Player Stats, Süper Lig

Player Stats, Süper Lig Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Mert Günoktr TURGK29343403,05690000011000.
Edin Višćaba BIHMF,FW,DF28343403,049901214221720500.350.770.300.711.480.500.06Matches
Júnior Caiçarabr BRADF29333302,970900200467030.
Mahmut Tekdemirtr TURDF30323202,805880000336040.
İrfan Kahvecitr TURMF23323112,5448045006660160.140.320.140.320.572.330.21Matches
Gaël Clichyfr FRADF33252502,185871000181010.
Mossoróbr BRAMF35292452,0297034002830110.130.310.130.310.491.240.13Matches
Alexandru Epureanumd MDADF31222201,980902000226060.
Emre Belözoğlutr TURMF37241951,6486910114011050.
Robinhobr BRAFW34171431,2507443002230160.290.500.290.501.151.580.22Matches
Stefano Napoleoniit ITAFW322613131,281493100600100.
Manuel da Costama MARDF32121201,080903100154070.250.330.250.330.581.250.33Matches
Eljero Elianl NEDMF,FW31211291,038491100244050.
Riad Bajićba BIHFW242211111,0945060001020120.490.490.490.490.990.820.16Matches
Emmanuel Adebayortg TOGFW3419811863453212203060.310.520.210.420.632.090.31Matches
Fyodor Kudryashovru RUSDF31880720901000102020.
Arda Turantr TURFW,MF311486704500200211050.
Joseph Larweh Attamahgh GHADF24117476069000061010.
Gökhan Inlerch SUIMF341275695580000161040.
Soner Aydoğdutr TURMF2718513470260200165020.000.380.000.380.383.060.96Matches
Uğur Uçartr TURDF3155045090000080000.
Kerim Freitr TURMF2484439049010050000.
Serdar Tascide GERDF3144028571000020000.
Miloš Jojićrs SRBMF2682622428000060010.
Demba Basn SENFW335058617200080022.
Volkan Babacantr TURGK2910144000000000.
Squad Total3410233,6604638454666901691.352.471.242.354.9713.712.03

Goalkeeping Stats, Süper Lig

Goalkeeping Stats, Süper Lig Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Mert Günoktr TURGK29343403,05690230.68112.795191051750.0Matches
Volkan Babacantr TURGK291014400.0021.0000000Matches
Squad Total353413,06087230.68114.798191051750.0

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Süper Lig UEFA Europa League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Mert Günoktr TURGK29343,05600343,05600Matches
Edin Višćaba BIHDF,FW,MF28343,0491214343,0491214Matches
Júnior Caiçarabr BRADF29332,97002332,97002Matches
Mahmut Tekdemirtr TURDF30322,80500322,80500Matches
İrfan Kahvecitr TURMF23322,54445322,54445Matches
Gaël Clichyfr FRADF33252,18510252,18510Matches
Mossoróbr BRAMF35292,02934292,02934Matches
Alexandru Epureanumd MDADF31221,98020221,98020Matches
Emre Belözoğlutr TURMF37241,64810241,64810Matches
Stefano Napoleoniit ITAFW32261,28131261,28131Matches
Robinhobr BRAFW34171,25043171,25043Matches
Riad Bajićba BIHFW24221,09460221,09460Matches
Manuel da Costama MARDF32121,08031121,08031Matches
Eljero Elianl NEDFW,MF31211,03811211,03811Matches
Emmanuel Adebayortg TOGFW3419863321986332Matches
Joseph Larweh Attamahgh GHADF2411760001176000Matches
Fyodor Kudryashovru RUSDF31872010872010Matches
Arda Turantr TURFW,MF3114704021470402Matches
Gökhan Inlerch SUIMF3412695001269500Matches
Soner Aydoğdutr TURMF2718470021847002Matches
Uğur Uçartr TURDF31545000545000Matches
Kerim Freitr TURMF24839001839001Matches
Serdar Tascide GERDF31428500428500Matches
Miloš Jojićrs SRBMF26822400822400Matches
Demba Basn SENFW335862058620Matches
Volkan Babacantr TURGK2914001400Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Süper Lig UEFA Europa League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Mert Günoktr TURGK29343,0562317343,0562317Matches
Volkan Babacantr TURGK2914001400Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
UELThird Qualifying RoundThu2018-08-0921:00 HomeD00Burnley4,503Emre BelözoğluSrđan JovanovićMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Süper LigMatchweek 1Sun2018-08-1219:30 HomeW20TrabzonsporEdin VišćaFırat AydınusMatch Report
UELThird Qualifying RoundThu2018-08-1619:45 AwayL01Burnley16,583Emre BelözoğluIstván KovácsMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Burnley won; Required Extra Time
Süper LigMatchweek 2Mon2018-08-2021:45 AwayL12KasımpaşaEmre BelözoğluHalis ÖzkahyaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 3Mon2018-08-2719:15 HomeW31AkhisarsporEmre BelözoğluAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 4Sun2018-09-0219:15 AwayW10BB ErzurumsporMahmut TekdemirBülent YıldırımMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 5Sun2018-09-1617:00 HomeW40AntalyasporMahmut TekdemirAlper UlusoyMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 6Fri2018-09-2120:00 AwayD00BursasporMahmut TekdemirUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 7Mon2018-10-0120:00 HomeD11Yeni Mal'sporMahmut TekdemirFırat AydınusMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 8Sun2018-10-0718:00 AwayD00FenerbahçeMahmut TekdemirAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 9Sat2018-10-2016:00 HomeW10KayserisporMahmut TekdemirHüseyin GöçekMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 10Sat2018-10-2716:00 AwayW10KonyasporMahmut TekdemirCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 11Sat2018-11-0319:00 HomeW10BeşiktaşMahmut TekdemirHalis ÖzkahyaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 12Sat2018-11-1016:00 AwayW21RizesporMahmut TekdemirHalil MelerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 13Mon2018-11-2620:00 AwayW20GöztepeEdin VišćaBülent YıldırımMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 14Sat2018-12-0116:00 HomeL01SivassporEmre BelözoğluAlper UlusoyMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 15Mon2018-12-1020:00 AwayW10AnkaragücüEmre BelözoğluCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 16Sat2018-12-1519:00 HomeD11GalatasarayEmre BelözoğluUmit ÖztürkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 17Sat2018-12-2216:00 AwayD11AlanyasporMahmut TekdemirAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 18Sun2019-01-2019:00 AwayW42TrabzonsporEmre BelözoğluHalil MelerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 19Mon2019-01-2820:00 HomeW20KasımpaşaEmre BelözoğluMete KalkavanMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 20Sun2019-02-0316:00 AwayW30AkhisarsporEmre BelözoğluHüseyin GöçekMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 21Sat2019-02-0916:00 HomeD11BB ErzurumsporEmre BelözoğluCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 22Mon2019-02-1820:00 AwayW10AntalyasporEmre BelözoğluMete KalkavanMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 23Sun2019-02-2419:00 HomeW30BursasporEmre BelözoğluHalis ÖzkahyaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 24Sun2019-03-0316:00 AwayW20Yeni Mal'sporEmre BelözoğluFırat AydınusMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 25Sat2019-03-0919:00 HomeW21FenerbahçeEmre BelözoğluHüseyin GöçekMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 26Sun2019-03-1716:00 AwayD11KayserisporMahmut TekdemirYaşar Kemal UğurluMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 27Sun2019-04-0719:00 HomeW20KonyasporEmre BelözoğluSerkan ÇınarMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 28Sat2019-04-1319:00 AwayL12BeşiktaşEmre BelözoğluCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 29Sun2019-04-2116:00 HomeD11RizesporEmre BelözoğluHüseyin GöçekMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 30Fri2019-04-2620:30 HomeL02GöztepeEmre BelözoğluSuat ArslanbogaMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 31Fri2019-05-0320:30 AwayD00SivassporEmre BelözoğluHalil MelerMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 32Sun2019-05-1219:00 HomeW21AnkaragücüMahmut TekdemirFırat AydınusMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 33Sun2019-05-1919:00 AwayL12GalatasarayEmre BelözoğluCüneyt ÇakιrMatch Report
Süper LigMatchweek 34Fri2019-05-2418:00 HomeD11AlanyasporMahmut TekdemirBahattin ŞimşekMatch Report

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