32654082218021332,9703212413,6904215Matches
İsmail Çipe231904019040Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
Süper LigMatchweek 1Fri2018-08-1021:45 AwayW31AnkaragücüFernando MusleraUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 2Sun2018-08-1921:45 HomeW10GöztepeFernando MusleraAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 3Mon2018-08-2721:45 HomeW60AlanyasporFernando MusleraHalil MelerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 4Sat2018-09-0121:45 AwayL04TrabzonsporFernando MusleraFırat AydınusMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 5Fri2018-09-1421:00 HomeW41KasımpaşaFernando MusleraBülent YıldırımMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-09-1822:00 HomeW30Loko Moscow43,542Fernando MusleraLuca BantiMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 6Sun2018-09-2319:00 AwayL03AkhisarsporFernando MusleraYaşar Kemal UğurluMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 7Fri2018-09-2820:00 HomeW10BB ErzurumsporFernando MusleraAlper UlusoyMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-10-0320:00 AwayL01Porto42,711Fernando MusleraMichael OliverMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 8Sat2018-10-0619:00 AwayW10AntalyasporFernando MusleraCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 9Fri2018-10-1920:30 HomeD11BursasporFernando MusleraAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-10-2422:00 HomeD00Schalke 0446,667Fernando MusleraBenoît BastienMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 10Sun2018-10-2818:00 AwayL02Yeni Mal'sporSelçuk İnanHalis ÖzkahyaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 11Fri2018-11-0221:00 HomeD22FenerbahçeFernando MusleraFırat AydınusMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-11-0621:00 AwayL02Schalke 0454,740Fernando MusleraWilliam CollumMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 12Sat2018-11-1019:00 AwayW30KayserisporSelçuk İnanUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 13Fri2018-11-2320:30 HomeD11KonyasporSelçuk İnanHüseyin GöçekMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-11-2820:55 AwayL02Loko Moscow14,037Fernando MusleraAntonio Matéu LahozMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 14Sun2018-12-0220:00 AwayL01Beşiktaş39,477Selçuk İnanCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 15Sat2018-12-0819:00 HomeD22RizesporSelçuk İnanAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-12-1120:55 HomeL23Porto33,972Fernando MusleraAliaksei KulbakouMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 16Sat2018-12-1519:00 AwayD11BaşakşehirFernando MusleraUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 17Sun2018-12-2319:00 HomeW42SivassporFernando MusleraHalil MelerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 18Sat2019-01-1919:00 HomeW60AnkaragücüFernando MusleraAlper UlusoyMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 19Sat2019-01-2619:00 AwayW10GöztepeSelçuk İnanBülent YıldırımMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 20Sat2019-02-0219:00 AwayD11AlanyasporFernando MusleraAlper UlusoyMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 21Sun2019-02-1019:00 HomeW31TrabzonsporFernando MusleraUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
UELRound of 32Thu2019-02-1420:55 HomeL12Benfica42,722Fernando MusleraSantiago JaimeMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Süper LigMatchweek 22Sun2019-02-1719:00 AwayW41KasımpaşaSelçuk İnanAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
UELRound of 32Thu2019-02-2120:00 AwayD00Benfica49,545Fernando MusleraOvidiu HațeganMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Benfica won
Süper LigMatchweek 23Sun2019-02-2419:00 HomeW10Akhisarspor24,471Fernando MusleraSuat ArslanbogaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 24Sun2019-03-0319:00 AwayD11BB ErzurumsporSelçuk İnanCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 25Mon2019-03-1120:00 HomeW50AntalyasporFernando MusleraArda KardeşlerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 26Sun2019-03-1719:00 AwayW32BursasporFernando MusleraSuat ArslanbogaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 27Sat2019-04-0619:00 HomeW30Yeni Mal'sporFernando MusleraYaşar Kemal UğurluMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 28Sun2019-04-1419:00 AwayD11FenerbahçeFernando MusleraAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 29Sat2019-04-2019:00 HomeW31KayserisporFernando MusleraArda KardeşlerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 30Mon2019-04-2920:00 AwayD00KonyasporFernando MusleraMete KalkavanMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 31Sun2019-05-0519:00 HomeW20BeşiktaşFernando MusleraBülent YıldırımMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 32Sat2019-05-1116:00 AwayW32Rizespor11,150Fernando MusleraSerkan ÇınarMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 33Sun2019-05-1919:00 HomeW21BaşakşehirFernando MusleraCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 34Fri2019-05-2421:00 AwayL34SivassporSelçuk İnanZorbay KüçükMatch Report

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