Player Stats, Bundesliga

Player Stats, Bundesliga Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Oliver Baumannde GERGK28333302,97090010000000.
Nico Schulzde GERMF,DF25302912,542851500306090.
Pavel Kadeřábekcz CZEMF,DF26292812,5098734003570120.
Andrej Kramarićhr CROFW27302822,4038017456820450.640.790.450.601.690.300.07Matches
Kevin Vogtde GERDF,MF26282802,394860000225010.
Florian Grillitschat AUTMF22302732,3948003004280100.
Joelintonbr BRAFW21282532,1377675005650240.290.510.290.511.012.360.21Matches
Kerem Demirbayde GERMF25262422,0227849004660170.180.580.180.580.762.050.27Matches
Ishak Belfodildz ALGFW26282081,86367163002730370.770.920.770.921.791.300.14Matches
Ermin Bičakčićba BIHDF28252051,788721200180050.
Stefan Poschat AUTDF21171611,404830000315020.
Ádám Szalaihu HUNFW303015151,6215463003330200.330.500.330.501.111.830.17Matches
Leonardo Bittencourtde GERMF24211381,0695113001710100.080.340.080.340.841.430.08Matches
Kasim Nuhugh GHADF2313112905700100236000.
Joshua Brenetnl NEDDF2414104905652100200070.200.300.200.300.701.990.00Matches
Nadiem Amiride GERMF2113103758583100141080.360.470.360.470.951.660.12Matches
Benjamin Hübnerde GERDF29109181381000082030.
Steven Zuberch SUIMF2696357464010081040.
Reiss Nelsoneng ENGMF1823518628277000800111.
Kevin Akpogumade GERDF2385349762000062000.
Håvard Nordtveitno NORMF,DF28844468590000132000.
Vincenzo Grifoit ITAMF2573433247121150030.270.810.000.540.811.360.00Matches
Dennis Geigerde GERMF2042224662010051020.000.370.000.370.731.830.37Matches
Justin Hoogmanl NEDDF2021111055000000000.
Gregor Kobelch SUIGK201109090000000000.
Christoph Baumgartnerat AUTMF182118543000023000.
David Ottode GER19303258000000000.
Lukas Ruppde GERMF271012424000000000.
Alfons Amadede GERDF1810188000000000.
Squad Total3410033,5846949674776902302.033.471.853.296.7614.032.03

Goalkeeping Stats, Bundesliga

Goalkeeping Stats, Bundesliga Table
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Oliver Baumannde GERGK28333302,97090511.55169.69812129515.2Matches
Gregor Kobelch SUIGK20110909011.007.85710000.0Matches
Squad Total343403,06090521.53176.70513129514.7

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
Oliver Baumannde GERGK28332,97001654000393,51001Matches
Pavel Kadeřábekcz CZEMF,DF26292,50934654010353,04944Matches
Nico Schulzde GERDF,MF25302,54215544501352,98716Matches
Andrej Kramarićhr CROFW27302,403174648151362,884225Matches
Florian Grillitschat AUTMF22302,39403641510362,80913Matches
Kevin Vogtde GERMF,DF26282,39400436000322,75400Matches
Joelintonbr BRAFW21282,13775539011332,52786Matches
Kerem Demirbayde GERMF25262,02249537002312,392411Matches
Ishak Belfodildz ALGFW26281,863163534711332,210174Matches
Ermin Bičakčićba BIHDF28251,78812325300282,04112Matches
Ádám Szalaihu HUNFW30301,62163527100351,89263Matches
Stefan Poschat AUTDF21171,40400218000191,58400Matches
Leonardo Bittencourtde GERMF24211,06913314201241,21114Matches
Kasim Nuhugh GHADF231390501214000151,04501Matches
Joshua Brenetnl NEDDF241490521213500161,04021Matches
Benjamin Hübnerde GERDF291081300190001190300Matches
Nadiem Amiride GERMF211375831127001478531Matches
Reiss Nelsoneng ENGMF1823628705113002874170Matches
Kevin Akpogumade GERDF238497002180001067700Matches
Steven Zuberch SUIMF269574013102101267611Matches
Håvard Nordtveitno NORDF,MF288468003185101165310Matches
Vincenzo Grifoit ITAMF257332121500833712Matches
Dennis Geigerde GERMF2042460116300530901Matches
Justin Hoogmanl NEDDF2021100019000320000Matches
Gregor Kobelch SUIGK201900019000Matches
Christoph Baumgartnerat AUTMF182850028500Matches
David Ottode GER193250032500Matches
Lukas Ruppde GERMF271240012400Matches
Alfons Amadede GERDF1818001800Matches
Robin Hackde GERFW1915001500Matches

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Combined
Player Nation Pos Age Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
Oliver Baumannde GERGK28332,9705156540140393,510655Matches
Gregor Kobelch SUIGK201901019010Matches

Scores & Fixtures

Scores & Fixtures Table
Comp Round Day Date Time Venue Result GF GA Opponent Attendance Captain Referee Match Report Notes
BundesligaMatchweek 1Fri2018-08-2420:30 AwayL13Bayern Munich75,000Kevin VogtBastian DankertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 2Sat2018-09-0115:30 HomeW31Freiburg28,619Kevin VogtRobert HartmannMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 3Sat2018-09-1515:30 AwayL12Düsseldorf40,111Kevin VogtTobias StielerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-09-1919:55 AwayD22Shakhtar28,336Kevin VogtJakob KehletMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 4Sat2018-09-2215:30 HomeD11Dortmund30,150Kevin VogtHarm OsmersMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 5Tue2018-09-2520:30 AwayW31Hannover 9633,500Kevin VogtChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 6Sat2018-09-2915:30 HomeL12RB Leipzig28,115Oliver BaumannDeniz AytekinMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-0218:55 HomeL12Manchester City24,851Oliver BaumannMatej JugMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 7Sun2018-10-0715:30 HomeL12Eint Frankfurt29,785Kevin VogtDaniel SiebertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 8Sat2018-10-2015:30 AwayW31Nürnberg36,472Kevin VogtFelix ZwayerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-10-2321:00 HomeD33Lyon24,144Kevin VogtAlberto UndianoMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 9Sat2018-10-2718:30 HomeW40Stuttgart30,150Kevin VogtFrank WillenborgMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 10Sat2018-11-0315:30 AwayW41Bayer27,589Kevin VogtTobias StielerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-11-0721:00 AwayD22Lyon53,850Kevin VogtDanny MakkelieMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 11Sat2018-11-1015:30 HomeW21Augsburg27,009Kevin VogtRobert SchröderMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 12Sat2018-11-2415:30 AwayD33Hertha BSC44,508Kevin VogtTobias WelzMatch Report
UCLGroup StageTue2018-11-2721:00 HomeL23Shakhtar22,920Kevin VogtFilip GlovaMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 13Sat2018-12-0118:30 HomeD11Schalke 0430,000Kevin VogtRobert KampkaMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 14Sat2018-12-0815:30 AwayD22Wolfsburg20,602Kevin VogtFelix ZwayerMatch Report
UCLGroup StageWed2018-12-1220:00 AwayL12Manchester City50,411Benjamin HübnerAndreas EkbergMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 15Sat2018-12-1515:30 HomeD00M'gladbach30,150Oliver BaumannBenjamin CortusMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 16Wed2018-12-1920:30 AwayD11Werder Bremen40,003Oliver BaumannMarkus SchmidtMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 17Sun2018-12-2318:00 HomeD11Mainz 0528,216Kevin VogtSascha StegemannMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 18Fri2019-01-1820:30 HomeL13Bayern Munich30,150Kevin VogtTobias WelzMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 19Sat2019-01-2615:30 AwayW42Freiburg23,900Kevin VogtBibiana SteinhausMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 20Sat2019-02-0215:30 HomeD11Düsseldorf24,747Kevin VogtBenjamin CortusMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 21Sat2019-02-0915:30 AwayD33Dortmund81,365Benjamin HübnerMarco FritzMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 22Sat2019-02-1615:30 HomeW30Hannover 9623,404Kevin VogtDaniel SiebertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 23Mon2019-02-2520:30 AwayD11RB Leipzig33,569Oliver BaumannFelix BrychMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 24Sat2019-03-0215:30 AwayL23Eint Frankfurt49,500Oliver BaumannManuel GräfeMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 25Sun2019-03-1015:30 HomeW21Nürnberg29,015Kevin VogtChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 26Sat2019-03-1615:30 AwayD11Stuttgart56,743Kevin VogtFelix ZwayerMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 27Fri2019-03-2920:30 HomeW41Bayer28,350Kevin VogtHarm OsmersMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 28Sun2019-04-0715:30 AwayW40Augsburg27,552Kevin VogtRobert SchröderMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 29Sun2019-04-1413:30 HomeW20Hertha BSC28,010Kevin VogtMartin PetersenMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 30Sat2019-04-2020:30 AwayW52Schalke 0458,958Kevin VogtChristian DingertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 31Sun2019-04-2815:30 HomeL14Wolfsburg27,725Kevin VogtDeniz AytekinMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 32Sat2019-05-0415:30 AwayD22M'gladbach51,807Kevin VogtSascha StegemannMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 33Sat2019-05-1115:30 HomeL01Werder Bremen30,150Kevin VogtBastian DankertMatch Report
BundesligaMatchweek 34Sat2019-05-1815:30 AwayL24Mainz 0528,305Kevin VogtDeniz AytekinMatch Report

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