Standard Stats 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1

Standard Stats 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1 Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
Lee Kyu-seongkr KORMF,FW2435353,08234.20300300.
Gwon Wan-gyukr KORDF2731312,77530.81000710.
Kim Kyungjaekr KORMF,DF2530302,58128.70000500.
Yoon Bo-sangkr KORGK2529292,54528.30000100.
Park Yong-jikr KORMF,DF2636272,49327.712212200.430.070.510.400.47Matches
Lee Tae-heekr KORFW,MF2627272,43027.02500300.
Yoon Bit-garamkr KORMF,DF2827262,38526.58345300.300.110.420.150.26Matches
Kim Young-binkr KORDF2723232,00522.31000410.
Song Si-wookr KORDF,FW2523201,42015.83500000.190.320.510.190.51Matches
Kim Min-wookr KORDF2820181,65218.42200200.
An Jinbeomkr KORMF,DF2618161,21213.50200200.
Han Seok-jongkr KORFW,MF2614111,03711.50000100.
Kim Min-hyeokkr KORMF,DF2614997410.81100200.
Kang Sang-wookr KORFW,MF251598669.63011100.310.000.310.210.21Matches
Lee Min-kikr KORMF,DF251198199.10100000.
Kim Gun-heekr KORMF,FW231098139.08111000.890.111.000.770.89Matches
Kim Jin-hyukkr KORFW,DF25987498.31000100.
Kim Kyung-jungkr KORDF271387077.92000200.
Sin Chang-mookr KORMF,FW261686417.11011100.
Baek Dong-kyukr KORMF271577718.60000300.
Ryu Seung-wookr KORMF,FW251277378.21100000.
Kwon Taeahnkr KORGK26876957.70000100.
Ma Sang-hoonkr KORDF,MF271576647.40000100.
Shim Dong-woonkr KORDF281747157.92100100.250.130.380.250.38Matches
Lee Chan-dongkr KORMF,FW26443483.90000100.
Jin Seong-wookkr KORMF,FW25643483.90000000.
Bae Jaewookr KORFW,DF25443223.60100000.
Sejin Parkkr KORMF733203.60000100.
An Saeheekr KORDF27332252.50000100.
Kim Sun-wookr KORMF,FW25332082.30100000.000.430.430.000.43Matches
Lee Sang-hyeobkr KORDF29331301.40000000.
Ko Tae-wonkr KORMF,DF25322252.50000000.
Hwang Byeonggeunkr KORGK24221802.00000000.
Song Seung-minkr KORMF27211161.30000000.
Cha Young-hwankr KORDF2811901.00000000.
Bae Shin-youngkr KORMF2631580.60100000.001.551.550.001.55Matches
Jo Soo-chulkr KORFW2811580.60000000.
Park Dae-hankr KORMF2711450.50000000.
Song Soo-youngkr KORFW271101301.40000000.
Kim Dae-Joongkr KORDF2620170.20000000.
Jang Eun-kyukr KORMF2600Matches
Lee Ho-seokkr KORFW2700Matches
Jang Hoikkr KORMF2500Matches
Lee Sang-hupkr KORFW3200Matches
Squad Total26.5384183,42038.048308104511.260.792.051.051.84
Opponent Total27.5384183,42038.05127556751.340.712.051.211.92

Scores & Fixtures 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: All Competitions

Scores & Fixtures 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: All Competitions Table
Date Time Comp Round Day Venue Result GF GA Opponent Poss Attendance Captain Formation Referee Match Report Notes
2019-03-0216:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeW20Gangwon5,372Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Park ByungjinMatch Report
2019-03-1014:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunAwayW21Pohang13,4644-4-2Jung DongsikMatch Report
2019-03-1614:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeW20Incheon United3,428Kim Min-woo4-4-2Kim SunghoMatch Report
2019-03-3014:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayL02FC Seoul11,6673-5-2Kim YongwooMatch Report
2019-04-0319:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonWedAwayD00Suw Bluewings3,489Kim Min-woo4-4-2Kim DaeyongMatch Report
2019-04-0616:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeL01Ulsan Hyundai6,278Kim Min-woo4-4-2Song MinseokMatch Report
2019-04-1316:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayD11Gyeongnam2,1284-4-2Kim HeegonMatch Report
2019-04-2016:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeL03Jeonbuk1,8384-4-2Choi HyunjaeMatch Report
2019-04-2714:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayW32Jeju United2,380Kim Min-woo4-1-3-2Ko HyungjinMatch Report
2019-05-0319:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonFriAwayL01Daegu9,120Kim Min-woo4-4-2Lee DongjunMatch Report
2019-05-1019:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonFriHomeW10Seongnam1,217Kim Min-woo4-4-2Kim YongwooMatch Report
2019-05-1919:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeL13FC Seoul1,638Kim Min-woo4-4-2Choi HyunjaeMatch Report
2019-05-2420:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonFriAwayW21Incheon United5,144Kim Min-woo4-4-2Lee DongjunMatch Report
2019-05-2919:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonWedHomeD11Gyeongnam1,207Kim Min-woo4-4-2Ko HyungjinMatch Report
2019-06-0217:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunAwayL02Jeonbuk13,109Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Park ByungjinMatch Report
2019-06-1619:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeW42Jeju United1,272Kim Min-woo4-4-2Choi HyunjaeMatch Report
2019-06-2819:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonFriAwayL01Seongnam2,708Kim Min-woo4-4-2Kim WoosungMatch Report
2019-07-0619:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeD11Pohang1,580Yoon Bit-garam4-1-3-2Ko HyungjinMatch Report
2019-07-0919:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonTueAwayL04Gangwon2,198Kim Kyungjae4-4-2Kim DongjinMatch Report
2019-07-1419:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeL02Suw Bluewings1,216Yoon Bit-garam5-4-1Kim DaeyongMatch Report
2019-07-2119:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeW20Daegu3,323Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Lee DongjunMatch Report
2019-07-2419:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonWedAwayD22Ulsan Hyundai4,031Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Kim YongwooMatch Report
2019-07-3019:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonTueAwayL01Seongnam3,638Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Park ByungjinMatch Report
2019-08-0320:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatHomeW21Gyeongnam1,921Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Kim YongwooMatch Report
2019-08-1019:30 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayW41Jeju United3,577Yoon Bit-garam4-4-2Cho JiUmMatch Report
2019-08-1820:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeW21Pohang1,822Kim Min-woo4-4-2Kim HeegonMatch Report
2019-08-2419:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayL15Ulsan Hyundai7,507Kim Min-woo4-4-2Choi HyunjaeMatch Report
2019-09-0119:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeD11Daegu2,9684-4-2Cho JiUmMatch Report
2019-09-1419:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayL12Jeonbuk15,745Kim Kyung-jung4-4-2Jung DongsikMatch Report
2019-09-2119:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSatAwayD11Suw Bluewings5,066Kim Kyung-jung4-1-3-2Kim HeegonMatch Report
2019-09-2519:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonWedHomeL23Incheon United3,128Gwon Wan-gyu4-4-2Ko HyungjinMatch Report
2019-09-2915:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunAwayW21FC Seoul12,759Kim Kyung-jung4-4-2Kim DongjinMatch Report
2019-10-0614:00 K-LeagueRegular SeasonSunHomeW21Gangwon1,857Gwon Wan-gyu4-1-3-2Jung DongsikMatch Report
2019-10-1918:00 K-LeagueRelegation roundSatHomeW21Jeju United1,161Gwon Wan-gyu3-2-4-1Kim WoosungMatch Report
2019-10-2714:00 K-LeagueRelegation roundSunHomeL01Seongnam1,263Gwon Wan-gyu3-5-2Kang DonghoMatch Report
2019-11-0218:00 K-LeagueRelegation roundSatAwayW10Gyeongnam3,111Kim Kyungjae3-2-4-1Kim DaeyongMatch Report
2019-11-2414:00 K-LeagueRelegation roundSunAwayL02Incheon United11,4633-2-4-1Kim YongwooMatch Report
2019-11-3015:00 K-LeagueRelegation roundSatHomeW41Suw Bluewings2,213Kim Kyung-jung3-5-2Choi HyunjaeMatch Report

Goalkeeping 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1

Goalkeeping 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1 Table
Playing Time Performance Penalty Kicks
Player Nation Pos Age MP Starts Min 90s GA GA90 SoTA Saves Save% W D L CS CS% PKatt PKA PKsv PKm Matches
Yoon Bo-sangkr KORGK2529292,54628.3210.7414411620.74400Matches
Kwon Taeahnkr KORGK26876947.7121.5613300.01100Matches
Hwang Byeonggeunkr KORGK24221802.010100.00000Matches
Squad Total26.538383,42038.0330.8716715513.25500
Opponent Total27.538383,42038.0300.79157161026.310820

Shooting 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1

Playing Time 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1

Miscellaneous Stats 2019 Gimcheon Sangmu: K League 1

League Table, K League 1

League Table, K League 1 Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
5Club Crest Daegu38131694637+955
6Club Crest Gangwon38148165658-250
7Club Crest Sangju Sangmu38167154953-455
8Club Crest Suw Bluewings381212144649-348
9Club Crest Seongnam38129173040-1045

Regular Season, K League 1

Regular Season, K League 1 Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
5Club Crest Pohang33146134043-348
6Club Crest Gangwon33137134847+146
7Club Crest Sangju Sangmu33137134248-646
8Club Crest Suw Bluewings331010133841-340
9Club Crest Seongnam33108152536-1138

Relegation round, K League 1

Relegation round, K League 1 Table
Rk Squad MP W D L GF GA GDiff Pts Notes
7Club Crest Sangju Sangmu38167154953-455
8Club Crest Suw Bluewings381212144649-348
9Club Crest Seongnam38129173040-1045
10Club Crest Incheon United38713183354-2134
11Club Crest Gyeongnam38613174361-1831→ Korea Republic 1/2 Relegation/Promotion Playoff
12Club Crest Jeju United38512214572-2727Relegated

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