Player Stats, Primera División

Player Stats, Primera División Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt SoT Fls CrdY CrdR Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Matches
Jorge Araúzbo BOLGK2323232,07090000100.000.00Matches
Thiago Ribeiro da Silvabr BRAMF3420201,64282200500.110.11Matches
Guimer Justinianobo BOLFW2920181,65883200710.110.11Matches
John Mosqueraco COLFW3118181,62090922500.500.39Matches
Mariano Brauar ARGDF3619171,49979000500.000.00Matches
Mauro Milanoar ARGMF,FW3521171,39566811400.520.45Matches
Layonel Figueroabo BOLMF19171596056200200.190.19Matches
Cristian Coimbrabo BOLDF3015141,329891001010.070.07Matches
Marco Barriosbo BOLMF2314141,26090000500.000.00Matches
Rodrigo Cabrerabo BOLFW2115141,20480000300.000.00Matches
Saulo Guerrabo BOL2614121,09778000510.000.00Matches
Juan Carlos Zampierybo BOLDF2913111,02779000400.000.00Matches
Ricardo Origuelabo BOLMF19111163658200000.280.28Matches
Alan Lorasbo BOLDF32111081674000410.000.00Matches
José Luis Chávezbo BOLMF32131073957000400.000.00Matches
Omar Silesbo BOLMF261991,05255200410.170.17Matches
Brahian Egüezbo BOLMF2614993567100300.100.10Matches
Omar Vásquezco COLMF2914879857000500.000.00Matches
Cristhian Machadobo BOLMF289660868200510.300.30Matches
Diego Riverobo BOL275424248211100.740.37Matches
Óscar Díazbo BOLFW3310342342000010.000.00Matches
Jefferson Virreirabo BOLDF223327090000000.000.00Matches
Mateo Zochbo BOLMF2010237738200000.480.48Matches
Francisco Isitabo BOLFW248235945100000.250.25Matches
Yony Anguloco COL298226533000200.000.00Matches
Diego Méndezbo BOLGK283220869000000.000.00Matches
Francisco Rodriguez Zegadabo BOLDF242112161000000.000.00Matches
Harry Céspedesbo BOLDF20102222000000.000.00Matches
Squad Total4224,63236448470.860.76

Goalkeeping Stats, Primera División

Goalkeeping Stats, Primera División Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Jorge Araúzbo BOLGK23222201,9809000.0004711313.6Matches
Diego Méndezbo BOLGK282201809000.00000200.0Matches
Squad Total242402,1609000.0004713312.5

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Primera División Copa Sudamericana Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Jorge Araúzbo BOLGK23232,0700657000292,64000Matches
John Mosqueraco COLFW31181,6209657032242,190122Matches
Guimer Justinianobo BOLFW29201,6582651800262,17620Matches
Thiago Ribeiro da Silvabr BRAMF34201,6422651511262,15731Matches
Mariano Brauar ARGDF36191,4990657000252,06900Matches
Mauro Milanoar ARGMF,FW35211,3958533620261,731100Matches
Cristian Coimbrabo BOLDF30151,3291532800201,65710Matches
Juan Carlos Zampierybo BOLDF29131,0270546800181,49500Matches
Omar Silesbo BOLMF26191,0522536603241,41823Matches
Saulo Guerrabo BOL26141,0970528100191,37800Matches
Marco Barriosbo BOLMF23141,2600210200161,36200Matches
Rodrigo Cabrerabo BOLFW21151,204015200161,25600Matches
José Luis Chávezbo BOLMF32137390545010181,18910Matches
Alan Lorasbo BOLDF32118160431700151,13300Matches
Layonel Figueroabo BOLMF19179602416200211,12220Matches
Omar Vásquezco COLMF29147980530500191,10300Matches
Brahian Egüezbo BOLMF26149351212900161,06410Matches
Ricardo Origuelabo BOLMF19116362116362Matches
Cristhian Machadobo BOLMF289608296082Matches
Óscar Díazbo BOLFW3310423017001143000Matches
Francisco Isitabo BOLFW248359116400942310Matches
Mateo Zochbo BOLMF20103772114001139120Matches
Jefferson Virreirabo BOLDF223270032700Matches
Yony Anguloco COL298265082650Matches
Diego Riverobo BOL275242252422Matches
Diego Méndezbo BOLGK283208032080Matches
Rodrigo Vargas Castillobo BOLFW24214610214610Matches
Francisco Rodriguez Zegadabo BOLDF242121021210Matches
Harry Céspedesbo BOLDF2012201220Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Primera División Copa Sudamericana Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Jorge Araúzbo BOLGK23221,980036570101282,550104Matches
Diego Méndezbo BOLGK28218000218000Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-01-2019:30 AwayD11Oriente PetroleroJuan GarciaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-01-2617:15 HomeW50The StrongestEdson RiosMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaWed2019-01-3016:00 AwayD22Sport BoysHostin PradoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-02-0215:00 HomeL23WilstermannLuis YrustaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaTue2019-02-0520:30 AwayD00DestroyersCarlos ArteagaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-02-0917:15 HomeL01San JoséDilio RodriguezMatch Report
SudamericanaFirst StageThu2019-02-1417:15 HomeW21ve MonagasMariano BrauCristián GarayMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-02-1715:00 AwayL14Nacional PotosíAngel FloresMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaWed2019-02-2020:45 HomeL13BloomingJuan GarciaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-02-2416:00 AwayL03BolívarJavier RevolloMatch Report
SudamericanaFirst StageWed2019-02-2718:15 AwayL1 (4)2 (2)ve MonagasMariano BrauRodolpho Toski MarquesMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Royal Parí won on penalty kicks following extra time
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaWed2019-03-0618:15 HomeD11Always ReadyJorge Luis JustinianoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-03-1015:00 AwayW32AuroraFernando ToledoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaThu2019-03-1420:30 AwayL13GuabiráIvo MendezMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-03-1715:00 HomeW41Real PotosíVictor HurtadoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-03-3019:30 HomeL13Oriente PetroleroGery VargasMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaThu2019-04-0420:30 AwayL25The StrongestJorge Luis JustinianoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaMon2019-04-0820:00 HomeD33Sport BoysCarlos ArteagaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-04-1417:15 AwayL12WilstermannEdson RiosMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaThu2019-04-1818:15 HomeD00DestroyersRafael SubiranaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSun2019-04-2115:00 AwayL12San JoséJulio GutiérrezMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-04-2719:30 HomeD11Nacional PotosíRaúl OrozcoMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaWed2019-05-0119:30 AwayW32BloomingRafael SubiranaMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-05-0415:00 HomeL12BolívarJosé JordánMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-05-1115:00 AwayL06Always ReadyJordy AlemanMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaWed2019-05-1515:00 HomeW21AuroraJoaquin VerasteguiMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaSat2019-05-1820:00 HomeW21GuabiráMatch Report
SudamericanaSecond StageTue2019-05-2118:15 HomeW10ec MacaráMariano BrauMichael EspinozaMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Primera DivisiónTorneo AperturaFri2019-05-2420:00 AwayL13Real PotosíJhony VisaluqueMatch Report
SudamericanaSecond StageWed2019-05-2919:30 AwayL23ec MacaráMariano BrauJosé ArgoteMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Royal Parí won
SudamericanaRound of 16Tue2019-07-0920:30 HomeL12co La EquidadMariano BrauArnaldo SamaniegoMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
SudamericanaRound of 16Tue2019-07-1619:30 AwayL12co La EquidadMariano BrauAlexis HerreraMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; La Equidad won
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraThu2019-07-2518:15 AwayW20DestroyersMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraMon2019-07-2920:00 HomeW31BloomingMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-08-0417:15 AwayL13San JoséMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraThu2019-08-0815:00 HomeD22AuroraMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-08-1115:00 AwayL04The StrongestMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraWed2019-08-1418:15 HomeD11Always ReadyMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSat2019-08-1719:30 HomeL02Nacional PotosíMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraWed2019-08-2120:00 AwayL02Real PotosíMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSat2019-08-2415:00 AwayD11Sport BoysMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraFri2019-08-3019:30 HomeW20GuabiráMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-09-1519:30 HomeW10Oriente PetroleroMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-09-2217:15 AwayL01WilstermannMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraWed2019-09-2520:30 HomeW21BolívarMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-09-2915:00 HomeW10Real PotosíMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSat2019-10-0515:00 AwayL23Always ReadyMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSat2019-10-1919:30 HomeD11DestroyersMatch Report
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraWed2019-10-2320:30 AwayBloomingMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraMon2019-10-2819:30 HomeSan JoséMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraThu2019-10-3118:15 AwayAuroraMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-11-0319:30 HomeThe StrongestMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraMon2019-11-1119:30 HomeSport BoysMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-11-24AwayNacional PotosíMatch Postponed
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-12-15AwayOriente Petrolero
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-12-22HomeWilstermann
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraMon2019-12-2319:30 AwayGuabirá
Primera DivisiónTorneo ClausuraSun2019-12-29AwayBolívar

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