Player Comparison: Harry Kane vs. Florian Weichert vs. Erling Haaland vs. Dušan Vlahović vs. Robert Lewandowski vs. Karim Benzema

Compare player statistics for: Florian Weichert career vs. Robert Lewandowski career vs. Dušan Vlahović career vs. Erling Haaland career vs. Karim Benzema career vs. Harry Kane career, Domestic Leagues.
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Standard Stats

Standard Stats Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes Expected Per 90 Minutes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK xG npxG xA npxG+xA xG xA xG+xA npxG npxG+xA
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads86706,35370.6141402200.200.20
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads44240235,994399.93446330440444110.860.161.020.760.92149.8127.026.2153.
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads133827,92588.15274012131110.590.080.670.450.5345.535.
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads122918,43393.793258112141100.990.271.260.861.1349.441.712.654.40.830.211.040.700.91
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads52643136,867409.626211624121271100.640.280.920.590.8784.968.235.3103.50.560.230.790.450.68
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads33429626,458294.01964116828313510.670.140.810.570.7190.077.124.9102.00.570.160.720.480.64


Shooting Table
Standard Expected
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist FK PK PKatt xG npxG npxG/Sh G-xG np:G-xG
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.6140
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.934482376642.34.611.920.190.4012.7204044149.8127.00.19+11.2+7.0
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.15227310337.
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.79325413051.22.711.710.320.5512.90121449.441.70.21+12.6+12.3
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.626267266443.33.451.620.170.3614.510212784.968.20.14+12.1+10.8
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.019672148841.63.861.660.160.3417.042283190.077.10.13+14.0+10.9


Passing Table
Total Short Medium Long
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Cmp Att Cmp% TotDist PrgDist Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Ast xA A-xA KP 1/3 PPA CrsPA Prog
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.6
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.92803363977.04206179621643198083.0865110178.619026970.66326.2-3.217418315115272
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.11120163468.518061258960980675.634650968.011217165.577.2-1.2655634575
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.7873119972.811437209053669477.222731671.8355761.42512.6+3.4563844179
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.64920587783.773045141432988339388.11382162984.836947977.011635.3+9.725031527413501
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.02607373069.949903139351180152977.2908121574.742970261.14124.9+5.117834513523436

Pass Types

Pass Types Table
Pass Types Corner Kicks Height Body Parts Outcomes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Att Live Dead FK TB Press Sw Crs CK In Out Str Ground Low High Left Right Head TI Other Cmp Off Out Int Blocks
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.6
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.93639351412518299085811500002611604424445283215615828031750125184
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.1163415261083653540591000103435025011022726913811204417790
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.7119910841150732863000008092591317942277072487310194764
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.6587756062711538108211415812000476870840197746968586149203476186181
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.03730352720333451038185171100021278447594322780181484126073071172194

Goal and Shot Creation

Goal and Shot Creation Table
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s SCA SCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def GCA GCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.6
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.94663.1630935055445780.5348014970
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.11702.0411001819212210.251101630
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.71422.38930192181370.622307520
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.65433.5844515330104890.5970010720
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.04632.9130266146408720.4547110860

Defensive Actions

Defensive Actions Table
Tackles Vs Dribbles Pressures Blocks
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Tkl TklW Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Tkl Att Tkl% Past Press Succ % Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Blocks Sh ShSv Pass Int Tkl+Int Clr Err
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.60
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.9645492629135424.141172856432.646485119776190574496530
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.1201258794022.53198424725.16440951150130372545430
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.7141735631618.81373223231.71921949444150291528490
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.66467152722187324.755162036322.41136488596711056501081031
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.08770145419278930.362176446426.310677288612047273481281410


Possession Table
Touches Dribbles Carries Receiving
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Touches Def Pen Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Att Pen Live Succ Att Succ% #Pl Megs Carries TotDist PrgDist Prog 1/3 CPA Mis Dis Targ Rec Rec% Prog
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.6
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.9553770212219834601266538120635058.92281840661814484405331751283772657241449662.11658
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.12900541881407148250027759416656.699419968742395820870532942494108222554.2816
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.718446811980810144131720519156.05531044491328901755562139632489133553.6506
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.67359124448315141971132706020331863.821314553926605141258392652172401828655612370.71453
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.0586717746928642940872563123141355.925329402820620101426001941163733207882448957.01265

Playing Time

Playing Time Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success Team Success (xG)
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off onxG onxGA xG+/- xG+/-90 On-Off
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads866,3537470.67054160
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads44235,9948186.6399.940288279403462.38638202+436+1.85+0.23363.3149.1+214.1+1.45+0.61
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads1337,9256033.688.18284515122281.39131130+1+0.01-0.59115.5112.0+3.5+0.04-0.25
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads1228,4336941.593.7918558312982.04242118+124+1.32+0.18116.970.1+46.8+0.78+0.29
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads52636,8677072.6409.643182202952372.23491200+291+1.32-0.24271.5153.1+118.4+0.78+0.19
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads33426,4587983.5294.029689207381821.88471271+200+0.79+0.27246.4177.7+68.7+0.43+0.50

Miscellaneous Stats

Miscellaneous Stats Table
Performance Aerial Duels
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Recov Won Lost Won%
Florian WeichertCareerde GERFW4 squads70.622000
Robert LewandowskiCareerpl POLFW3 squads399.94110485282143115445480056226326250.1
Dušan VlahovićCareerrs SRBFW3 squads88.111101132106659251220031921730541.6
Erling HaalandCareerno NORFW3 squads93.7110097743630151710020910810450.9
Karim BenzemaCareerfr FRAFW2 squads409.61100335137171158506730052510918137.6
Harry KaneCareereng ENGFW5 squads294.03510325346117171487060062137254340.7
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