Goalkeeper Stats, Domestic Leagues

Goalkeeper Stats, Domestic Leagues Table
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
2001-200218Metzfr FRA1. Division 117th6515168691.5727.667114240.0
2003-200420Metzfr FRA1. Ligue 114th272702,43090281.04118.763106111037.0
2005-200622Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga3rd110909022.004.50000100.0
2006-200723Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga4th8626347991.2831.710321233.3
2007-200824Valladolides ESP1. La Liga15th88066283162.1841.610124112.5
2008-200925Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 15th4403609030.7514.786220250.0
2009-201026Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 14th1010090090141.4039.641244220.0
2010-201127Nîmesfr FRA2. Ligue 219th373613,24488431.19142.697910171027.8
2011-201228Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 213th353503,10189361.04141.74591691645.7
2012-201329Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 211th343403,06090461.35144.68191312823.5
2013-201430Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 213th373703,31590350.95172.7971015111129.7
2014-201531Angersfr FRA2. Ligue 23rd343403,06090260.76122.787168101852.9Matches
2015-201632Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 19th191901,71090110.5847.7668741157.9Matches
2015-201632Club Bruggebe BEL1. Pro League1st181801,62090140.7851.72514131055.6Matches
2016-201733Club Bruggebe BEL1. First Division A2nd363603,24090330.92130.74620791233.3Matches
2017-201834Club Bruggebe BEL1. First Division A1st5504509051.0019.737410240.0Matches
2017-201834Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 114th191901,65287221.2072.694657421.1Matches
2018-201935Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 113th363603,23990481.33166.711915121233.3Matches
2019-202036Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 111th2201809073.5012.41710100.0Matches
17 Seasons*8 Clubs4 Leagues376372433,463894071.091492.72713411512013335.8
Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap GA GA90 SoTA Save% W D L CS CS% Matches
Angers (5 Seasons)2 Leagues11011009,841891141.04419.7284035344540.9
Arles-Avignon (3 Seasons)1 League10610609,476891171.11457.7442844323533.0
Club Brugge (3 Seasons)1 League595905,31090520.88200.740389122440.7
Metz (2 Seasons)1 League333212,94689371.13145.745117151237.5
Lille (2 Seasons)1 League141401,26090171.2153.679464428.6
Valencia (2 Seasons)1 League97272480111.3735.686322228.6
Nîmes (1 Season)1 League373613,24488431.19142.697910171027.8
Valladolid (1 Season)1 League88066283162.1841.610124112.5
Ligue 1 (8 Seasons)123122110,987891421.16495.7133940434335.2
Ligue 2 (5 Seasons)177176115,780891861.06721.7425362596335.8
First Division A (3 Seasons)595905,31090520.88200.740389122440.7
La Liga (3 Seasons)171521,38682271.7576.645446320.0

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions

Goalkeeper Stats, All Competitions Table
Domestic Leagues International Cups All Competitions
Season Age Squad Country Comp Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Apps Min GA CS Matches
2001-200218Metzfr FRA1. Division 1651692651692
2003-200420Metzfr FRA1. Ligue 1272,4302810272,4302810
2005-200622Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga1902019020
2006-200723Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga863492190109724102
2007-200824Valladolides ESP1. La Liga86621618662161
2008-200925Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 1436032436032
2009-201026Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 110900142327021131,170163
2010-201127Nîmesfr FRA2. Ligue 2373,2444310373,2444310
2011-201228Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2353,1013616353,1013616
2012-201329Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2343,060468343,060468
2013-201430Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2373,3153511373,3153511
2014-201531Angersfr FRA2. Ligue 2343,0602618343,0602618Matches
2015-201632Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1191,7101111191,7101111Matches
2015-201632Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian Pro League181,6201410181,6201410Matches
2016-201733Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian First Division A363,24033126540140423,7804712Matches
2017-201834Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian First Division A545052545052Matches
2017-201834Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1191,652224191,652224Matches
2018-201935Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1363,2394812363,2394812Matches
2019-202036Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1218070218070Matches
17 Seasons*8 Clubs37633,4634071331090017138634,363424134

Player Stats, Domestic Leagues

Player Stats, Domestic Leagues Table
Playing Time Performance Per 90 Minutes
Season Age Squad Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
2001-200218Metzfr FRA1. Division 117th6515168600000000.
2003-200420Metzfr FRA1. Ligue 114th272702,4309000001000.
2005-200622Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga3rd1109090000000000.
2006-200723Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga4th86263479000002000.
2007-200824Valladolides ESP1. La Liga15th88066283000001100.
2008-200925Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 15th44036090000000000.
2009-201026Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 14th1010090090000001000.
2010-201127Nîmesfr FRA2. Ligue 219th373613,2448800002000.
2011-201228Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 213th353503,1018900001000.
2012-201329Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 211th343403,0609000003000.
2013-201430Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 213th373703,3159000000000.
2014-201531Angersfr FRA2. Ligue 23rd343403,0609000002000.
2015-201632Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 19th191901,71090000000000.
2015-201632Club Bruggebe BEL1. Pro League1st181801,62090000000000.
2016-201733Club Bruggebe BEL1. First Division A2nd363603,24090000003000.
2017-201834Club Bruggebe BEL1. First Division A1st55045090000000000.
2017-201834Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 114th191901,65287000000000.
2018-201935Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 113th363603,23990000021100.
2019-202036Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 111th22018090000000000.
17 Seasons*8 Clubs4 Leagues376372433,463890000217200.
Country Comp LgRank Apps Starts Subs Min Mn/Ap Gls Ast PK PKatt Fls CrdY CrdR SoT Gls G+A G-PK G+A-PK SoT Fls Crd Matches
Angers (5 Seasons)2 Leagues11011009,84189000023100.
Arles-Avignon (3 Seasons)1 League10610609,4768900004000.
Club Brugge (3 Seasons)1 League595905,31090000003000.
Metz (2 Seasons)1 League333212,9468900001000.
Lille (2 Seasons)1 League141401,26090000001000.
Valencia (2 Seasons)1 League97272480000002000.
Nîmes (1 Season)1 League373613,2448800002000.
Valladolid (1 Season)1 League88066283000001100.
Ligue 1 (8 Seasons)123122110,98789000023100.
Ligue 2 (5 Seasons)177176115,7808900008000.
First Division A (3 Seasons)595905,31090000003000.
La Liga (3 Seasons)171521,38682000003100.

Player Stats, All Competitions

Player Stats, All Competitions Table
Domestic Leagues International Cups All Competitions
Season Age Squad Country Comp Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Apps Min Gls Ast Matches
2001-200218Metzfr FRA1. Division 1651600651600
2003-200420Metzfr FRA1. Ligue 1272,43000272,43000
2005-200622Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga1900019000
2006-200723Valenciaes ESP1. La Liga86340019000972400
2007-200824Valladolides ESP1. La Liga866200866200
2008-200925Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 1436000436000
2009-201026Lillefr FRA1. Ligue 11090000327000131,17000
2010-201127Nîmesfr FRA2. Ligue 2373,24400373,24400
2011-201228Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2353,10100353,10100
2012-201329Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2343,06000343,06000
2013-201430Arles-Avignonfr FRA2. Ligue 2373,31500373,31500
2014-201531Angersfr FRA2. Ligue 2343,06000343,06000Matches
2015-201632Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1191,71000191,71000Matches
2015-201632Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian Pro League181,62000181,62000Matches
2016-201733Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian First Division A363,24000654000423,78000Matches
2017-201834Club Bruggebe BEL1. Belgian First Division A545000545000Matches
2017-201834Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1191,65200191,65200Matches
2018-201935Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1363,23900363,23900Matches
2019-202036Angersfr FRA1. Ligue 1218000218000Matches
17 Seasons*8 Clubs37633,46300109000038634,36300

Leaderboard Appearances, Awards, and Honors

Red Cards
2018-2019 Ligue 1  1 (8th)
Clean Sheets
2011-2012 Ligue 2  16 (1st)
2013-2014 Ligue 2  11 (7th)
2014-2015 Ligue 2  18 (2nd)
2015-2016 Belgian Pro League  10 (3rd)
2015-2016 Ligue 1  11 (9th)
2016-2017 Belgian First Division A  12 (2nd)
2018-2019 Ligue 1  12 (5th)

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