Scores & Fixtures 2023-2024 Belgian Women's Super League

Scores & Fixtures 2023-2024 Belgian Women's Super League Table
Wk Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
1Fri2023-08-2520:00 Charleroi1–2DVL ZonhovenComplexe de Marcinelle - Terrain 3Viki De CremerMatch Report
1Fri2023-08-2520:30 KAA La Gantoise0–0AnderlechtChillax ArenaCaroline LanssensMatch Report
1Sat2023-08-2613:30 Yellow-Red KV Mechelen0–3Zulte WaregemAFAS StadionLander BultynckMatch Report
1Sat2023-08-2615:30 Club Brugge0–1Standard LiègeStadion SchierveldeNiels BossuytMatch Report
1Sat2023-08-2619:00 OH Leuven4–1White StarGemeentelijk Stadion - Terrein 1Yenthe BoogaertsMatch Report
2Fri2023-09-0120:30 DVL Zonhoven2–4Club BruggeTerrein KRC Genk LadiesJan KriekenMatch Report
2Sat2023-09-0213:30 White Star0–2KAA La GantoiseStade Communal FallonSimon SomvilleMatch Report
2Sat2023-09-0216:00 Zulte Waregem2–5OH LeuvenTerrein Jong ZulteBert VerbekeMatch Report
2Sat2023-09-0218:30 Anderlecht4–1Yellow-Red KV MechelenRSCA Belfius Academy - Terrain 2Ibrahim AfifiMatch Report
2Sun2023-09-0314:00 Standard Liège1–1CharleroiStade Maurice DufrasneSylvie DeckersMatch Report
3Fri2023-09-0820:30 White Star0–4DVL ZonhovenStade Communal FallonGenti KeljmendiMatch Report
3Sat2023-09-0915:00 Charleroi0–0Club BruggeStade du Pays de CharleroiMichael MassakiMatch Report
3Sat2023-09-0919:00 OH Leuven4–1KAA La GantoiseGemeentelijk Stadion - Terrein 1Willem HuygheMatch Report
3Sun2023-09-1014:30 Yellow-Red KV Mechelen1–3Standard LiègeSören BeerensMatch Report
3Wed2023-09-1320:00 Zulte Waregem1–2AnderlechtTerrein Jong ZulteFlorian StoveMatch Report
4Fri2023-09-1520:00 Charleroi0–2White StarComplexe de Marcinelle - Terrain 3Florian LemaireMatch Report
4Fri2023-09-1520:30 DVL Zonhoven1–1OH LeuvenTerrein KRC Genk LadiesCaroline LanssensMatch Report
4Sat2023-09-1613:30 Standard Liège2–1AnderlechtStade Maurice DufrasneYann JamarMatch Report
4Sat2023-09-1616:15 Club Brugge5–0Yellow-Red KV MechelenStadion SchierveldeCaroline LanssensMatch Report
4Sun2023-09-1714:00 KAA La Gantoise0–2Zulte WaregemChillax ArenaWouter DebusscherMatch Report
5Sat2023-09-3013:30 KAA La GantoiseCharleroiHead-to-Head
5Sat2023-09-3016:00 Zulte WaregemWhite StarHead-to-Head
5Sat2023-09-3018:30 AnderlechtClub BruggeHead-to-Head
5Sat2023-09-3019:00 Yellow-Red KV MechelenOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
5Sun2023-10-0114:00 Standard LiègeDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
6Fri2023-10-0620:00 CharleroiZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
6Fri2023-10-0620:30 White StarAnderlechtHead-to-Head
6Sat2023-10-0713:30 DVL ZonhovenYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
6Sat2023-10-0716:15 Club BruggeKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
6Sat2023-10-0719:00 OH LeuvenStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
7Fri2023-10-2020:30 KAA La GantoiseStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
7Sat2023-10-2113:30 OH LeuvenCharleroiHead-to-Head
7Sat2023-10-2116:00 Zulte WaregemClub BruggeHead-to-Head
7Sat2023-10-2118:30 AnderlechtDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
7Sat2023-10-2119:00 Yellow-Red KV MechelenWhite StarHead-to-Head
8Fri2023-11-0320:30 White StarClub BruggeHead-to-Head
8Fri2023-11-0320:30 DVL ZonhovenKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
8Sat2023-11-0413:30 AnderlechtOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
8Sat2023-11-0419:00 Standard LiègeZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
8Sun2023-11-0514:30 Yellow-Red KV MechelenCharleroiHead-to-Head
9Fri2023-11-1720:00 CharleroiAnderlechtHead-to-Head
9Fri2023-11-1720:30 KAA La GantoiseYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
9Sat2023-11-1813:30 Club BruggeOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
9Sat2023-11-1816:00 Zulte WaregemDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
9Sat2023-11-1816:00 Standard LiègeWhite StarHead-to-Head
10Fri2023-11-2420:30 White StarCharleroiHead-to-Head
10Sat2023-11-2513:30 DVL ZonhovenStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
10Sat2023-11-2519:00 OH LeuvenZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
10Sat2023-11-2519:00 Yellow-Red KV MechelenClub BruggeHead-to-Head
10Sat2023-11-2519:00 AnderlechtKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
11Fri2023-12-0820:30 White StarOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
11Fri2023-12-0820:30 DVL ZonhovenCharleroiHead-to-Head
11Sat2023-12-0913:30 Zulte WaregemKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
11Sat2023-12-0916:00 Standard LiègeYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
11Sat2023-12-0916:15 Club BruggeAnderlechtHead-to-Head
12Fri2023-12-1520:00 CharleroiStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
12Fri2023-12-1520:30 KAA La GantoiseOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
12Sat2023-12-1613:30 AnderlechtWhite StarHead-to-Head
12Sat2023-12-1616:15 Club BruggeZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
12Sat2023-12-1619:00 Yellow-Red KV MechelenDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
13Fri2024-01-1220:30 KAA La GantoiseWhite StarHead-to-Head
13Fri2024-01-1220:30 DVL ZonhovenAnderlechtHead-to-Head
13Sat2024-01-1313:30 Standard LiègeClub BruggeHead-to-Head
13Sat2024-01-1316:00 Zulte WaregemCharleroiHead-to-Head
13Sat2024-01-1319:00 OH LeuvenYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
14Fri2024-01-1920:00 CharleroiOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
14Fri2024-01-1920:30 White StarZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
14Sat2024-01-2013:30 Club BruggeDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
14Sat2024-01-2019:00 AnderlechtStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
14Sat2024-01-2019:00 Yellow-Red KV MechelenKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
15Fri2024-01-2620:30 DVL ZonhovenWhite StarHead-to-Head
15Sat2024-01-2713:30 OH LeuvenAnderlechtHead-to-Head
15Sat2024-01-2716:00 Zulte WaregemYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
15Sat2024-01-2716:00 Standard LiègeKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
15Sat2024-01-2716:15 Club BruggeCharleroiHead-to-Head
16Fri2024-02-0220:00 CharleroiYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
16Fri2024-02-0220:30 White StarStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
16Sat2024-02-0313:30 KAA La GantoiseDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
16Sat2024-02-0319:00 OH LeuvenClub BruggeHead-to-Head
16Sat2024-02-0319:00 AnderlechtZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
17Fri2024-02-1620:00 CharleroiKAA La GantoiseHead-to-Head
17Fri2024-02-1620:30 DVL ZonhovenZulte WaregemHead-to-Head
17Sat2024-02-1713:30 Yellow-Red KV MechelenAnderlechtHead-to-Head
17Sat2024-02-1716:00 Standard LiègeOH LeuvenHead-to-Head
17Sat2024-02-1716:15 Club BruggeWhite StarHead-to-Head
18Fri2024-03-0820:30 White StarYellow-Red KV MechelenHead-to-Head
18Fri2024-03-0820:30 KAA La GantoiseClub BruggeHead-to-Head
18Sat2024-03-0913:30 Zulte WaregemStandard LiègeHead-to-Head
18Sat2024-03-0919:00 OH LeuvenDVL ZonhovenHead-to-Head
18Sat2024-03-0919:00 AnderlechtCharleroiHead-to-Head

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