Goalkeeper Stats, Domestic Leagues

Goalkeeper Stats, Domestic Leagues Table
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
2002-200320Stockporteng ENG3. Second Division14th110909044.0010.60000100.0
2003-200421Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership11th110909011.005.80010000.0
2003-200421Blackpooleng ENG3. Second Division14th6605409030.5021.857402350.0
2004-200522Blackpooleng ENG3. League One16th121201,08090110.9246.761525433.3
2004-200522Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership7th5504509030.6024.875131240.0
2005-200623Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership14th99081090182.0052.654315222.2
2006-200724Sheffield Wedseng ENG2. Championship9th151501,32788201.3688.773555213.3
2006-200724Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership12th2201809010.5010.900020150.0
2007-200825Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League13th110909033.004.25000100.0
2008-200926Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League19th161601,44090231.4479.709358425.0
2009-201027Middlesbrougheng ENG2. Championship11th242402,15490271.13141.809789520.8
2010-201128Derby Countyeng ENG2. Championship19th77063090162.2938.57912400.0
2011-201229Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League8th101656522.777.7141000
2012-201330Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7th7706309091.2931.710331228.6
2014-201532Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League6th3301956552.319.44411000.0Matches
2015-201633NEC Nijmegennl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie10th171701,53090231.3598.765548423.5Matches
2015-201633Bradford Cityeng ENG3. League One5th3302709062.0014.57110200.0Matches
2016-201734Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie1st323202,88090220.69100.78025431753.1Matches
2017-201835Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie4th313102,79090351.13115.69617681032.3Matches
2018-201936Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Premier League1st252412,11084180.7766.72717341145.8Matches
2019-202037Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Premier League8th5504509010.2010.900221480.0Matches
17 Seasons*10 Clubs5 Leagues223221219,801892511.14968.74110251687132.1
Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Middlesbrough (7 Seasons)2 Leagues585805,21490761.31315.7591519241424.1
Liverpool (3 Seasons)1 League1110189081161.6247.660541220.0
Feyenoord (2 Seasons)1 League636305,67090570.90215.7354210112742.9
Al-Nassr (2 Seasons)1 League302912,56085190.6776.75019551551.7
Blackpool (2 Seasons)1 League181801,62090140.7867.791927738.9
NEC Nijmegen (1 Season)1 League171701,53090231.3598.765548423.5
Sheffield Weds (1 Season)1 League151501,32788201.3688.773555213.3
Derby County (1 Season)1 League77063090162.2938.57912400.0
Bradford City (1 Season)1 League3302709062.0014.57110200.0
Stockport (1 Season)1 League110909044.0010.60000100.0
Premier League (9 Seasons)454413,95088651.48221.7061315161125.0
League One (4 Seasons)222201,98090241.0991.73610210731.8
Dutch Eredivisie (3 Seasons)808007,20090801.00313.7444714193138.8
Championship (3 Seasons)464604,11189631.38267.764131518715.2
Premier League (2 Seasons)302912,56085190.6776.75019551551.7

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Domestic Leagues Domestic Cups International Cups All Competitions
Season Age Squad Country Comp Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
2002-200320Stockporteng ENG3. Second Division1904019040
2003-200421Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership1901019010
2003-200421Blackpooleng ENG3. Second Division654033654033
2004-200522Blackpooleng ENG3. League One121,080114121,080114
2004-200522Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership545032545032
2005-200623Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership98101829810182
2006-200724Sheffield Wedseng ENG2. Championship151,327202151,327202
2006-200724Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership218011218011
2007-200825Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League1903019030
2008-200926Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League161,440234161,440234
2009-201027Middlesbrougheng ENG2. Championship242,154275242,154275
2010-201128Derby Countyeng ENG2. Championship76301607630160
2010-201128Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League1900119001
2011-201229Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League1652016520
2012-201330Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League76309232704110900133
2014-201532Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League31955021800537550Matches
2015-201633NEC Nijmegennl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie171,530234171,530234Matches
2015-201633Bradford Cityeng ENG3. League One327060327060Matches
2016-201734Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie322,8802217654072383,4202919Matches
2017-201835Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie312,79035105450130363,2404810Matches
2018-201936Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Pro League252,1101811252,1101811Matches
2019-202037Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Saudi Premier League545014545014Matches
17 Seasons*10 Clubs22319,8012517121800151,35024424021,33127575

Player Stats, Domestic Leagues

Player Stats, Domestic Leagues Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt SoT Fls CrdY CrdR Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Matches
2002-200320Stockporteng ENG3. Second Division14th119090000000000.
2003-200421Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership11th119090000000000.
2003-200421Blackpooleng ENG3. Second Division14th6654090000000100.
2004-200522Blackpooleng ENG3. League One16th12121,08090000000000.
2004-200522Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership7th5545090000000000.
2005-200623Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership14th9981090000000000.
2006-200724Sheffield Wedseng ENG2. Championship9th15151,32788000000110.
2006-200724Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership12th2218090000000000.
2007-200825Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League13th119090000000000.
2008-200926Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League19th16161,44090000000000.
2009-201027Middlesbrougheng ENG2. Championship11th24242,15490000000010.
2010-201128Derby Countyeng ENG2. Championship19th7763090000000000.
2011-201229Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League8th106565000000100.
2012-201330Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7th7763090000000000.
2014-201532Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League6th3319565000000000.
2015-201633NEC Nijmegennl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie10th17171,53090000000000.
2015-201633Bradford Cityeng ENG3. League One5th3327090000000000.
2016-201734Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie1st32322,88090000000000.
2017-201835Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie4th31312,79090000000100.
2018-201936Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Premier League1st25242,11084000000100.
2019-202037Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Premier League8th5545090000000000.
17 Seasons*10 Clubs5 Leagues22322119,80189000000520.
Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt SoT Fls CrdY CrdR Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Matches
Middlesbrough (7 Seasons)2 Leagues58585,21490000000010.
Liverpool (3 Seasons)1 League111089081000000100.
Feyenoord (2 Seasons)1 League63635,67090000000100.
Al-Nassr (2 Seasons)1 League30292,56085000000100.
Blackpool (2 Seasons)1 League18181,62090000000100.
NEC Nijmegen (1 Season)1 League17171,53090000000000.
Sheffield Weds (1 Season)1 League15151,32788000000110.
Derby County (1 Season)1 League7763090000000000.
Bradford City (1 Season)1 League3327090000000000.
Stockport (1 Season)1 League119090000000000.
Premier League (9 Seasons)45443,95088000000100.
League One (4 Seasons)22221,98090000000100.
Dutch Eredivisie (3 Seasons)80807,20090000000100.
Championship (3 Seasons)46464,11189000000120.
Premier League (2 Seasons)30292,56085000000100.

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Domestic Leagues Domestic Cups International Cups All Competitions
Season Age Squad Country Comp Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
2002-200320Stockporteng ENG3. Second Division1900019000
2003-200421Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership1900019000
2003-200421Blackpooleng ENG3. Second Division654000654000
2004-200522Blackpooleng ENG3. League One121,08000121,08000
2004-200522Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership545000545000
2005-200623Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership981000981000
2006-200724Sheffield Wedseng ENG2. Championship151,32700151,32700
2006-200724Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premiership218000218000
2007-200825Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League1900019000
2008-200926Middlesbrougheng ENG1. Premier League161,44000161,44000
2009-201027Middlesbrougheng ENG2. Championship242,15400242,15400
2010-201128Derby Countyeng ENG2. Championship763000763000
2010-201128Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League1900019000
2011-201229Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League1650016500
2012-201330Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League7630003270001090000
2014-201532Liverpooleng ENG1. Premier League319500218000537500Matches
2015-201633NEC Nijmegennl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie171,53000171,53000Matches
2015-201633Bradford Cityeng ENG3. League One327000327000Matches
2016-201734Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie322,88000654000383,42000Matches
2017-201835Feyenoordnl NED1. Dutch Eredivisie312,79000545000363,24000Matches
2018-201936Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Pro League252,11000252,11000Matches
2019-202037Al-Nassrsa KSA1. Saudi Premier League545000545000Matches
17 Seasons*10 Clubs22319,80100218000151,3500024021,33100

Leaderboard Appearances, Awards, and Honors

Red Cards
2009-2010 Championship  1 (8th)
Clean Sheets
2016-2017 Dutch Eredivisie  17 (1st)
2017-2018 Dutch Eredivisie  10 (4th)
2018-2019 Pro League  11 (1st)
2019-2020 Saudi Premier League  4 (1st)

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