Scores & Fixtures 2020-2021 Austrian Bundesliga

Scores & Fixtures 2020-2021 Austrian Bundesliga Table
Wk Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
1Fri2020-09-1118:30 Rapid Wien4–1Admira10,000Allianz StadionChristopher JägerMatch Report
1Fri2020-09-1120:30 LASK1–0Austria Wien6,400TGW Arena Sebastian GishamerMatch Report
1Sat2020-09-1217:00 SCR Altach1–1HartbergCASHPOINT ArenaHarald LechnerMatch Report
1Sun2020-09-1314:30 Ried3–2WSG WattensJosko ArenaChristian-Petru CiochircaMatch Report
1Sun2020-09-1314:30 St. Pölten0–0Sturm GrazNV ArenaAndreas HeißMatch Report
1Sun2020-09-1317:00 Wolfsberger AC1–3RB Salzburg2,500Lavanttal-ArenaMarkus HameterMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1917:00 RB Salzburg4–1SCR Altach3,000Red Bull ArenaManuel SchüttengruberMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1917:00 Sturm Graz1–1Rapid Wien2,812Merkur ArenaWalter AltmannMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1917:00 WSG Wattens1–1LASK1,200Tivoli Stadion TirolAlexander HarkamMatch Report
2Sun2020-09-2014:30 Admira0–5St. Pölten900BSFZ-ArenaStefan EbnerMatch Report
2Sun2020-09-2014:30 Hartberg0–2Wolfsberger AC1,432PROfertil ARENAJosef SpurnyMatch Report
2Sun2020-09-2017:00 Austria Wien2–1Ried3,000Generali ArenaRene EisnerMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2617:00 St. Pölten1–2Rapid Wien1,563NV ArenaChristian-Petru CiochircaMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2617:00 SCR Altach0–2WSG Wattens498CASHPOINT ArenaDieter MuckenhammerMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2617:00 Ried1–3RB Salzburg2,700Josko ArenaFelix OuschanMatch Report
3Sun2020-09-2714:30 Austria Wien2–2Admira3,000Generali ArenaAlan KijasMatch Report
3Sun2020-09-2714:30 Hartberg1–1Sturm GrazPROfertil ARENAManuel SchüttengruberMatch Report
3Sun2020-09-2717:00 LASK3–1Wolfsberger AC3,000TGW Arena Harald LechnerMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0317:00 Wolfsberger AC2–4St. Pölten3,000Lavanttal-ArenaSebastian GishamerMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0317:00 WSG Wattens0–2Austria Wien1,170Tivoli Stadion TirolOliver DrachtaMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0317:00 Admira3–1Ried1,015BSFZ-ArenaJulian WeinbergerMatch Report
4Sun2020-10-0414:30 RB Salzburg7–1Hartberg3,000Red Bull ArenaAndreas HeißMatch Report
4Sun2020-10-0414:30 Sturm Graz4–0SCR Altach3,000Merkur ArenaChristopher JägerMatch Report
4Sun2020-10-0417:00 Rapid Wien3–0LASK3,000Allianz StadionMarkus HameterMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-2417:00 Austria Wien0–2RB Salzburg3,000Generali ArenaWalter AltmannMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-2417:00 Ried0–2Sturm Graz1,407Josko ArenaHarald LechnerMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-2417:00 SCR Altach4–2Admira500CASHPOINT ArenaAlexander HarkamMatch Report
5Sun2020-10-2514:30 LASK4–0St. Pölten1,500TGW Arena Rene EisnerMatch Report
5Sun2020-10-2514:30 WSG Wattens1–1HartbergTivoli Stadion TirolJosef SpurnyMatch Report
5Sun2020-10-2517:00 Wolfsberger AC3–4Rapid Wien1,500Lavanttal-ArenaStefan EbnerMatch Report
6Sat2020-10-3117:00 RB SalzburgWSG WattensRed Bull Arena
6Sat2020-10-3117:00 HartbergAustria WienPROfertil ARENA
6Sat2020-10-3117:00 St. PöltenRiedNV Arena
6Sun2020-11-0114:30 AdmiraWolfsberger ACBSFZ-Arena
6Sun2020-11-0114:30 Rapid WienSCR AltachAllianz Stadion
6Sun2020-11-0117:00 Sturm GrazLASKMerkur Arena
7Sat2020-11-0717:00 SCR AltachAustria WienCASHPOINT Arena
7Sat2020-11-0717:00 RiedHartbergJosko Arena
7Sat2020-11-0717:00 St. PöltenWSG WattensNV Arena
7Sun2020-11-0814:30 LASKAdmiraTGW Arena
7Sun2020-11-0814:30 Wolfsberger ACSturm GrazLavanttal-Arena
7Sun2020-11-0817:00 Rapid WienRB SalzburgAllianz Stadion
8Sat2020-11-2117:00 SCR AltachWolfsberger ACCASHPOINT Arena
8Sat2020-11-2117:00 RB SalzburgSturm GrazRed Bull Arena
8Sat2020-11-2117:00 HartbergLASKPROfertil ARENA
8Sun2020-11-2214:30 Austria WienSt. PöltenGenerali Arena
8Sun2020-11-2214:30 WSG WattensAdmiraTivoli Stadion Tirol
8Sun2020-11-2217:00 RiedRapid WienJosko Arena
9Sat2020-11-2817:00 AdmiraHartbergBSFZ-Arena
9Sat2020-11-2817:00 Sturm GrazWSG WattensMerkur Arena
9Sat2020-11-2817:00 St. PöltenRB SalzburgNV Arena
9Sun2020-11-2914:30 LASKSCR AltachTGW Arena
9Sun2020-11-2914:30 Wolfsberger ACRiedLavanttal-Arena
9Sun2020-11-2917:00 Rapid WienAustria WienAllianz Stadion
10Sat2020-12-0517:00 SCR AltachSt. PöltenCASHPOINT Arena
10Sat2020-12-0517:00 AdmiraRB SalzburgBSFZ-Arena
10Sat2020-12-0517:00 Austria WienSturm GrazGenerali Arena
10Sun2020-12-0614:30 WSG WattensWolfsberger ACTivoli Stadion Tirol
10Sun2020-12-0614:30 HartbergRapid WienPROfertil ARENA
10Sun2020-12-0617:00 LASKRiedTGW Arena
11Sat2020-12-1217:00 St. PöltenHartbergNV Arena
11Sat2020-12-1217:00 RiedSCR AltachJosko Arena
11Sat2020-12-1217:00 Sturm GrazAdmiraMerkur Arena
11Sun2020-12-1314:30 Wolfsberger ACAustria WienLavanttal-Arena
11Sun2020-12-1314:30 RB SalzburgLASKRed Bull Arena
11Sun2020-12-1314:30 Rapid WienWSG WattensAllianz Stadion
12Sat2020-12-19HartbergSCR AltachPROfertil ARENA
12Sat2020-12-19RB SalzburgWolfsberger ACRed Bull Arena
12Sat2020-12-19AdmiraRapid WienBSFZ-Arena
12Sat2020-12-19WSG WattensRiedTivoli Stadion Tirol
12Sat2020-12-19Austria WienLASKGenerali Arena
12Sat2020-12-19Sturm GrazSt. PöltenMerkur Arena
13Fri2021-01-22St. PöltenAdmiraNV Arena
13Fri2021-01-22Wolfsberger ACHartbergLavanttal-Arena
13Fri2021-01-22SCR AltachRB SalzburgCASHPOINT Arena
13Fri2021-01-22LASKWSG WattensTGW Arena
13Fri2021-01-22Rapid WienSturm GrazAllianz Stadion
13Fri2021-01-22RiedAustria WienJosko Arena
14Tue2021-01-26AdmiraAustria WienBSFZ-Arena
14Tue2021-01-26Rapid WienSt. PöltenAllianz Stadion
14Tue2021-01-26Sturm GrazHartbergMerkur Arena
14Tue2021-01-26RB SalzburgRiedRed Bull Arena
14Tue2021-01-26Wolfsberger ACLASKLavanttal-Arena
14Tue2021-01-26WSG WattensSCR AltachTivoli Stadion Tirol
15Sun2021-01-31St. PöltenWolfsberger ACNV Arena
15Sun2021-01-31Austria WienWSG WattensGenerali Arena
15Sun2021-01-31LASKRapid WienTGW Arena
15Sun2021-01-31RiedAdmiraJosko Arena
15Sun2021-01-31SCR AltachSturm GrazCASHPOINT Arena
15Sun2021-01-31HartbergRB SalzburgPROfertil ARENA
16Tue2021-02-09AdmiraSCR AltachBSFZ-Arena
16Tue2021-02-09Sturm GrazRiedMerkur Arena
16Tue2021-02-09HartbergWSG WattensPROfertil ARENA
16Tue2021-02-09St. PöltenLASKNV Arena
16Tue2021-02-09Rapid WienWolfsberger ACAllianz Stadion
16Tue2021-02-09RB SalzburgAustria WienRed Bull Arena
17Sat2021-02-13Wolfsberger ACAdmiraLavanttal-Arena
17Sat2021-02-13Austria WienHartbergGenerali Arena
17Sat2021-02-13WSG WattensRB SalzburgTivoli Stadion Tirol
17Sat2021-02-13LASKSturm GrazTGW Arena
17Sat2021-02-13RiedSt. PöltenJosko Arena
17Sat2021-02-13SCR AltachRapid WienCASHPOINT Arena
18Sat2021-02-20WSG WattensSt. PöltenTivoli Stadion Tirol
18Sat2021-02-20Austria WienSCR AltachGenerali Arena
18Sat2021-02-20RB SalzburgRapid WienRed Bull Arena
18Sat2021-02-20Sturm GrazWolfsberger ACMerkur Arena
18Sat2021-02-20HartbergRiedPROfertil ARENA
19Sat2021-02-27Wolfsberger ACSCR AltachLavanttal-Arena
19Sat2021-02-27Rapid WienRiedAllianz Stadion
19Sat2021-02-27St. PöltenAustria WienNV Arena
19Sat2021-02-27AdmiraWSG WattensBSFZ-Arena
19Sat2021-02-27LASKHartbergTGW Arena
19Sat2021-02-27Sturm GrazRB SalzburgMerkur Arena
20Sat2021-03-06SCR AltachLASKCASHPOINT Arena
20Sat2021-03-06HartbergAdmiraPROfertil ARENA
20Sat2021-03-06RiedWolfsberger ACJosko Arena
20Sat2021-03-06Austria WienRapid WienGenerali Arena
20Sat2021-03-06WSG WattensSturm GrazTivoli Stadion Tirol
20Sat2021-03-06RB SalzburgSt. PöltenRed Bull Arena
21Sat2021-03-13Wolfsberger ACWSG WattensLavanttal-Arena
21Sat2021-03-13Rapid WienHartbergAllianz Stadion
21Sat2021-03-13RiedLASKJosko Arena
21Sat2021-03-13RB SalzburgAdmiraRed Bull Arena
21Sat2021-03-13St. PöltenSCR AltachNV Arena
21Sat2021-03-13Sturm GrazAustria WienMerkur Arena
22Sat2021-03-20WSG WattensRapid WienTivoli Stadion Tirol
22Sat2021-03-20LASKRB SalzburgTGW Arena
22Sat2021-03-20SCR AltachRiedCASHPOINT Arena
22Sat2021-03-20HartbergSt. PöltenPROfertil ARENA
22Sat2021-03-20AdmiraSturm GrazBSFZ-Arena
22Sat2021-03-20Austria WienWolfsberger ACGenerali Arena

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