Player Comparison: Ben White vs. Aniss El Hriti vs. Harry Maguire vs. Virgil van Dijk vs. Trent Alexander-Arnold vs. Antonio Rüdiger

Compare player statistics for: Aniss El Hriti career vs. Trent Alexander-Arnold career vs. Virgil van Dijk career vs. Harry Maguire career vs. Antonio Rüdiger career vs. Ben White career, Domestic Leagues.
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Standard Stats

Standard Stats Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes Expected Per 90 Minutes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK xG npxG xA npxG+xA xG xA xG+xA npxG npxG+xA
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads63464,38348.7131001110.
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool16114813,261147.3104510001500.070.310.370.070.3710.810.837.948.
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads32932328,850320.6311331002940.
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads37536032,420360.2211321008050.
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads27726423,560261.816416004850.
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads17117015,222169.1383002310.


Shooting Table
Standard Expected
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist FK PK PKatt xG npxG npxG/Sh G-xG np:G-xG
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.7111218.
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.3101965528.11.330.370.050.1823.3430010.810.80.06-0.8-0.8
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.63114612033.60.920.370.100.2612.030010.810.80.08+2.2+2.2
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.2211869730.10.970.270.060.2212.000010.510.50.07-1.5-1.5
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.8161245727.40.800.220.070.2818.10007.97.90.07+1.1+1.1
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.1341819.


Passing Table
Total Short Medium Long
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Cmp Att Cmp% TotDist PrgDist Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Ast xA A-xA KP 1/3 PPA CrsPA Prog
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.73
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.390911227874.0195188779563301371988.83940486081.11751330353.04537.9+7.13198213691201126
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.696251061390.7221340644152355251993.55191545695.12034255579.6133.7+0.325694240496
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.28214948486.6186843559022123236789.74295465992.21725231374.6133.5+2.551790283533
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.88606959889.7185930548912494264494.34555480494.81481200973.742.7-1.726728517514
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.13008355984.56193118840999109891.01545169990.943869063.581.3-1.317232262206

Pass Types

Pass Types Table
Pass Types Corner Kicks Height Body Parts Outcomes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Att Live Dead FK TB Press Sw Crs CK In Out Str Ground Low High Left Right Head TI Other Cmp Off Out Int Blocks
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.7150
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.312278992023582944312667266704821212591763232217373811909173279158220909144269310393
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.6106131034526823911979457110000825781115451306833557429309625151387637
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.2948491763082635129039441000067291038171711997264584444482142919313368
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.89598937322517589223428100007659716122320607023248504586062912312068
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.135593418141745350842700002657301601318292616767930087716643

Goal and Shot Creation

Goal and Shot Creation Table
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s SCA SCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def GCA GCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.7
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.35473.76336166202032730.5050180500
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.6990.7179011234190.141300411
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.21570.94119471656150.091200201
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.81000.778711821140.11900320
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.1510.76401142340.06400000

Defensive Actions

Defensive Actions Table
Tackles Vs Dribbles Pressures Blocks
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Tkl TklW Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Tkl Att Tkl% Past Press Succ % Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Blocks Sh ShSv Pass Int Tkl+Int Clr Err
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.743590
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.3259137144803513931444.3175157352533.46715203822032721762675243265
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.611710477346355662.52159420935.235819640148742742192828855
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.22221781466887114947.778107340037.36863424523913301063575129644
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.821816013771109415859.564109840036.4617401801726321091513405314
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.198104553584310740.26466122433.931828360123510722262091922


Possession Table
Touches Dribbles Carries Receiving
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Touches Def Pen Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Att Pen Live Succ Att Succ% #Pl Megs Carries TotDist PrgDist Prog 1/3 CPA Mis Dis Targ Rec Rec% Prog
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.7
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.3137893933203645748723091142012624351.9136178349331481937589032058126999305873093.8495
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.61209511205301692144120511836182572.02007971341231848354465127138826862797.796
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.21141415755695582087429711128648872.767069775135430025838191947587496728297.1131
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.81079610114909608166112910592193357.622376344031224132680147622448260810998.234
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.1417545219542122401494041315754.4392276414924825920856320262907283197.421

Playing Time

Playing Time Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success Team Success (xG)
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off onxG onxGA xG+/- xG+/-90 On-Off
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads634,3837046.848.74686371725110.864780-33-0.68-0.14
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool16113,2618264.6147.3148881261328382.30327126+201+1.36+0.20303.9148.3+155.6+1.07+0.14
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads32928,8508861.4320.632389282642.18481194+287+1.23+0.60279.9130.1+149.8+1.08+0.63
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads37532,4208663.6360.2360882171521321.51342307+35+0.15+0.38240.1198.2+41.9+0.25+0.22
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads27723,5608559.8261.8264882311345301.93360205+155+0.77+0.47211.6109.6+102.0+0.79+0.19
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads17115,2228956.8169.11709016412131.61237189+48+0.28+0.1198.870.3+28.5+0.42+0.63

Miscellaneous Stats

Miscellaneous Stats Table
Performance Aerial Duels
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Recov Won Lost Won%
Aniss El HritiCareerfr FRADF,MF2 squads48.71111762921505943001
Trent Alexander-ArnoldCareereng ENGDFLiverpool147.3150092452667026713701014475812831.2
Virgil van DijkCareernl NEDDF4 squads320.62941216110311219104030172566818178.7
Harry MaguireCareereng ENGDF5 squads360.280513731791941357178021195574424875.0
Antonio RüdigerCareerde GERDF4 squads261.8485030591681151160202133034218365.1
Ben WhiteCareereng ENGDF5 squads169.12311133842272261040116041209156.9
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