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Estadísticas estándar: Ligas Domésticas

Estadísticas estándar: Ligas Domésticas Table
Tiempo Jugado Rendimiento Por 90 Minutos
Temporada Edad Equipo País Comp RangoLg PJ Titular Mín 90 s Gls. Ass G+A G-TP TP TPint TA TR Gls. Ast G+A G-TP G+A-TP Partidos
2002-200324Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division15°21211,89021.0000000000.
2003-200425Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division23°28282,50327.8000000000.
2004-200526Notts Countyeng ENG4. League Two19°11901.0000000000.
2004-200526Oldham Athleticeng ENG3. League One19°665406.0000000000.
2005-200627Grimsby Towneng ENG4. League Two46464,14046.0000000200.
2006-200728Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One46464,14046.0000000000.
2007-200829Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One18°29292,53728.2000000200.
2008-200930Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One34343,01533.5000000000.
2009-201031Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One23°44443,96044.0000000000.
2011-201233Millwalleng ENG2. Championship16°1098669.6000000000.
2012-201334Scunthorpe Utdeng ENG3. League One21°998109.0000000000.
2012-201334Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two14°22221,98022.0000000000.
2013-201435Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two23°46464,14046.0000000200.
2014-201536Bristol Roverseng ENG5. Conf Premier29292,50027.8000000010.
2015-201637Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two26252,29125.5000000000.
2016-201738Bristol Roverseng ENG3. League One10°443604.0000000000.
14 temporadas8 clubes4 ligas40139935,762397.4000000610.
País Comp RangoLg PJ Titular Mín 90 s Gls. Ass G+A G-TP TP TPint TA TR Gls. Ast G+A G-TP G+A-TP Partidos
Bristol Rovers (5 temporadas)3 ligas12712611,271125.2000000210.
Notts County (3 temporadas)2 ligas50504,48349.8000000000.
Southend United (2 temporadas)1 liga78786,97577.5000000000.
Yeovil Town (2 temporadas)1 liga75756,67774.2000000200.
Grimsby Town (1 temporada)1 liga46464,14046.0000000200.
Millwall (1 temporada)1 liga1098669.6000000000.
Scunthorpe Utd (1 temporada)1 liga998109.0000000000.
Oldham Athletic (1 temporada)1 liga665406.0000000000.
Second Division (9 temporadas)22122119,755219.5000000200.
League Two (5 temporadas)14114012,641140.5000000400.
Conf Premier (1 temporada)29292,50027.8000000010.
Championship (1 temporada)1098669.6000000000.

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Tiempo jugado: Ligas Domésticas

Tiempo jugado: Ligas Domésticas Table
Tiempo Jugado Titular Sup. Logros del equipo
Temporada Edad Equipo País Comp RangoLg PJ Mín Mn/PJ % min 90 s Titular Mn/arranque Compl Sup Mn/Sust Partidos como sustituto PPP onG onGA +/- +/-90 Dentro-Fuera Partidos
2002-200324Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division15°211,8909045.721.0210
2003-200425Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division23°282,5038960.527.8280
2004-200526Notts Countyeng ENG4. League Two19°190902.21.010
2004-200526Oldham Athleticeng ENG3. League One19°65409013.06.060
2005-200627Grimsby Towneng ENG4. League Two464,14090100.046.0460
2006-200728Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One464,14090100.046.0460
2007-200829Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One18°292,5378761.328.2290
2008-200930Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One343,0158972.833.5340
2009-201031Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One23°443,9609095.744.0440
2011-201233Millwalleng ENG2. Championship16°108668720.99.691
2012-201334Scunthorpe Utdeng ENG3. League One21°98109019.69.090
2012-201334Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two14°221,9809047.822.0220
2013-201435Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two23°464,14090100.046.0460
2014-201536Bristol Roverseng ENG5. Conf Premier292,5008660.427.8290Partidos
2015-201637Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two262,2918855.325.525251192.004723+24+0.94+0.60Partidos
2016-201738Bristol Roverseng ENG3. League One10°4360908.74.0440241.0057-2-0.50-0.50Partidos
14 temporadas8 clubes4 ligas40135,7628954.0397.4399292431.875230+22+0.75+0.63
País Comp RangoLg PJ Mín Mn/PJ % min 90 s Titular Mn/arranque Compl Sup Mn/Sust Partidos como sustituto PPP onG onGA +/- +/-90 Dentro-Fuera Partidos
Bristol Rovers (5 temporadas)3 ligas12711,2718954.4125.2126291431.875230+22+0.75+0.63
Notts County (3 temporadas)2 ligas504,4839036.149.8500
Southend United (2 temporadas)1 liga786,9758984.277.5780
Yeovil Town (2 temporadas)1 liga756,6778980.674.2750
Grimsby Town (1 temporada)1 liga464,14090100.046.0460
Millwall (1 temporada)1 liga108668720.99.691
Scunthorpe Utd (1 temporada)1 liga98109019.69.090
Oldham Athletic (1 temporada)1 liga65409013.06.060
Second Division (9 temporadas)22119,7558953.0219.522140241.0057-2-0.50-0.50
League Two (5 temporadas)14112,6419061.1140.5140251192.004723+24+0.94+0.60
Conf Premier (1 temporada)292,5008660.427.8290
Championship (1 temporada)108668720.99.691

Estadísticas diversas: Ligas Domésticas

Estadísticas diversas: Ligas Domésticas Table
Temporada Edad Equipo País Comp RangoLg 90 s TA TR 2a amarilla Fls FR PA Pcz Int TklG Penal ejecutado Penal concedido GC Partidos
2002-200324Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division15°21.0000
2003-200425Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division23°27.8000
2004-200526Notts Countyeng ENG4. League Two19°1.0000
2004-200526Oldham Athleticeng ENG3. League One19°6.0000
2005-200627Grimsby Towneng ENG4. League Two46.0200
2006-200728Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One46.0000
2007-200829Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One18°28.2200
2008-200930Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One33.5000
2009-201031Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One23°44.0000
2011-201233Millwalleng ENG2. Championship16°9.6000
2012-201334Scunthorpe Utdeng ENG3. League One21°9.0000
2012-201334Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two14°22.0000
2013-201435Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two23°46.0200
2014-201536Bristol Roverseng ENG5. Conf Premier27.8010Partidos
2015-201637Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two25.5000Partidos
2016-201738Bristol Roverseng ENG3. League One10°4.0000000000000Partidos
14 temporadas8 clubes4 ligas397.4610000000000
País Comp RangoLg 90 s TA TR 2a amarilla Fls FR PA Pcz Int TklG Penal ejecutado Penal concedido GC Partidos
Bristol Rovers (5 temporadas)3 ligas125.2210000000000
Notts County (3 temporadas)2 ligas49.8000
Southend United (2 temporadas)1 liga77.5000
Yeovil Town (2 temporadas)1 liga74.2200
Grimsby Town (1 temporada)1 liga46.0200
Millwall (1 temporada)1 liga9.6000
Scunthorpe Utd (1 temporada)1 liga9.0000
Oldham Athletic (1 temporada)1 liga6.0000
Second Division (9 temporadas)219.5200000000000
League Two (5 temporadas)140.5400
Conf Premier (1 temporada)27.8010
Championship (1 temporada)9.6000

Porteros: Ligas Domésticas

Porteros: Ligas Domésticas Table
Tiempo Jugado Rendimiento Tiros penales
Temporada Edad Equipo País Comp RangoLg PJ Titular Mín 90 s GC GC90 DaPC Salvadas % Salvadas PG PE PP PaC PaC% TPint PD PD PC % Salvadas Partidos
2002-200324Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division15°21211,89021.0432.051147162.310711523.8
2003-200425Notts Countyeng ENG3. Second Division23°28282,50327.8441.581227863.96715621.4
2004-200526Notts Countyeng ENG4. League Two19°11901.011.006583.301000.0
2004-200526Oldham Athleticeng ENG3. League One19°665406.091.50312271.0231233.3
2005-200627Grimsby Towneng ENG4. League Two46464,14046.0440.9617413074.72212121737.0
2006-200728Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One46464,14046.0390.8516913076.92310131839.1
2007-200829Yeovil Towneng ENG3. League One18°29292,53728.2371.311359872.69614413.8
2008-200930Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One34343,01533.5421.2515411272.7144151132.4
2009-201031Southend Unitedeng ENG3. League One23°44443,96044.0691.5728521675.891322818.2
2011-201233Millwalleng ENG2. Championship16°1098669.6101.04443477.3226333.3
2012-201334Scunthorpe Utdeng ENG3. League One21°998109.0171.89452862.231500.0
2012-201334Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two14°22221,98022.0210.9517014987.61156940.9
2013-201435Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two23°46464,14046.0541.1718212870.31214201430.4
2014-201536Bristol Roverseng ENG5. Conf Premier29292,50027.8220.7912910782.914841344.8Partidos
2015-201637Bristol Roverseng ENG4. League Two26252,29125.5230.901007777.01646624.0Partidos
2016-201738Bristol Roverseng ENG3. League One10°443604.071.75201370.011200.011000.0Partidos
14 temporadas8 clubes4 ligas40139935,762397.44821.211880139874.41549815211629.111000.0
País Comp RangoLg PJ Titular Mín 90 s GC GC90 DaPC Salvadas % Salvadas PG PE PP PaC PaC% TPint PD PD PC % Salvadas Partidos
Bristol Rovers (5 temporadas)3 ligas12712611,271125.21271.0160147479.05432384233.311000.0
Notts County (3 temporadas)2 ligas50504,48349.8881.7724215463.61615261122.0
Southend United (2 temporadas)1 liga78786,97577.51111.4343932874.72317371924.4
Yeovil Town (2 temporadas)1 liga75756,67774.2761.0230422875.03216272229.3
Grimsby Town (1 temporada)1 liga46464,14046.0440.9617413074.72212121737.0
Millwall (1 temporada)1 liga1098669.6101.04443477.3226333.3
Scunthorpe Utd (1 temporada)1 liga998109.0171.89452862.231500.0
Oldham Athletic (1 temporada)1 liga665406.091.50312271.0231233.3
Second Division (9 temporadas)22122119,755219.53071.40107576871.57752985424.411000.0
League Two (5 temporadas)14114012,641140.51431.0263248977.46136444632.9
Conf Premier (1 temporada)29292,50027.8220.7912910782.914841344.8
Championship (1 temporada)1098669.6101.04443477.3226333.3

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