Standard Stats

Standard Stats Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank MP Starts Min Gls Ast PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
200419CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd12121,0219011300.790.000.790.710.71
200520CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st21161,4227500100.440.320.760.440.76
200621CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st23211,7979300400.450.150.600.450.60
200722CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd23232,00913422300.580.180.760.490.67
200823CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd26262,24320412400.800.160.960.760.92
200924CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League5th13121,0723011210.
201025CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd15151,3389622400.610.401.010.470.87
2011-201227CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd25211,9309500910.420.230.650.420.65
2012-201328CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st997836512110.690.571.260.571.15
2013-201429CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st221801000000.500.000.500.500.50
201530Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A1st31282,37014300300.530.110.650.530.65Matches
2015-201631Monacofr FRA1. Ligue 13rd1297824001100.460.000.460.460.46Matches
2016-201732Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th28272,45223377800.840.110.950.590.70Matches
2017-201833Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th14141,23110233400.730.150.880.510.66Matches
2017-201833Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig4th1043943100200.690.230.910.690.91Matches
2018-201934Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig3rd854993000000.540.000.540.540.54Matches
201934Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A8th28181,7585111500.260.050.310.200.26Matches
15 Seasons8 Clubs5 Leagues37433629,8731844723276940.550.140.700.490.63
Country Comp LgRank MP Starts Min Gls Ast PK PKatt CrdY CrdR Gls Ast G+A G-PK G+A-PK Matches
CSKA Moscow (10 Seasons)1 League16915713,79586328103130.560.210.770.510.72
Corinthians (2 Seasons)1 League59464,12819411800.410.090.500.390.48
Alanyaspor (2 Seasons)1 League42413,68333510101200.810.120.930.560.68
Flamengo (2 Seasons)1 League41413,64817323600.420.070.490.370.44
Palmeiras (2 Seasons)1 League23232,04413111510.570.040.620.530.57
Beşiktaş (2 Seasons)1 League1898936100200.600.100.710.600.71
Monaco (1 Season)1 League1297824001100.460.000.460.460.46
Shandong Lunen (1 Season)1 League10109006111400.600.100.700.500.60
Premier League (10 Seasons)16915713,79586328103130.560.210.770.510.72
Série A (6 Seasons)1231109,820498451910.450.070.520.410.49
Süper Lig (3 Seasons)60504,57639610101400.770.120.890.570.69
Ligue 1 (1 Season)1297824001100.460.000.460.460.46
Super League (1 Season)10109006111400.600.100.700.500.60

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Shooting Table
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank 90s Gls PK PKatt Sh SoT FK SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Matches
200419CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd11.3911171.500.47
200520CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st15.8700261.650.27
200621CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st20.0900361.800.25
200722CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd22.31322331.480.33
200823CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd24.92012441.770.43
200924CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League5th11.9311141.180.14
201025CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd14.9922231.550.30
2011-201227CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd21.4900341.590.26
2012-201328CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st8.7612171.950.29
2013-201429CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st2.010031.500.33
201530Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A1st26.31400Matches
2015-201631Monacofr FRA1. Ligue 13rd8.7401131.500.31Matches
2016-201732Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th27.22377874349.43.191.580.180.37Matches
2017-201833Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th13.71033602440.04.391.750.120.29Matches
2017-201833Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig4th4.430022836.45.031.830.140.38Matches
2018-201934Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig3rd5.530014535.72.530.900.210.60Matches
201934Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A8th19.5511291137.91.480.560.140.36Matches
15 Seasons8 Clubs5 Leagues331.9184232721245542.93.011.490.160.32
Country Comp LgRank 90s Gls PK PKatt Sh SoT FK SoT% Sh/90 SoT/90 G/Sh G/SoT Matches
CSKA Moscow (10 Seasons)1 League153.3868102471.610.32
Corinthians (2 Seasons)1 League45.91911291137.91.480.560.140.36
Alanyaspor (2 Seasons)1 League40.93310101476745.63.591.640.160.34
Flamengo (2 Seasons)1 League40.51723521.280.29
Palmeiras (2 Seasons)1 League22.71311341.500.35
Beşiktaş (2 Seasons)1 League9.9600361336.13.631.310.170.46
Monaco (1 Season)1 League8.7401131.500.31
Shandong Lunen (1 Season)1 League10.0611181.800.28
Premier League (10 Seasons)153.3868102471.610.32
Série A (6 Seasons)109.14945299737.91.481.170.140.32
Süper Lig (3 Seasons)50.83910101838043.73.601.570.160.36
Ligue 1 (1 Season)8.7401131.500.31
Super League (1 Season)10.0611181.800.28


Passing Table
Assists Total Short Medium Long
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank 90s Ast A-xA KP Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Left Right FK TB CK TI 1/3 PenArea Matches
200419CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd11.30
200520CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st15.85
200621CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st20.03
200722CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd22.34
200823CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd24.94
200924CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League5th11.90
201025CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd14.96
2011-201227CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd21.45
2012-201328CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st8.75
2013-201429CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st2.00
201530Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A1st26.33Matches
2015-201631Monacofr FRA1. Ligue 13rd8.70Matches
2016-201732Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th27.23Matches
2017-201833Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th13.72Matches
2017-201833Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig4th4.41Matches
2018-201934Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig3rd5.50Matches
201934Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A8th19.51Matches
15 Seasons8 Clubs5 Leagues331.947
Country Comp LgRank 90s Ast A-xA KP Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Left Right FK TB CK TI 1/3 PenArea Matches
CSKA Moscow (10 Seasons)1 League153.332
Corinthians (2 Seasons)1 League45.94
Alanyaspor (2 Seasons)1 League40.95
Flamengo (2 Seasons)1 League40.53
Palmeiras (2 Seasons)1 League22.71
Beşiktaş (2 Seasons)1 League9.91
Monaco (1 Season)1 League8.70
Shandong Lunen (1 Season)1 League10.01
Premier League (10 Seasons)153.332
Série A (6 Seasons)109.18
Süper Lig (3 Seasons)50.86
Ligue 1 (1 Season)8.70
Super League (1 Season)10.01

Playing Time

Playing Time Table
Playing Time Starts Subs Team Success
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off Matches
200419CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd121,0218511.3120
200520CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st211,4226815.8165
200621CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st231,7977820.0212
200722CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd232,0098722.3230
200823CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd262,2438624.9260
200924CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League5th131,0728211.9121
201025CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League2nd151,3388914.9150
2011-201227CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League3rd251,9307721.4214
2012-201328CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st9783878.790
2013-201429CSKA Moscowru RUS1. Premier League1st2180902.020
201530Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A1st312,3707669.326.3288133152.164716+31+1.18+0.41Matches
2015-201631Monacofr FRA1. Ligue 13rd127826522.98.79341.50128+4+0.46+0.36Matches
2016-201732Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th282,4528880.127.227101.325048+2+0.07+2.00Matches
2017-201833Alanyasportr TUR1. Süper Lig12th141,2318840.213.714001.292726+1+0.07+0.32Matches
2017-201833Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig4th103943912.94.44632.3091+8+1.83+0.78Matches
2018-201934Beşiktaştr TUR1. Süper Lig3rd84996216.35.558732161.7585+3+0.54-0.27Matches
201934Corinthiansbr BRA1. Série A8th281,7586351.419.51885102251.212016+4+0.20-0.01Matches
15 Seasons8 Clubs5 Leagues37429,8738042.2331.9336833824231.61173120+53+0.50+0.14
Country Comp LgRank MP Min Mn/MP Min% 90s Starts Mn/Start Subs Mn/Sub unSub PPM onG onGA +/- +/-90 On-Off Matches
CSKA Moscow (10 Seasons)1 League16913,79582153.315712
Corinthians (2 Seasons)1 League594,1287060.445.946831324101.716732+35+0.76+0.33
Alanyaspor (2 Seasons)1 League423,6838860.240.941101.317774+3+0.07+0.74
Flamengo (2 Seasons)1 League413,6488940.5410
Palmeiras (2 Seasons)1 League232,0448922.7230
Beşiktaş (2 Seasons)1 League188935014.69.998792192.06176+11+1.11+0.18
Monaco (1 Season)1 League127826522.98.79341.50128+4+0.46+0.36
Shandong Lunen (1 Season)1 League109009010.0100
Premier League (10 Seasons)16913,79582153.315712
Série A (6 Seasons)1239,8208060.4109.1110831324101.716732+35+0.76+0.33
Süper Lig (3 Seasons)604,5767637.450.85087102191.539480+14+0.28-0.15
Ligue 1 (1 Season)127826522.98.79341.50128+4+0.46+0.36
Super League (1 Season)109009010.0100