Standard Stats 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1

Standard Stats 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1 Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min Gls Ast PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
Edinson Cavaniuy URUFW2936352,96535478501.
Lucas Mourabr BRAFW,MF2337292,42112611000.450.220.670.410.63Matches
Marquinhosbr BRADF2229272,5013000100.
Thiago Silvabr BRADF3127272,3853100100.
Blaise Matuidifr FRAMF2934262,4154400400.150.150.300.150.30Matches
Thiago Mottait ITAMF3330252,2280100710.
Marco Verrattiit ITAMF2328252,1483500600.130.210.340.130.34Matches
Kevin Trappde GERGK2624242,1230000000.
Ángel Di Maríaar ARGFW2829242,0366700110.270.310.570.270.57Matches
Serge Aurierci CIVDF2322211,8290300420.
Adrien Rabiotfr FRAMF2127201,9353200200.
Maxwellbr BRADF3420191,7130600000.000.320.320.000.32Matches
Presnel Kimpembefr FRADF2019191,7100000700.
Thomas Meunierbe BELDF2422181,6951400300.
Layvin Kurzawafr FRADF2318181,5272200300.
Alphonse Areolafr FRAGK2315141,2970000000.
Julian Draxlerde GERFW2217121,0124100200.360.090.440.360.44Matches
Javier Pastorear ARGMF,FW271598640400000.000.420.420.000.42Matches
Grzegorz Krychowiakpl POLMF261176590000200.
Hatem Ben Arfafr FRAMF,FW292356430100100.
Christopher Nkunkufr FRAMF,FW18853981000200.
David Luizbr BRADF29332410000100.
Jonathan Ikonefr FRAMF,FW18421380000000.
Jesées ESPFW23912681011000.340.000.340.000.00Matches
Jean-Kévin Augustinfr FRAFW191011961200000.460.921.380.461.38Matches
Gonçalo Guedespt PORFW19711430100000.000.630.630.000.63Matches
Giovani Lo Celsoar ARGMF2041820000100.
Lorenzo Callegarifr FRAMF181040000000.
Fodé Ballo-Touréfr FRADF1900Matches
Rémy Descampsfr FRAGK2000Matches
Gaëtan Robailfr FRAFW,MF2200Matches
Squad Total26.4384183,4207954910012.081.423.501.843.26
Opponent Total26.5384183,4202618235700.680.471.160.631.11

Scores & Fixtures 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: All Competitions

Scores & Fixtures 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: All Competitions Table
Date Time Comp Round Day Venue Result GF GA Opponent Poss Attendance Captain Formation Referee Match Report Notes
2016-08-0620:45 Trophée des ChampionsTrophée des ChampionsSatHomeW41Lyon4110,120Thiago Motta4-2-3-1Alexander HarkamMatch Report
2016-08-1220:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 1FriAwayW10Bastia7413,122Thiago Motta4-2-3-1Franck SchneiderMatch Report
2016-08-2120:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 2SunHomeW30Metz6746,011Thiago Motta4-3-3François LetexierMatch Report
2016-08-2820:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 3SunAwayL13Monaco6615,219Thiago Motta4-3-3Ruddy BuquetMatch Report
2016-09-0920:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 4FriHomeD11Saint-Étienne6144,327Thiago Motta4-3-3Benoît BastienMatch Report
2016-09-1320:45 Champions LgGroup stageTueHomeD11eng Arsenal5346,440Thiago Silva4-3-3Viktor KassaiMatch Report
2016-09-1620:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 5FriAwayW60Caen67740Blaise Matuidi4-3-3Clément TurpinMatch Report
2016-09-2021:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 6TueHomeW30Dijon5742,484Thiago Silva4-3-3Olivier ThualMatch Report
2016-09-2320:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 7FriAwayL02Toulouse7128,682Thiago Silva4-3-3Franck SchneiderMatch Report
2016-09-2821:45 Champions LgGroup stageWedAwayW31bg Ludogorets6417,155Thiago Silva4-3-3Pavel KrálovecMatch Report
2016-10-0117:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 8SatHomeW20Bordeaux6844,949Thiago Silva4-3-3Antony GautierMatch Report
2016-10-1517:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 9SatAwayW21Nancy6319,524Thiago Silva4-3-3Mikael LesageMatch Report
2016-10-1920:45 Champions LgGroup stageWedHomeW30ch Basel6546,488Thiago Silva4-3-3Deniz AytekinMatch Report
2016-10-2320:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 10SunHomeD00Marseille7047,929Thiago Silva4-3-3Clément TurpinMatch Report
2016-10-2820:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 11FriAwayW10Lille6637,213Thiago Silva4-3-3Benoît BastienMatch Report
2016-11-0120:45 Champions LgGroup stageTueAwayW21ch Basel6634,639Thiago Silva4-3-3Ovidiu HațeganMatch Report
2016-11-0620:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 12SunHomeW40Rennes6442,002Thiago Silva4-3-3Amaury DelerueMatch Report
2016-11-1917:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 13SatHomeW20Nantes7044,258Thiago Silva4-3-3François LetexierMatch Report
2016-11-2319:45 Champions LgGroup stageWedAwayD22eng Arsenal5459,628Thiago Silva4-3-3Felix BrychMatch Report
2016-11-2720:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 14SunAwayW21Lyon5555,107Thiago Silva4-2-3-1Ruddy BuquetMatch Report
2016-11-3021:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 15WedHomeW20Angers6040,597Thiago Silva4-2-3-1Franck SchneiderMatch Report
2016-12-0317:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 16SatAwayL03Montpellier6717,132Thiago Silva4-3-3Bartolomeu VarelaMatch Report
2016-12-0620:45 Champions LgGroup stageTueHomeD22bg Ludogorets6442,650Thiago Silva4-2-3-1Tasos SidiropoulosMatch Report
2016-12-1120:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 17SunHomeD22Nice6047,665Thiago Silva4-3-3Clément TurpinMatch Report
2016-12-1421:05 Coupe de la LigueRound of 16WedHomeW31Lille45,183MaxwellMikael LesageMatch Report
2016-12-1717:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 18SatAwayL12Guingamp7418,033Thiago Silva4-3-3Frédy FautrelMatch Report
2016-12-2120:50 Ligue 1Matchweek 19WedHomeW50Lorient6344,844Thiago Silva4-3-3Johan HamelMatch Report
2017-01-0721:00 Coupe de FranceRound of 64SatHomeW70BastiaMatch Report
2017-01-1121:05 Coupe de la LigueQuarter-finalsWedHomeW20Metz43,857Thiago SilvaAmaury DelerueMatch Report
2017-01-1417:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 20SatAwayW10Rennes5329,054Thiago Silva4-3-3Benoît BastienMatch Report
2017-01-2117:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 21SatAwayW20Nantes5632,858Thiago Silva4-3-3Johan HamelMatch Report
2017-01-2421:00 Coupe de la LigueSemi-finalsTueAwayW41Bordeaux28,862Thiago SilvaClément TurpinMatch Report
2017-01-2921:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 22SunHomeD11Monaco5547,238Thiago Silva4-3-3Franck SchneiderMatch Report
2017-02-0121:00 Coupe de FranceRound of 32WedAwayW40TA RennesMatch Report
2017-02-0420:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 23SatAwayW31Dijon7213,416Thiago Silva4-3-3Amaury DelerueMatch Report
2017-02-0721:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 24TueHomeW21Lille7742,885Thiago Silva4-2-3-1François LetexierMatch Report
2017-02-1020:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 25FriAwayW30Bordeaux5637,823Thiago Motta4-3-3Nicolas RainvilleMatch Report
2017-02-1420:45 Champions LgRound of 16TueHomeW40es Barcelona4346,484Blaise Matuidi4-2-3-1Szymon MarciniakMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
2017-02-1921:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 26SunHomeD00Toulouse7745,492Thiago Motta4-3-3Mikael LesageMatch Report
2017-02-2621:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 27SunAwayW51Marseille5165,252Thiago Silva4-3-3Benoît BastienMatch Report
2017-03-0118:30 Coupe de FranceRound of 16WedAwayW20NiortMatch Report
2017-03-0417:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 28SatHomeW10Nancy7147,032Thiago Silva4-3-3Antony GautierMatch Report
2017-03-0820:45 Champions LgRound of 16WedAwayL16es Barcelona2996,290Thiago Silva4-3-3Deniz AytekinMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Barcelona won
2017-03-1221:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 29SunAwayW21Lorient5913,643Thiago Silva4-3-3Tony ChapronMatch Report
2017-03-1921:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 30SunHomeW21Lyon5147,253Thiago Silva4-3-3Clément TurpinMatch Report
2017-04-0121:00 Coupe de la LigueFinal stageSatAwayW41Monaco57,841Thiago SilvaFranck SchneiderMatch Report
2017-04-0521:05 Coupe de FranceQuarter-finalsWedAwayW40Avranches MSM19,052Blaise Matuidi4-3-3Jérôme MiguelgorryMatch Report
2017-04-0921:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 32SunHomeW40Guingamp6745,944Blaise Matuidi4-3-3Ruddy BuquetMatch Report
2017-04-1420:45 Ligue 1Matchweek 33FriAwayW20Angers5815,909Blaise Matuidi4-3-3Tony ChapronMatch Report
2017-04-1818:30 Ligue 1Matchweek 31TueAwayW32Metz7820,693Thiago Motta4-3-3Johan HamelMatch Report
2017-04-2217:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 34SatHomeW20Montpellier6945,778Thiago Silva4-3-3Mikael LesageMatch Report
2017-04-2621:05 Coupe de FranceSemi-finalsWedHomeW50Monaco47,298Thiago Silva4-3-3Clément TurpinMatch Report
2017-04-3021:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 35SunAwayL13Nice6733,190Thiago Silva4-3-3Ruddy BuquetMatch Report
2017-05-0617:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 36SatHomeW50Bastia7245,826Thiago Silva4-3-3François LetexierMatch Report
2017-05-1421:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 37SunAwayW50Saint-Étienne7334,352Thiago Silva4-3-3Amaury DelerueMatch Report
2017-05-2021:00 Ligue 1Matchweek 38SatHomeD11Caen7545,516Maxwell4-3-3Johan HamelMatch Report
2017-05-2721:00 Coupe de FranceFinalSatAwayW10Angers78,000Thiago Silva4-3-3Benoît BastienMatch Report

Goalkeeping 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1

Goalkeeping 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1 Table
Playing Time Performance Penalty Kicks
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min GA GA90 SoTA Saves Save% W D L CS CS% PKatt PKA PKsv PKm Matches
Kevin Trappde GERGK2624242,123130.555542.78218421562.52110Matches
Alphonse Areolafr FRAGK2315141,297140.973521.629923642.91100Matches
Squad Total26.438383,420270.719063.72227652155.33210
Opponent Total26.538383,420832.18209136.6465627410.510910

Shooting 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1

Playing Time 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1

Miscellaneous Stats 2016-2017 Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1

Regular Season, Ligue 1

Regular Season, Ligue 1 Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
1Club Crest Monaco38305310731+7695→ UEFA Champions League via league finish
2Club Crest Paris S-G3827658327+5687→ UEFA Champions League via league finish
3Club Crest Nice38221246336+2778→ UEFA Champions League via league finish
4Club Crest Lyon38214137748+2967→ UEFA Europa League via league finish 1

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