Player Stats, NB I

Player Stats, NB I Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Loïc Negofr FRADF,MF27333212,90988511200.150.120.06Matches
Ádám Kovácsikhu HUNGK27303002,68489000100.000.000.03Matches
Roland Juhászhu HUNDF35302912,56686400700.140.140.25Matches
István Kovácshu HUNMF26322752,452774001000.150.150.37Matches
Stopiracv CPVDF30282712,44987300200.110.110.07Matches
Máté Pátkaihu HUNMF30322662,22470500800.200.200.32Matches
Paulo Viníciusbr BRADF28242402,160900001000.000.000.42Matches
Marko Šćepovićrs SRBFW27272342,057761011400.440.390.18Matches
Anel Hadžićba BIHDF,MF28272252,040762001100.090.090.49Matches
Attila Fiolahu HUNDF28191811,53781000700.000.000.41Matches
Georgi Milanovbg BULMF,FW26241861,44460111800.060.000.50Matches
Boban Nikolovmk MKDDF,MF242917121,64657200400.110.110.22Matches
Szabolcs Husztihu HUNMF352717101,51856511500.300.240.30Matches
Armin Hodžićba BIHFW232613131,25548400400.290.290.29Matches
Ákos Elekhu HUNMF,DF301210282269000100.000.000.11Matches
Krisztián Tamáshu HUNDF23118376269100000.120.120.00Matches
Márkó Futácshu HUNFW28137667052200400.270.270.54Matches
Danko Lazovićrs SRBFW3565142972100100.210.210.21Matches
Tomáš Tujvelsk SVKGK3443128672000100.000.000.31Matches
József Vargahu HUNMF3033022575000000.000.000.00Matches
Zsombor Bereczhu HUNMF2291814917000100.000.000.60Matches
Szilveszter Hangyahu HUNMF2451411623000000.000.000.00Matches
Stefan Šćepovićrs SRBFW2821111357100000.800.800.00Matches
Bence Sóshu HUNMF2451410922000200.000.001.65Matches
Elvir Hadzicba BIHFW1910133000000.000.000.00Matches
Squad Total339632,62550449301.521.392.82

Goalkeeping Stats, NB I

Goalkeeping Stats, NB I Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Ádám Kovácsikhu HUNGK27303002,6848916771033.3Matches
Tomáš Tujvelsk SVKGK3443128672201133.3Matches
Squad Total343312,9708718781133.3

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
UEFA Europa League NB I Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Loïc Negofr FRAMF,DF27651710332,9095393,42660Matches
Roland Juhászhu HUNDF35654000302,5664363,10640Matches
Ádám Kovácsikhu HUNGK27436000302,6840343,04400Matches
Stopiracv CPVDF30654010282,4493342,98940Matches
Paulo Viníciusbr BRADF28654001242,1600302,70001Matches
István Kovácshu HUNMF26617600322,4524382,62840Matches
Anel Hadžićba BIHDF,MF28652800272,0402332,56820Matches
Máté Pátkaihu HUNMF30525600322,2245372,48050Matches
Marko Šćepovićrs SRBFW27272,05710272,05710Matches
Attila Fiolahu HUNDF28651400191,5370252,05100Matches
Boban Nikolovmk MKDDF,MF24631700291,6462351,96320Matches
Georgi Milanovbg BULMF,FW26646711241,4441301,91121Matches
Szabolcs Husztihu HUNMF35537111271,5185321,88961Matches
Armin Hodžićba BIHFW23610600261,2554321,36140Matches
Ákos Elekhu HUNMF,DF30128220128220Matches
Krisztián Tamáshu HUNDF23117621117621Matches
Márkó Futácshu HUNFW28136702136702Matches
Stefan Šćepovićrs SRBFW2865020021131861510Matches
Tomáš Tujvelsk SVKGK3421800042860646600Matches
Danko Lazovićrs SRBFW356429164291Matches
József Vargahu HUNMF303225032250Matches
Zsombor Bereczhu HUNMF2211200914901016100Matches
Szilveszter Hangyahu HUNMF241140051160613000Matches
Bence Sóshu HUNMF245109051090Matches
Elvir Hadzicba BIHFW19130130Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
UEFA Europa League NB I Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Ádám Kovácsikhu HUNGK27436042302,68410343,044412Matches
Tomáš Tujvelsk SVKGK3421803042861646631Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
Champions LgFirst Qualifying RoundTue2018-07-1018:00 AwayD11F91 Dudelange1,057Paulo ViníciusZaven HovhannisyanMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Champions LgFirst Qualifying RoundTue2018-07-1720:15 HomeW21F91 Dudelange2,514Ádám KovácsikDonald RobertsonMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Vidi won
NB IMatchweek 1Sat2018-07-2120:15 HomeW40Kisvárda1,744Tamás BognárMatch Report
Champions LgSecond Qualifying RoundWed2018-07-2520:00 AwayD00Ludogorets5,327Roland JuhászBojan PandzicMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
NB IMatchweek 2Sat2018-07-2819:30 HomeD11Paks1,058Péter SolymosiMatch Report
Champions LgSecond Qualifying RoundWed2018-08-0120:00 HomeW10Ludogorets2,878Roland JuhászManuel SchüttengruberMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Vidi won
Champions LgThird Qualifying RoundTue2018-08-0719:15 AwayD11Malmö17,209Roland JuhászMatej JugMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
NB IMatchweek 4Fri2018-08-1020:00 HomeD11Debrecen1,446Viktor KassaiMatch Report
Champions LgThird Qualifying RoundTue2018-08-1420:00 HomeD00Malmö3,432Roland JuhászJavier EstradaMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Vidi won
NB IMatchweek 5Sat2018-08-1819:30 AwayW30Honvéd2,007Ádám FarkasMatch Report
Champions LgPlay-off RoundWed2018-08-2221:00 HomeL12AEK Athens10,681Roland JuhászLuca BantiMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
Champions LgPlay-off RoundTue2018-08-2822:00 AwayD11AEK Athens29,774Roland JuhászTomasz MusiałMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; AEK Athens won
NB IMatchweek 7Sun2018-09-0218:00 AwayD22Ferencváros14,520Balázs BerkeMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 8Sat2018-09-1517:00 AwayL12Puskás1,728Gergely SzőtsMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-09-2018:55 HomeL02BATE Borisov14,726Roland JuhászMorten KroghMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 3Wed2018-09-2620:00 HomeW31Mezőkövesd400Balázs BerkeMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 9Sun2018-09-3018:00 AwayW10Diósgyőr2,850Csaba PinterMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-10-0420:00 AwayL01Chelsea39,925Roland JuhászMiroslav ZelinkaMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 10Sun2018-10-0718:00 HomeL03MTK Budapest1,220Viktor KassaiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 11Sat2018-10-2017:00 AwayW20Haladás3,314Balázs BerkeMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-10-2522:00 AwayW20PAOK15,118Roland JuhászYevhen AranovskyiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 12Sun2018-10-2817:00 AwayD22Kisvárda2,232István Vad IIMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 13Sat2018-11-0317:00 AwayW40Paks1,269Viktor KassaiMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-11-0818:55 HomeW10PAOK17,208Roland JuhászAli PalabıyıkMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 14Sun2018-11-1115:30 AwayL01Mezőkövesd2,456Péter SolymosiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 6Wed2018-11-2119:00 HomeW10Újpest11,251Sándor Andó-SzabóMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 15Sun2018-11-2517:00 AwayW10Debrecen2,922Zoltán IványiMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-11-2920:55 AwayL02BATE Borisov8,963Roland JuhászCarlos del CerroMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 16Sun2018-12-0218:00 HomeW20Honvéd4,699Viktor KassaiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 17Sat2018-12-0819:30 AwayL02Újpest1,674Ádám FarkasMatch Report
Europa LgGroup StageThu2018-12-1318:55 HomeD22Chelsea19,242Roland JuhászAleksandar StavrevMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 18Sun2018-12-1620:15 HomeW21Ferencváros6,442József ErdosMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 19Sat2019-02-0217:00 HomeL03Puskás2,980Viktor KassaiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 20Sat2019-02-0917:00 HomeL12Diósgyőr2,540Csaba PinterMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 21Sat2019-02-1619:30 AwayW31MTK Budapest2,105Viktor KassaiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 22Sat2019-02-2317:00 HomeW10Haladás2,048Ferenc KarakóMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 23Sat2019-03-0217:00 HomeW21Kisvárda1,975Balázs BerkeMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 24Sat2019-03-0917:00 AwayD22Paks1,400István Vad IIMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 25Sat2019-03-1617:00 HomeW10Mezőkövesd2,340Zoltán IványiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 26Sat2019-03-3019:30 HomeW21Debrecen3,431Csaba PinterMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 27Sat2019-04-0619:30 AwayW10Honvéd2,187István Vad IIMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 28Sat2019-04-1319:30 HomeW21Újpest4,457Zoltán IványiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 29Sat2019-04-2019:30 AwayL14Ferencváros16,127Balázs BerkeMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 30Sat2019-04-2717:00 HomeD11Puskás2,585Viktor KassaiMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 31Sat2019-05-0417:00 AwayL12Diósgyőr3,262István Vad IIMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 32Sat2019-05-1117:00 HomeW42MTK Budapest3,113Gergő BogárMatch Report
NB IMatchweek 33Sun2019-05-1917:00 AwayD11Haladás3,340Ádám PillókMatch Report

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