Player Comparison: Neymar vs. Ethan Finlay vs. Mohamed Salah vs. Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi vs. Christopher Nkunku

Compare player statistics for: Ethan Finlay in 2022 vs. Lionel Messi in 2021-22 vs. Cristiano Ronaldo in 2021-22 vs. Mohamed Salah in 2021-22 vs. Christopher Nkunku in 2021-22 vs. Neymar in 2021-22, Domestic Leagues.
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Standard Stats

Standard Stats Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes Expected Per 90 Minutes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK xG npxG xA npxG+xA xG xA xG+xA npxG npxG+xA
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC24131,17613.155500000.380.380.770.380.773.
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G26242,15323.9614600000.250.590.840.250.8410.
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads31272,48727.61831533900.650.110.760.540.6516.714.
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool35302,76230.723131856100.750.421.170.591.0121.817.010.427.40.710.341.050.550.89
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig34312,72330.320131911200.660.431.090.631.0614.814.
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G22221,85120.613610341000.630.290.920.490.7811.48.37.615.90.550.370.920.400.77


Shooting Table
Standard Expected
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist FK PK PKatt xG npxG npxG/Sh G-xG np:G-xG
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.1516743.81.220.540.310.7110.50003.33.30.20+1.7+1.7
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.96892831.53.721.170.070.2118.0160010.010.00.11-4.0-4.0
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.6181093935.83.941.410.140.3814.983316.714.40.13+1.3+0.6
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.7231344936.64.371.600.130.3715.515621.817.00.13+1.2+1.0
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.320803948.82.641.290.240.4915.771114.814.10.18+5.2+4.9
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.613502550.02.431.220.200.4018.483411.48.30.17+1.6+1.7


Passing Table
Total Short Medium Long
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Cmp Att Cmp% TotDist PrgDist Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Ast xA A-xA KP 1/3 PPA CrsPA Prog
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.122930674.83774110812315977.48410580.0182766.752.0+3.012516622
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.91413166584.924179764673982689.548254388.816121973.5148.0+6.063193905243
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.672790080.810109146245152486.121826781.6284168.333.2-0.2253716049
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.7869111877.712439362055063386.925633277.1397452.71310.4+2.66135618123
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.3842105180.113003335648855488.125731880.86711060.91310.0+3.06352588108
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.61065133679.716418521062372486.030937782.09315659.667.6-1.661113433141

Pass Types

Pass Types Table
Pass Types Corner Kicks Height Body Parts Outcomes
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Att Live Dead FK TB Press Sw Crs CK In Out Str Ground Low High Left Right Head TI Other Cmp Off Out Int Blocks
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.1306295111134727000022538433324114101229061610
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.9166515907525242844918341411134316915315011421132141317138138
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.69008683222175912000069612777119692406217273103930
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.7111811081001619914511100862139117908161246118696165950
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.31051985661662492552291361773129149127852291188422134136
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.613361245912112225293250276310331421611381148141715106510177535

Goal and Shot Creation

Goal and Shot Creation Table
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s SCA SCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def GCA GCA90 PassLive PassDead Drib Sh Fld Def
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.1241.84210010260.46600000
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.91446.02103815972241.001524201
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.6782.82570956190.33402120
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.71334.33930211531250.811705210
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.31344.438491510133280.931803241
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.61235.98841165143170.831501010

Defensive Actions

Defensive Actions Table
Tackles Vs Dribbles Pressures Blocks
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Tkl TklW Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Tkl Att Tkl% Past Press Succ % Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Blocks Sh ShSv Pass Int Tkl+Int Clr Err
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.119667641723.5132254921.8619074163013113040
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.910726231618.8132204922.320921088008122200
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.61082534757.131824926.9237782122010616311
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.717757542119.01744812728.367127254131012153240
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.32513812572626.91954117131.6552392472950242449180
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.6301551312163842.1223298726.450122157121011144420


Possession Table
Touches Dribbles Carries Receiving
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Touches Def Pen Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Att Pen Live Succ Att Succ% #Pl Megs Carries TotDist PrgDist Prog 1/3 CPA Mis Dis Targ Rec Rec% Prog
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.1428126514523252417112642.3161282130874436104131741429070.091
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.91934298107893111918597010864.878111584816448702891132733551954170287.1127
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.61201321015585991841160193652.82107773508208714336354441152797764.0221
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.71583670496111033315685713641.9702123153743288213397179841976131066.3367
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.314702210759587521414046010159.4674109053562920171463996571609112569.9345
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.61704914784987111516186714047.97610137570103908218842160701645142486.6204

Playing Time

Playing Time Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success Team Success (xG)
Player Span Nation Pos Squad MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off onxG onxGA xG+/- xG+/-90 On-Off
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC241,1764954.413.113680112601.883513+22+1.68+1.9621.116.8+4.3+0.33+0.72
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G262,1538363.023.924882222702.125423+31+1.30-0.3450.124.8+25.3+1.06+0.16
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads312,4878036.427.627882142901.614042-2-0.07-0.5344.341.1+3.2+0.12-0.10
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool352,7627980.830.730872552802.377722+55+1.79+0.0174.728.4+46.3+1.51+0.31
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig342,7238089.030.331841834101.716534+31+1.02-0.0458.539.0+19.4+0.64+0.05
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G221,8518454.120.6228412002.094723+24+1.17-0.5542.920.9+22.0+1.07+0.15

Miscellaneous Stats

Miscellaneous Stats Table
Performance Aerial Duels
Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Recov Won Lost Won%
Ethan Finlay2022us USAFW,MFAustin FC13.1000169102711600064103124.4
Lionel Messi2021-22ar ARGFW,MFParis S-G23.900083810181270001166275.0
Cristiano Ronaldo2021-22pt PORFW2 squads27.69001627351268200103485845.3
Mohamed Salah2021-22eg EGYFWLiverpool30.710013301251157200176134622.0
Christopher Nkunku2021-22fr FRAFW,MFRB Leipzig30.3200346713522413300153354543.8
Neymar2021-22br BRAFW,MFParis S-G20.6100032741132141510011441028.6
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