Player Stats, Ligue 1

Player Stats, Ligue 1 Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Houssem Aouarfr FRAMF20373523,0688377003020220.210.410.210.410.650.880.06Matches
Anthony Lopespt PORGK27343403,06090000010000.
Marcelobr BRADF31333302,880870100336050.
Jason Denayerbe BELDF23313102,756892000142060.
Tanguy Ndombelefr FRAMF21343132,691791700443070.
Memphis Depaynl NEDMF,FW24362972,737761010023650390.330.660.330.661.281.180.16Matches
Ferland Mendyfr FRADF23302732,529842100292070.
Bertrand Traorébf BFAMF223424102,1236272002050280.300.380.300.381.190.850.21Matches
Nabil Fekirfr FRAMF,FW25292451,9896997464450430.410.720.230.541.951.990.23Matches
Leo Duboisfr FRADF23252142,044821600302060.040.310.040.310.261.320.09Matches
Moussa Dembéléfr FRAFW223321122,01361154123510410.670.850.630.801.831.560.04Matches
Lucas Tousartfr FRAMF213020101,725580000265050.
Martin Terrierfr FRAFW213216161,4814690001320160.550.550.550.550.970.790.12Matches
Maxwel Cornetfr FRAFW212712151,276477500820220.490.850.490.851.550.560.14Matches
Jérémy Morelfr FRADF34121201,065890000134000.
Kenny Tetenl NEDDF22131211,050810300201020.
Fernando Marçalbr BRADF291212088374000092010.
Rafaelbr BRAMF,DF28181171,017570100214110.
Pape Cheikh Diopes ESPMF201257452380000133010.
Mathieu Gorgelinfr FRAGK2744036090000000000.
Marianodo DOMFW2432114448000030000.
Jordan Ferrifr FRAMF2641311429000020000.
Oumar Soletfr FRADF181106060000021000.
Yassin Fekirfr FRAFW211011111000000000.
Lenny Pintorfr FRA17101000000000Matches
Squad Total3810837,52870545104465712521.843.261.713.136.6311.741.53

Goalkeeping Stats, Ligue 1

Goalkeeping Stats, Ligue 1 Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Anthony Lopespt PORGK27343403,06090421.24137.6931897926.5Matches
Mathieu Gorgelinfr FRAGK274403609051.2515.667301125.0Matches
Squad Total383803,42090471.24152.69121981026.3

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Ligue 1 UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Anthony Lopespt PORGK27343,06000866400423,72400Matches
Houssem Aouarfr FRAMF20373,06877763002443,69879Matches
Marcelobr BRADF31332,88001872000413,60001Matches
Jason Denayerbe BELDF23312,75620872000393,47620Matches
Memphis Depaynl NEDFW,MF24362,7371010861813443,3551113Matches
Tanguy Ndombelefr FRAMF21342,69117863720423,32837Matches
Ferland Mendyfr FRADF23302,52921870701383,23622Matches
Nabil Fekirfr FRAMF,FW25291,98997650632352,495129Matches
Bertrand Traorébf BFAMF22342,12372832011422,44383Matches
Leo Duboisfr FRADF23252,04416528510302,32926Matches
Moussa Dembéléfr FRAFW22332,013154629610392,309164Matches
Lucas Tousartfr FRAMF21301,72500748210372,20710Matches
Martin Terrierfr FRAFW21321,48190315900351,64090Matches
Maxwel Cornetfr FRAFW21271,27675521530321,491105Matches
Rafaelbr BRAMF,DF28181,01701324000211,25701Matches
Kenny Tetenl NEDDF22131,05003319600161,24603Matches
Jérémy Morelfr FRADF34121,0650019000131,15500Matches
Fernando Marçalbr BRADF291288300327000151,15300Matches
Pape Cheikh Diopes ESPMF2012452005101001755300Matches
Mathieu Gorgelinfr FRAGK2743600015600541600Matches
Marianodo DOMFW24314400314400Matches
Jordan Ferrifr FRAMF264114001800512200Matches
Oumar Soletfr FRADF181600016000Matches
Yassin Fekirfr FRAFW211110011100Matches
Lenny Pintorfr FRA17100100Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Ligue 1 UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Anthony Lopespt PORGK27343,0604298664131423,7245510Matches
Mathieu Gorgelinfr FRAGK2743605115630541681Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
Ligue 1Matchweek 1Sun2018-08-1215:00 HomeW20Amiens48,263MarceloFranck SchneiderMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 2Fri2018-08-1720:45 AwayL01Reims18,917MarceloRuddy BuquetMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 3Fri2018-08-2420:45 HomeW20Strasbourg47,341MarceloAmaury DelerueMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 4Fri2018-08-3120:45 HomeL01Nice53,438Nabil FekirFrançois LetexierMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 5Sat2018-09-1517:00 AwayD22Caen17,676Nabil FekirJohan HamelMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-09-1920:00 AwayW21Manchester City40,111Nabil FekirDaniele OrsatoMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 6Sun2018-09-2321:00 HomeW42Marseille57,287Nabil FekirClément TurpinMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 7Wed2018-09-2619:00 AwayW30Dijon14,651Anthony LopesJérôme MiguelgorryMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 8Sat2018-09-2920:00 HomeD11Nantes50,319Nabil FekirFranck SchneiderMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-0221:00 HomeD22ShakhtarNabil FekirAleksandrs GolubevsMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 9Sun2018-10-0721:00 AwayL05Paris S-G47,443Nabil FekirAntony GautierMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 10Fri2018-10-1920:45 HomeW20Nîmes42,896Anthony LopesOlivier ThualMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-2321:00 AwayD33Hoffenheim24,144MarceloAlberto UndianoMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 11Sat2018-10-2717:00 AwayW21Angers14,186MarceloRuddy BuquetMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 12Sat2018-11-0317:00 HomeD11Bordeaux46,653Nabil FekirBenoît MillotMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-11-0721:00 HomeD22Hoffenheim53,850Nabil FekirDanny MakkelieMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 13Sat2018-11-1017:00 AwayW42Guingamp14,171MarceloMikael LesageMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 14Fri2018-11-2321:00 HomeW10Saint-Étienne55,701Nabil FekirAntony GautierMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-11-2721:00 HomeD22Manchester City56,039Nabil FekirLuca BantiMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 15Sat2018-12-0117:00 AwayD22Lille38,755MarceloBenoît BastienMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 16Wed2018-12-0519:00 HomeL02Rennes47,278Nabil FekirJohan HamelMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-12-1222:00 AwayD11Shakhtar38,916Nabil FekirBjörn KuipersMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 18Sun2018-12-1621:00 HomeW30Monaco46,477Nabil FekirClément TurpinMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 19Sat2018-12-2221:00 AwayD11Montpellier17,275Nabil FekirFrançois LetexierMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 20Fri2019-01-1120:45 HomeD11Reims42,512Nabil FekirBenoît MillotMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 17Wed2019-01-1619:00 AwayD22Toulouse16,587Anthony LopesRuddy BuquetMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 21Sun2019-01-2021:00 AwayW21Saint-Étienne41,594Nabil FekirBenoît BastienMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 22Sun2019-01-2717:00 AwayW10Amiens10,017Nabil FekirJérôme MiguelgorryMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 23Sun2019-02-0321:00 HomeW21Paris S-G57,624Nabil FekirClément TurpinMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 24Sun2019-02-1021:00 AwayL01Nice22,193Nabil FekirMikael LesageMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 25Fri2019-02-1520:45 HomeW21Guingamp40,305Nabil FekirAntony GautierMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Tue2019-02-1921:00 HomeD00Barcelona57,889MarceloCüneyt ÇakιrMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Ligue 1Matchweek 26Sun2019-02-2421:00 AwayL02Monaco10,157MarceloBenoît MillotMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 27Sun2019-03-0317:00 HomeW51Toulouse44,881Nabil FekirThomas LéonardMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 28Sat2019-03-0917:00 AwayD22Strasbourg25,463MarceloJérôme MiguelgorryMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Wed2019-03-1321:00 AwayL15Barcelona92,346Nabil FekirSzymon MarciniakMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Barcelona won
Ligue 1Matchweek 29Sun2019-03-1714:30 HomeW32Montpellier47,134Nabil FekirClément TurpinMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 30Fri2019-03-2920:45 AwayW10Rennes27,094Nabil FekirAntony GautierMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 31Sat2019-04-0617:00 HomeL13Dijon52,431Nabil FekirJohan HamelMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 32Fri2019-04-1220:45 AwayL12Nantes25,050Anthony LopesJérôme BrisardMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 33Fri2019-04-1920:45 HomeW21Angers43,917Nabil FekirBenoît MillotMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 34Fri2019-04-2620:45 AwayW32Bordeaux27,455Nabil FekirBenoît BastienMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 35Sun2019-05-0521:00 HomeD22Lille56,642Nabil FekirClément TurpinMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 36Sun2019-05-1221:00 AwayW30Marseille61,707Nabil FekirRuddy BuquetMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 37Sat2019-05-1821:00 HomeW40Caen51,408Jérémy MorelAmaury DelerueMatch Report
Ligue 1Matchweek 38Fri2019-05-2421:05 AwayW32Nîmes14,986Jérémy MorelFrançois LetexierMatch Report

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