Domestic Leagues Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Leagues Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st7601175+121835,437Erling Haaland - 8Ederson
2022-2023Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st3828559433+618953,249Erling Haaland - 36Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2021-2022Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st3829639926+739352,774Kevin De Bruyne - 15Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2020-2021Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st3827568332+5186526İlkay Gündoğan - 13Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2019-2020Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League2nd38263910235+678137,097Raheem Sterling - 20Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2018-2019Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st3832249523+729854,130Sergio Agüero - 21Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2017-2018Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st38324210627+7910054,070Sergio Agüero - 21Ederson→ Champions League via league finish
2016-2017Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League3rd3823968039+417854,019Sergio Agüero - 20Claudio Bravo→ Champions League via league finish
2015-2016Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League4th38199107141+306654,041Sergio Agüero - 24Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2014-2015Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League2nd3824778338+457945,365Sergio Agüero - 26Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2013-2014Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st38275610237+658647,075Yaya Touré - 20Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2012-2013Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League2nd3823966634+327846,974Edin Džeko - 14Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2011-2012Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League1st3828559329+648947,045Sergio Agüero - 23Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2010-2011Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League3rd3821896033+277145,905Carlos Tevez - 20Joe Hart→ Champions League via league finish
2009-2010Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League5th38181377345+286745,470Carlos Tevez - 23Shay Given→ Europa League via league finish
2008-2009Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League10th38155185850+85043,162Robinho - 14Joe Hart
2007-2008Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League9th381510134553-85542,126Elano - 8Joe Hart→ UEFA Cup
2006-2007Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League14th38119182944-154239,997Joey Barton - 6Nicky Weaver
2005-2006Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League15th38134214348-54342,056Andy Cole - 9David James
2004-2005Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League8th381313124739+85245,192Robbie Fowler - 11David James
2003-2004Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League16th38914155554+14146,834Nicolas Anelka - 16David Seaman
2002-2003Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League9th38156174754-75134,565Nicolas Anelka - 14Peter Schmeichel→ UEFA Cup
2001-2002Manchester Cityeng ENG2. First Division1st46316910852+569933,059Shaun Goater - 28Nicky WeaverPromoted
2000-2001Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League18th38810204165-243434,058Paulo Wanchope - 9Nicky WeaverRelegated
1995-1996Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League18th38911183358-253827,747Uwe Rösler - 9Eike ImmelRelegated
1994-1995Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League17th421213175364-114921,492Uwe Rösler - 15Tony Coton
1993-1994Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League16th42918153849-114526,709Mike Sheron - 6Tony Coton
1992-1993Manchester Cityeng ENG1. Premier League9th421512155651+55724,698David White - 16Tony Coton
1991-1992Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th422010126148+1370
1990-1991Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th381711106453+1162
1989-1990Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division14th381212144352-948
1986-1987Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division21st42815193657-2139Relegated
1985-1986Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division15th421112194357-1445
1982-1983Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division20th42138214770-2347Relegated
1981-1982Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division10th421513144950-158
1980-1981Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division12th421411175659-339
1979-1980Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division17th421213174366-2337
1978-1979Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division15th421313165856+239
1977-1978Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division4th422012107451+2352
1976-1977Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division2nd42211476034+2656
1975-1976Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division8th421611156446+1843
1974-1975Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division8th421810145454046
1973-1974Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division14th421412163946-740
1972-1973Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division11th421511165760-341
1971-1972Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division4th42231187745+3257
1970-1971Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division11th421217134742+541
1969-1970Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division10th421611155548+743
1968-1969Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division13th421510176455+940
1967-1968Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division1st42266108643+4358
1966-1967Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division15th421215154352-939
1962-1963Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division21st4210112158102-4431Relegated
1961-1962Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division12th42177187881-341
1960-1961Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division13th421311187990-1137
1959-1960Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division16th42173227884-637
1958-1959Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division20th42119226495-3131
1957-1958Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th4222515104100+449
1956-1957Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division18th42139207888-1035
1955-1956Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division4th421810148269+1346
1954-1955Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division7th421810147669+746
1953-1954Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division17th42149196277-1537
1952-1953Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division20th42147217287-1535
1951-1952Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division15th421313165861-339
1949-1950Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division21st42813213668-3229Relegated
1948-1949Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division7th421515124751-445
1947-1948Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division10th421512155247+542
1937-1938Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division21st42148208077+336Relegated
1936-1937Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division1st422213710761+4657
1935-1936Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division9th42178176860+842
1934-1935Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division4th42208148267+1548
1933-1934Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th421711146572-745
1932-1933Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division16th42165216871-337
1931-1932Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division14th421312178373+1038
1930-1931Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division8th421810147570+546
1929-1930Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division3rd42199149181+1047
1928-1929Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division8th42189159586+945
1925-1926Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division21st4212111989100-1135Relegated
1924-1925Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division10th42179167668+843
1923-1924Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division11th421512155471-1742
1922-1923Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division8th421711145049+145
1921-1922Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division10th42189156570-545
1920-1921Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division2nd42246127050+2054
1919-1920Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division7th42189157162+945
1914-1915Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th381513104939+1043
1913-1914Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division13th38148165153-236
1912-1913Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division6th38188125337+1644
1911-1912Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division15th38139165658-235
1910-1911Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division17th38913164358-1531
1908-1909Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division19th38154196769-234Relegated
1907-1908Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division3rd381611116254+843
1906-1907Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division17th381012165377-2432
1905-1906Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division5th38195147354+1943
1904-1905Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division3rd3420686637+2946
1903-1904Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division2nd3419697145+2644
1901-1902Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division18th34116174258-1628
1900-1901Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division11th34136154858-1032
1899-1900Manchester Cityeng ENG1. First Division7th34138135044+634

International Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
International Cup Results Table
Season Squad Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Manchester City1. Champions LgGR110031+2350,204Julián Álvarez - 2Ederson
2022-2023Manchester City1. Champions Lg1st13850325+272963,639Erling Haaland - 12Ederson
2021-2022Manchester City1. Champions LgSF127232916+132349,295Riyad Mahrez - 7Ederson
2020-2021Manchester City1. Champions LgF131111255+20342,016Riyad Mahrez, Ferrán Torres - 4Ederson
2019-2020Manchester City1. Champions LgQF9621219+122037,594Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus - 6Ederson
2018-2019Manchester City1. Champions LgQF107123012+182249,535Sergio Agüero - 6Ederson
2017-2018Manchester City1. Champions LgQF106042012+81848,050Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling... - 4Ederson
2016-2017Manchester City1. Champions LgR1683411713+41347,065Sergio Agüero - 5Willy Caballero
2015-2016Manchester City1. Champions LgSF126331812+62147,779Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling - 3Joe Hart
2014-2015Manchester City1. Champions LgR1682241011-1843,060Sergio Agüero - 6Joe Hart
2013-2014Manchester City1. Champions LgR1685031914+51543,372Sergio Agüero - 6Joe Hart
2012-2013Manchester City1. Champions LgGR6033711-4343,206Sergio Agüero - 2Joe Hart
2011-2012Manchester City2. Europa LgR16412194+5538,780Sergio Agüero - 4Joe Hart
2011-2012Manchester City1. Champions LgGR631296+31044,451Yaya Touré - 3Joe Hart
2010-2011Manchester City2. Europa LgR1612462188+101834,032Emmanuel Adebayor - 4Joe Hart
2008-2009Manchester City2. UEFA CupQF1610242417+732Felipe Caicedo, Stephen Ireland... - 3
2003-2004Manchester City2. UEFA CupRd26420123+914Nicolas Anelka - 3

Domestic Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Cup Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL CupRd3100101-10Stefan Ortega
2022-2023Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL CupQF320154+1641,412Riyad Mahrez - 2Stefan Ortega
2022-2023Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup1st6600191+1818102,521Riyad Mahrez - 5Stefan Ortega
2021-2022Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL CupRd4211061+5430,959Riyad Mahrez - 2Zack Steffen
2021-2022Manchester Cityeng ENGFA CupSF5401166+101263,597Riyad Mahrez - 4Zack Steffen
2020-2021Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL Cup1st5500122+10153,887Raheem Sterling, Aymeric Laporte... - 2Zack Steffen
2020-2021Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup3rd5401113+812Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus... - 2Zack Steffen
2019-2020Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL Cup1st6501145+91544,072Sergio Agüero, Raheem Sterling - 3Claudio Bravo
2019-2020Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup3rd5401113+81245,828Gabriel Jesus, Sergio Agüero - 2Claudio Bravo
2018-2019Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL Cup1st6520161+151716,045Gabriel Jesus - 5Arijanet Muric
2018-2019Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup1st6600263+2318Gabriel Jesus - 5Ederson
2017-2018Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL Cup1st6620115+62021,713Sergio Agüero, Leroy Sané - 3Claudio Bravo
2017-2018Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup9th320162+4653,356Sergio Agüero - 2Claudio Bravo
2016-2017Manchester Cityeng ENGEFL Cup9th21012203Gaël Clichy, Aleix García - 1Willy Caballero
2016-2017Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup3rd6411163+1313Sergio Agüero - 5Claudio Bravo
2015-2016Manchester Cityeng ENGLeague Cup1st6511187+111612,749Kevin De Bruyne - 5Willy Caballero
2015-2016Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup9th320185+36Kelechi Iheanacho - 4Willy Caballero
2014-2015Manchester Cityeng ENGFA Cup17th210123-1322,155James Milner - 2Willy Caballero
2014-2015Manchester Cityeng ENGLeague Cup9th210172+5316,173Frank Lampard, Edin Džeko - 2Willy Caballero

International Super Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
International Super Cup Results Table
Season Squad Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Manchester CitySuper Cup1st10101101Cole Palmer - 1Ederson

Domestic Super Cup Results

  • promoted, relegated, Cup Qualifier
Domestic Super Cup Results Table
Season Squad Country Comp LgRank MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Attendance Top Team Scorer Goalkeeper Notes
2023-2024Manchester Cityeng ENGCommunity Shield2nd10101101Cole Palmer - 1Stefan Ortega
2022-2023Manchester Cityeng ENGCommunity Shield2nd100113-20Julián Álvarez - 1Ederson
2021-2022Manchester Cityeng ENGCommunity Shield2nd100101-10Zack Steffen
2019-2020Manchester Cityeng ENGCommunity Shield1st10101101Raheem Sterling - 1Claudio Bravo
2018-2019Manchester Cityeng ENGCommunity Shield1st110020+23Sergio Agüero - 2Claudio Bravo

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