Player Comparison: Thiago Silva vs. Sven Botman vs. Alessio Romagnoli vs. Maxence Lacroix vs. Max Kilman vs. Sam Beukema

Compare player statistics for: Thiago Silva in 2023-24 vs. Sven Botman in 2023-24 vs. Alessio Romagnoli in 2023-24 vs. Maxence Lacroix in 2023-24 vs. Max Kilman in 2023-24 vs. Sam Beukema in 2023-24, Domestic Leagues.
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Standard Stats

Standard Stats Table
Playing Time Performance Expected Progression Per 90 Minutes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G+A G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR xG npxG xAG npxG+xAG PrgC PrgP PrgR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK xG xAG xG+xAG npxG npxG+xAG
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea31282,52728.1314300400.
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd17151,37715.3224200200.
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio29262,41126.8000000900.
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg28272,36226.2415400530.
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38383,42038.0202200701.
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna30292,54728.3112100611.


Shooting Table
Standard Expected
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist FK PK PKatt xG npxG npxG/Sh G-xG np:G-xG
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.1314428.60.500.140.210.759.40000.80.80.06+2.2+2.2
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3210220.00.650.130.201.0010.50000.60.60.06+1.4+1.4
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.8011545.50.410.190.000.0012.00000.60.60.05-0.6-0.6
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.2412866.70.460.300.330.5011.10000.80.80.07+3.2+3.2
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.0214535.70.370.130.140.409.80001.81.80.13+0.2+0.2
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.3112433.30.420.


Passing Table
Total Short Medium Long Expected
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Cmp Att Cmp% TotDist PrgDist Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Ast xAG xA A-xAG KP 1/3 PPA CrsPA PrgP
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.12166228794.7385421551388791896.61119115796.714318676.911.00.60.09125101102
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3921101790.617027676035738293.545948993.99813274.221.00.6+1.05381035
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.81604175991.227365997067070395.380484994.79615362.700.60.6-0.66825187
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.21228144984.724787952439644888.467474890.115021669.410.81.3+0.28916279
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.01979230985.7368461311976682493.01008108792.718334652.901.41.1-1.417109111117
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.31842205589.6343231164868372793.9975103694.115723866.010.80.7+0.27875076

Pass Types

Pass Types Table
Pass Types Corner Kicks Outcomes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Att Live Dead FK TB Sw Crs TI CK In Out Str Cmp Off Blocks
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.122872198886009430000216616
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3101798136320502000092103
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.8175916251285713120000160463
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.2144913539165012520000122859
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.02309224555382206800001979913
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.320551971814711221800001842313

Goal and Shot Creation

Goal and Shot Creation Table
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s SCA SCA90 PassLive PassDead TO Sh Fld Def GCA GCA90 PassLive PassDead TO Sh Fld Def
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.1270.96251010040.14300100
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3140.92120020030.20300000
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.8120.45110010010.04100000
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.2240.91210012020.08200000
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.0391.03340220100.00000000
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.3210.74190020010.04100000

Defensive Actions

Defensive Actions Table
Tackles Challenges Blocks
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Tkl TklW Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Tkl Att Tkl% Lost Blocks Sh Pass Int Tkl+Int Clr Err
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.129152261203458.8143324926551534
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.32013146081361.5520164929613
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.8251814110162466.7829171229541150
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.2482928182294170.71235122324721210
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.047214061243275.0864372739861824
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.3271114112162564.093521141542992


Possession Table
Touches Take-Ons Carries Receiving
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Touches Def Pen Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Att Pen Live Att Succ Succ% Tkld Tkld% Carries TotDist PrgDist PrgC 1/3 CPA Mis Dis Rec PrgR
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.1254939812801198792425494250.000.016236862386721107118915
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3115418667645029201154200.02100.067228661403040528225
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.8199527697399236181995100.01100.0981436120247209013472
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.217321939037815922173215746.7853.39254290211959020110775
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.0270645114781110133302706161062.5318.81582727641072217181018775
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.3228329111701060611422838450.0225.0145785404162141016316795

Playing Time

Playing Time Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success Team Success (xG)
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off onxG onxGA xG+/- xG+/-90 On-Off
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea312,5278273.928.128892531551.655845+13+0.46+0.3653.942.5+11.4+0.41-0.10
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd171,3778140.315.315881223101.353729+8+0.52-0.1426.331.0-4.7-0.31-1.16
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio292,4118370.526.826882533901.623328+5+0.19-0.2631.830.4+1.4+0.05-0.23
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg282,3628477.226.227872311501.253340-7-0.27+0.7632.534.3-1.8-0.07+0.41
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves383,42090100.038.0389038001.215065-15-0.3946.767.7-21.0-0.55
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna302,5478574.528.329872611651.904027+13+0.46-0.4735.529.7+5.7+0.20-0.33

Miscellaneous Stats

Miscellaneous Stats Table
Performance Aerial Duels
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Recov Won Lost Won%
Thiago Silva2023-24br BRADFChelsea28.1400108142615000140512666.2
Sven Botman2023-24nl NEDDFNewcastle Utd15.3200921091301170341766.7
Alessio Romagnoli2023-24it ITADFLazio26.89003419112918000120765458.5
Maxence Lacroix2023-24fr FRADFWolfsburg26.25312719052429000126645056.1
Max Kilman2023-24eng ENGDFWolves38.07003818263921010177863670.5
Sam Beukema2023-24nl NEDDFBologna28.36112711121511020144463656.1
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