Player Stats, Bundesliga

Player Stats, Bundesliga Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Joshua Kimmichde GERMF23343403,0609021300284090.060.440.060.440.260.820.12Matches
Robert Lewandowskipl POLFW29333302,95990227342620510.670.880.580.791.550.790.06Matches
Niklas Sülede GERDF22312922,652862000173070.
David Alabaat AUTMF,DF26312922,5338233001440160.
Thomas Müllerde GERMF,FW28322842,3897569002310270.230.570.230.571.020.870.04Matches
Thiago Alcántaraes ESPMF27302642,408802600525080.070.300.070.300.301.940.19Matches
Manuel Neuerde GERGK32262602,30389000011000.
Leon Goretzkade GERMF23302372,0196784002830230.360.530.360.531.031.250.13Matches
Serge Gnabryde GERMF,FW23302191,77459105002500320.510.760.510.761.621.270.00Matches
Mats Hummelsde GERDF29212011,775851100101060.
Jérôme Boatengde GERDF29201911,693850200161030.
Kingsley Comanfr FRAMF,FW22211741,3876664001720190.390.650.390.651.231.100.13Matches
Javi Martínezes ESPMF,DF29211651,310623000123080.
James Rodríguezco COLMF,FW27201371,142577300720190.550.790.550.791.500.550.16Matches
Franck Ribéryfr FRAMF,FW352510151,1684763001730110.460.690.460.690.851.310.23Matches
Rafinhabr BRADF32169789756110071010.
Sven Ulreichde GERGK2998175784000000000.
Arjen Robbennl NEDMF,FW341275565474000520120.640.640.640.641.910.800.32Matches
Renato Sanchespt PORMF2017413566331100103040.160.320.160.320.641.590.48Matches
Sandro Wagnerde GERFW3071613820000012020.
Corentin Tolissofr FRAMF,DF232115226100000011.731.731.731.731.730.000.00Matches
Alphonso Daviesca CAN,lr LBRFW176067412100011011.
Jeong Woo-yeongkr KOR1810144000000010.
Meritan Shabanide GERMF19101000000000Matches
Squad Total3410233,6258662343174402612.534.352.444.267.689.321.29

Goalkeeping Stats, Bundesliga

Goalkeeping Stats, Bundesliga Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Manuel Neuerde GERGK32262602,30389230.9057.59620331038.5Matches
Sven Ulreichde GERGK299817578491.0723.609431225.0Matches
Squad Total353413,06087320.9480.60024641235.3

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Joshua Kimmichde GERMF23343,060213763002413,690215Matches
Robert Lewandowskipl POLFW29332,959227871480413,673307Matches
David Alabaat AUTDF,MF26312,53333763002383,16335Matches
Niklas Sülede GERDF22312,65220645000373,10220Matches
Manuel Neuerde GERGK32262,30300872000343,02300Matches
Thiago Alcántaraes ESPMF27302,40826538801352,79627Matches
Thomas Müllerde GERMF,FW28322,38969635200382,74169Matches
Leon Goretzkade GERMF23302,01984632600362,34584Matches
Mats Hummelsde GERDF29211,77511654010272,31521Matches
Serge Gnabryde GERFW,MF23301,774105744701372,221106Matches
Jérôme Boatengde GERDF29201,69302545000252,14302Matches
Javi Martínezes ESPMF,DF29211,31030652010271,83040Matches
Franck Ribéryfr FRAMF,FW35251,16863743910321,60773Matches
Kingsley Comanfr FRAFW,MF22211,38764312910241,51674Matches
James Rodríguezco COLMF,FW27201,14273533601251,47874Matches
Rafinhabr BRADF321689711636601221,26312Matches
Arjen Robbennl NEDFW,MF3412565404314211687961Matches
Sven Ulreichde GERGK29975700975700Matches
Renato Sanchespt PORMF2017566116125102369121Matches
Sandro Wagnerde GERFW30713800319001015700Matches
Alphonso Daviesca CAN,lr LBRFW176741067410Matches
Corentin Tolissofr FRADF,MF232521025210Matches
Jeong Woo-yeongkr KOR181400190021300Matches
Meritan Shabanide GERMF19100100Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Manuel Neuerde GERGK32262,3032310872084343,0233114Matches
Sven Ulreichde GERGK29975792975792Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
BundesligaMatchweek 1Fri2018-08-2420:30 HomeW31Hoffenheim75,000Manuel NeuerBastian DankertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 2Sat2018-09-0118:30 AwayW30Stuttgart58,680Manuel NeuerHarm OsmersMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 3Sat2018-09-1515:30 HomeW31Bayer75,000Manuel NeuerTobias WelzMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-09-1920:00 AwayW20Benfica60,274Manuel NeuerAntonio Matéu LahozMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 4Sat2018-09-2218:30 AwayW20Schalke 0462,271Manuel NeuerDaniel SiebertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 5Tue2018-09-2520:30 HomeD11Augsburg75,000Manuel NeuerSören StorksMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 6Fri2018-09-2820:30 AwayL02Hertha BSC74,669Manuel NeuerMarco FritzMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-0221:00 HomeD11Ajax70,000Manuel NeuerPavel KrálovecMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 7Sat2018-10-0618:30 HomeL03M'gladbach75,000Manuel NeuerFrank WillenborgMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 8Sat2018-10-2015:30 AwayW31Wolfsburg30,000Manuel NeuerGuido WinkmannMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-2319:55 AwayW20AEK Athens61,221Manuel NeuerAliaksei KulbakouMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 9Sat2018-10-2715:30 AwayW21Mainz 0533,305Manuel NeuerHarm OsmersMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 10Sat2018-11-0315:30 HomeD11Freiburg75,000Manuel NeuerFelix ZwayerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-11-0721:00 HomeW20AEK Athens70,000Manuel NeuerSlavko VinčičMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 11Sat2018-11-1018:30 AwayL23Dortmund81,365Manuel NeuerManuel GräfeMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 12Sat2018-11-2415:30 HomeD33Düsseldorf75,000Manuel NeuerSven JablonskiMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-11-2721:00 HomeW51Benfica70,000Manuel NeuerDaniele OrsatoMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 13Sat2018-12-0115:30 AwayW21Werder Bremen42,100Manuel NeuerChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 14Sat2018-12-0815:30 HomeW30Nürnberg75,000Manuel NeuerTobias StielerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-12-1221:00 AwayD33Ajax52,244Manuel NeuerClément TurpinMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 15Sat2018-12-1515:30 AwayW40Hannover 9649,000Manuel NeuerSören StorksMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 16Wed2018-12-1920:30 HomeW10RB Leipzig75,000Manuel NeuerMarco FritzMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 17Sat2018-12-2218:30 AwayW30Eint Frankfurt51,500Manuel NeuerManuel GräfeMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 18Fri2019-01-1820:30 AwayW31Hoffenheim30,150Manuel NeuerTobias WelzMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 19Sun2019-01-2715:30 HomeW41Stuttgart75,000Manuel NeuerFrank WillenborgMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 20Sat2019-02-0215:30 AwayL13Bayer30,210Thomas MüllerTobias StielerMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 21Sat2019-02-0918:30 HomeW31Schalke 0475,000Robert LewandowskiDaniel SiebertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 22Fri2019-02-1520:30 AwayW32Augsburg30,660Manuel NeuerBibiana SteinhausMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Tue2019-02-1920:00 AwayD00Liverpool52,250Manuel NeuerGianluca RocchiMatch ReportLeg 1 of 2
BundesligaMatchweek 23Sat2019-02-2315:30 HomeW10Hertha BSC75,000Manuel NeuerHarm OsmersMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 24Sat2019-03-0218:30 AwayW51M'gladbach54,022Manuel NeuerFelix ZwayerMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 25Sat2019-03-0915:30 HomeW60Wolfsburg75,000Manuel NeuerSascha StegemannMatch Report
UCLRound of 16Wed2019-03-1321:00 HomeL13Liverpool68,145Manuel NeuerDaniele OrsatoMatch ReportLeg 2 of 2; Liverpool won
BundesligaMatchweek 26Sun2019-03-1718:00 HomeW60Mainz 0575,000Manuel NeuerFrank WillenborgMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 27Sat2019-03-3015:30 AwayD11Freiburg24,000Thomas MüllerChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 28Sat2019-04-0618:30 HomeW50Dortmund75,000Manuel NeuerManuel GräfeMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 29Sun2019-04-1415:30 AwayW41Düsseldorf54,600Manuel NeuerFelix ZwayerMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 30Sat2019-04-2015:30 HomeW10Werder Bremen75,000Thomas MüllerTobias WelzMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 31Sun2019-04-2818:00 AwayD11Nürnberg50,000Thomas MüllerTobias StielerMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 32Sat2019-05-0415:30 HomeW31Hannover 9675,000Thomas MüllerChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 33Sat2019-05-1115:30 AwayD00RB Leipzig41,939Thomas MüllerManuel GräfeMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 34Sat2019-05-1815:30 HomeW51Eint Frankfurt75,000Thomas MüllerSascha StegemannMatch Report

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