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Standard Stats: Domestic Leagues

Standard Stats: Domestic Leagues Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G+A G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
2004-200516Metalist Kharkivua UKR1. Top League11th933704.1101100100.
2005-200617FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League13th2491,01711.3145100300.090.350.440.090.44
2006-200718FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League12th29292,56028.4137201034500.460.250.700.350.60
2007-200819Shakhtarua UKR1. Top League1st29202,05322.8178251612300.750.351.100.701.05Matches
2008-200920Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd26111,18813.25510500200.380.380.760.380.76Matches
2009-201021Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st22151,25513.9628600400.430.140.570.430.57Matches
2010-201122Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st522693.0000000100.
2010-201122Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th1991,03611.5257200200.170.430.610.170.61
2011-201223Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th401161.3000000000.
2011-201223Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th854885.4303300300.550.000.550.550.55
2012-201324Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th23161,44016.0527500100.310.120.440.310.44
2013-201425Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League11th28252,16424.0102121000600.420.080.500.420.50
2014-201526Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd19141,18413.2113141100100.840.231.060.841.06Matches
2015-201627Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd17131,01111.2426400000.360.180.530.360.53Matches
2016-201728Dynamo Kyivua UKR1. Premier League2nd844274.7000000100.
2016-201728Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League10th13131,17013.0404222300.310.000.310.150.15Matches
2017-201829Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League8th986897.7112011000.
2017-201829Chornomoretsua UKR1. Premier League11th775956.6213200300.300.150.450.300.45Matches
2018-201930Rizesportr TUR1. Süper Lig11th811161.3000000100.
2020-202132Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League3rd22181,44716.19110900400.560.060.620.560.62Matches
2021-202233Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League4th16131,09512.2538411200.410.250.660.330.58Matches
2022-202334Chornomorets Odesaua UKR1. Premier League11th1645275.9101011200.
18 Seasons9 Clubs2 Leagues36123922,217246.910046146919114800.410.190.590.370.55
Country Comp LgRank MP Starts Min 90s Gls Ast G+A G-PK PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
Shakhtar (6 Seasons)1 League118756,96077.343206342121100.560.260.810.540.80
Karpaty Lviv (5 Seasons)1 League81675,95166.12352820331300.350.080.420.300.38
FC Kharkiv (2 Seasons)1 League53383,57739.71411251134800.350.280.630.280.55
Zorya Luhansk (2 Seasons)1 League38312,54228.2144181311600.500.140.640.460.60
Dnipro (2 Seasons)1 League2391,15212.8257200200.160.390.550.160.55
Chornomorets (2 Seasons)1 League23111,12212.5314211500.240.080.320.160.24
Metalist Kharkiv (1 Season)1 League933704.1101100100.
Dynamo Kyiv (1 Season)1 League844274.7000000100.
Rizespor (1 Season)1 League811161.3000000100.
Premier League (17 Seasons)35323822,101245.610046146919114700.410.190.590.370.56
Süper Lig (1 Season)811161.3000000100.

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Shooting: Domestic Leagues

Shooting: Domestic Leagues Table
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist PK PKatt Matches
2004-200516Metalist Kharkivua UKR1. Top League11th4.1151.220.2000
2005-200617FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League13th11.31131.150.0800
2006-200718FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League12th28.413361.270.2834
2007-200819Shakhtarua UKR1. Top League1st22.817441.930.3612Matches
2008-200920Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd13.25181.360.2800Matches
2009-201021Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st13.96201.430.3000Matches
2010-201122Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st3.0000.0000
2010-201122Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th11.52100.870.2000
2011-201223Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th1.3010.780.0000
2011-201223Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th5.4361.110.5000
2012-201324Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th16.05181.130.2800
2013-201425Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League11th24.010261.080.3800
2014-201526Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd13.211201.520.5500Matches
2015-201627Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd11.24110.980.3600Matches
2016-201728Dynamo Kyivua UKR1. Premier League2nd4.70020.000.420.0000Matches
2016-201728Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League10th13.04070.000.540.2922Matches
2017-201829Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League8th7.71030.000.390.0011Matches
2017-201829Chornomoretsua UKR1. Premier League11th6.62040.000.610.5000Matches
2018-201930Rizesportr TUR1. Süper Lig11th1.30300.02.330.000.0000Matches
2020-202132Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League3rd16.1900Matches
2021-202233Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League4th12.2511Matches
2022-202334Chornomorets Odesaua UKR1. Premier League11th5.9111Matches
18 Seasons9 Clubs2 Leagues246.91003244533.
Country Comp LgRank 90s Gls Sh SoT SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Dist PK PKatt Matches
Shakhtar (6 Seasons)1 League77.3431131.460.3712
Karpaty Lviv (5 Seasons)1 League66.1230600.000.910.3333
FC Kharkiv (2 Seasons)1 League39.714491.230.2234
Zorya Luhansk (2 Seasons)1 League28.21411
Dnipro (2 Seasons)1 League12.82110.860.1800
Chornomorets (2 Seasons)1 League12.53040.000.610.5011
Metalist Kharkiv (1 Season)1 League4.1151.220.2000
Dynamo Kyiv (1 Season)1 League4.70020.000.420.0000
Rizespor (1 Season)1 League1.30300.02.330.000.0000
Premier League (17 Seasons)245.610002440.001.150.32911
Süper Lig (1 Season)1.30300.02.330.000.0000

Playing Time: Domestic Leagues

Playing Time: Domestic Leagues Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off Matches
2004-200516Metalist Kharkivua UKR1. Top League11th9370414.136
2005-200617FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League13th241,0174211.3915
2006-200718FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League12th292,5608828.4290
2007-200819Shakhtarua UKR1. Top League1st292,0537122.8209Matches
2008-200920Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd261,1884613.21115Matches
2009-201021Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st221,2555713.9157Matches
2010-201122Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st5269543.023
2010-201122Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th191,0365511.5910
2011-201223Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th4116291.304
2011-201223Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th8488615.453
2012-201324Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th231,4406316.0167
2013-201425Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League11th282,1647724.0253
2014-201526Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd191,1846250.613.2148572.324215+27+2.05+0.26Matches
2015-201627Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd171,0115944.911.2134452.123412+22+1.96-0.15Matches
2016-201728Dynamo Kyivua UKR1. Premier League2nd84275314.84.742422.00104+6+1.26+0.16Matches
2016-201728Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League10th131,1709040.613.01313001.691612+4+0.31+0.83Matches
2017-201829Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League8th96897723.97.784100.8937-4-0.52+0.01Matches
2017-201829Chornomoretsua UKR1. Premier League11th75958520.76.674001.4389-1-0.15+0.72Matches
2018-201930Rizesportr TUR1. Süper Lig11th8116153.81.315207950.632200.00+0.06Matches
2020-202132Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League3rd221,4476661.816.11876641812.00287+21+1.31+1.21Matches
2021-202233Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League4th161,0956867.612.21379732121.882214+8+0.66-1.06Matches
2022-202334Chornomorets Odesaua UKR1. Premier League11th165273332.55.94802121720.9456-1-0.17+0.32Matches
18 Seasons9 Clubs2 Leagues36122,2176233.4246.9239775012216241.7117088+82+0.89+0.68
Country Comp LgRank MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Compl Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off Matches
Shakhtar (6 Seasons)1 League1186,9605947.877.3751243122.237627+49+2.01+0.06
Karpaty Lviv (5 Seasons)1 League815,9517332.366.167171401.36191900.00+0.53
FC Kharkiv (2 Seasons)1 League533,5776739.73815
Zorya Luhansk (2 Seasons)1 League382,5426764.228.231781371931.955021+29+1.03+0.33
Dnipro (2 Seasons)1 League231,1525012.8914
Chornomorets (2 Seasons)1 League231,1224924.912.511806121721.091315-2-0.16+0.59
Metalist Kharkiv (1 Season)1 League9370414.136
Dynamo Kyiv (1 Season)1 League84275314.84.742422.00104+6+1.26+0.16
Rizespor (1 Season)1 League8116153.81.315207950.632200.00+0.06
Premier League (17 Seasons)35322,1016337.6245.6238785011518191.7716886+82+0.91+0.63
Süper Lig (1 Season)8116153.81.315207950.632200.00+0.06

Miscellaneous Stats: Domestic Leagues

Miscellaneous Stats: Domestic Leagues Table
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Matches
2004-200516Metalist Kharkivua UKR1. Top League11th4.110
2005-200617FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League13th11.330
2006-200718FC Kharkivua UKR1. Top League12th28.450
2007-200819Shakhtarua UKR1. Top League1st22.830Matches
2008-200920Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd13.220Matches
2009-201021Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st13.940Matches
2010-201122Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League1st3.010
2010-201122Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th11.520
2011-201223Dniproua UKR1. Premier League4th1.300
2011-201223Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th5.430
2012-201324Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League14th16.010
2013-201425Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League11th24.060
2014-201526Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd13.210Matches
2015-201627Shakhtarua UKR1. Premier League2nd11.200Matches
2016-201728Dynamo Kyivua UKR1. Premier League2nd4.710000000000Matches
2016-201728Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League10th13.030000000000Matches
2017-201829Karpaty Lvivua UKR1. Premier League8th7.7000000000000Matches
2017-201829Chornomoretsua UKR1. Premier League11th6.6300000000000Matches
2018-201930Rizesportr TUR1. Süper Lig11th1.3100832100000Matches
2020-202132Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League3rd16.14000Matches
2021-202233Zorya Luhanskua UKR1. Premier League4th12.22000Matches
2022-202334Chornomorets Odesaua UKR1. Premier League11th5.92000Matches
18 Seasons9 Clubs2 Leagues246.94800832100000
Country Comp LgRank 90s CrdY CrdR 2CrdY Fls Fld Off Crs Int TklW PKwon PKcon OG Matches
Shakhtar (6 Seasons)1 League77.3110
Karpaty Lviv (5 Seasons)1 League66.11300000000000
FC Kharkiv (2 Seasons)1 League39.780
Zorya Luhansk (2 Seasons)1 League28.26000
Dnipro (2 Seasons)1 League12.820
Chornomorets (2 Seasons)1 League12.5500000000000
Metalist Kharkiv (1 Season)1 League4.110
Dynamo Kyiv (1 Season)1 League4.710000000000
Rizespor (1 Season)1 League1.3100832100000
Premier League (17 Seasons)245.64700000000000
Süper Lig (1 Season)1.3100832100000

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