Scores & Fixtures 2022 Canadian Premier League

Scores & Fixtures 2022 Canadian Premier League Table
Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
Thu2022-04-0719:30 York9 FC0–1HFX Wanderers1,802York Lions StadiumYusri RudolfMatch Report
Sat2022-04-0915:00 Atlético Ottawa1–0Cavalry FC5,390TD Place StadiumFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Sun2022-04-1014:00 FC Edmonton1–1Valour FC670Clarke StadiumFilip DujicMatch Report
Sun2022-04-1018:00 Pacific FC2–1Forge FC4,038Westhills StadiumJuan MarquezMatch Report
Sat2022-04-1613:00 Atlético Ottawa1–0HFX Wanderers3,122TD Place StadiumMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Sat2022-04-1616:00 Forge FC2–2Cavalry FC3,688Tim Hortons FieldFilip DujicMatch Report
Fri2022-04-1519:00 FC Edmonton1–1York9 FC600Clarke StadiumJuan MarquezMatch Report
Sun2022-04-1715:00 Pacific FC3–2Valour FC2,420Westhills StadiumAlain RuchMatch Report
Fri2022-04-2219:30 York9 FC2–0Cavalry FC1,004York Lions StadiumCarly Shaw-MacLarenMatch Report
Sat2022-04-2316:00 Forge FC3–0FC Edmonton3,133Tim Hortons FieldDavid BarrieMatch Report
Sat2022-04-2318:00 Pacific FC2–1HFX Wanderers3,042Westhills StadiumJuan MarquezMatch Report
Sun2022-04-2415:00 Atlético Ottawa1–6Valour FC3,345TD Place StadiumScott BowmanMatch Report
Wed2022-04-2719:00 FC Edmonton0–0Pacific FC765Clarke StadiumScott BowmanMatch Report
Fri2022-04-2919:30 York9 FC2–2Atlético Ottawa1,043York Lions StadiumFilip DujicMatch Report
Sat2022-04-3015:00 HFX Wanderers3–1FC Edmonton6,213Wanderers GroundsBen HoskinsMatch Report
Sun2022-05-0115:30 Cavalry FC2–0Pacific FC4,206Spruce MeadowsAlain RuchMatch Report
Fri2022-05-0619:00 York9 FC1–0Forge FC1,108York Lions StadiumFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Sat2022-05-0714:00 Valour FC0–0HFX Wanderers3,277Investors Group FieldMarie-Soleil BeaudoinMatch Report
Sat2022-05-0718:00 Atlético Ottawa0–1Pacific FC3,555TD Place StadiumYusri RudolfMatch Report
Fri2022-05-0620:00 FC Edmonton0–3Cavalry FC1,044Clarke StadiumDavid BarrieMatch Report
Sat2022-05-1416:00 Forge FC1–1Atlético Ottawa4,127Tim Hortons FieldMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Sat2022-05-1418:00 Pacific FC2–1FC Edmonton3,424Westhills StadiumCarly Shaw-MacLarenMatch Report
Sun2022-05-1515:00 HFX Wanderers2–2Cavalry FC5,244Wanderers GroundsMarie-Soleil BeaudoinMatch Report
Sun2022-05-1516:00 Valour FC1–0York9 FC2,416Investors Group FieldDavid BarrieMatch Report
Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
Fri2022-05-2019:00 HFX Wanderers0–4Forge FCWanderers GroundsMyriam MarcotteMatch Report
Sat2022-05-2113:30 Cavalry FC2–1Valour FC2,945Spruce MeadowsMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Fri2022-05-2021:00 Pacific FC0–0York9 FCWesthills StadiumYusri RudolfMatch Report
Sun2022-05-2214:00 FC Edmonton1–2Atlético OttawaClarke StadiumAlain RuchMatch Report
Sat2022-05-2818:00 Pacific FC2–2Valour FC2,925Westhills StadiumAlain RuchMatch Report
Sun2022-05-2914:00 York9 FC0–1Cavalry FCYork Lions StadiumBen HoskinsMatch Report
Tue2022-05-3119:00 FC Edmonton3–4Forge FCClarke StadiumMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Wed2022-06-0119:00 Valour FC0–1Atlético OttawaInvestors Group FieldFilip DujicMatch Report
Sat2022-06-0415:00 HFX Wanderers1–0York9 FC6,224Wanderers GroundsYusri RudolfMatch Report
Sun2022-06-0513:00 Atlético Ottawa2–1Pacific FC4,176TD Place StadiumBen HoskinsMatch Report
Sun2022-06-0515:00 Valour FC1–1FC Edmonton2,727Investors Group FieldRenzo VillanuevaMatch Report
Sat2022-06-1113:30 Cavalry FC1–0HFX Wanderers3,045Spruce MeadowsJuan MarquezMatch Report
Sun2022-06-1216:00 Forge FC3–0Pacific FCTim Hortons FieldDavid BarrieMatch Report
Tue2022-06-1419:00 Atlético Ottawa0–0York9 FCTD Place StadiumMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Tue2022-06-1420:00 FC Edmonton1–2HFX WanderersClarke StadiumFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Wed2022-06-1519:00 Valour FC2–4Cavalry FCInvestors Group FieldAlain RuchMatch Report
Sat2022-06-1816:00 York9 FC0–0Pacific FCYork Lions StadiumFilip DujicMatch Report
Sun2022-06-1915:00 FC Edmonton1–0Atlético OttawaClarke StadiumMichael VenneMatch Report
Sun2022-06-1915:00 HFX Wanderers0–3Forge FCWanderers GroundsScott BowmanMatch Report
Sat2022-06-2516:00 Pacific FC0–3HFX WanderersWesthills StadiumAlain RuchMatch Report
Sun2022-06-2612:00 York9 FC1–3Valour FCYork Lions StadiumScott BowmanMatch Report
Sun2022-06-2617:00 Cavalry FC3–1FC EdmontonSpruce MeadowsDavid BarrieMatch Report
Wed2022-06-2919:00 Forge FC0–1Valour FCTim Hortons FieldFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Thu2022-06-3019:30 HFX Wanderers0–2Atlético OttawaWanderers GroundsBen HoskinsMatch Report
Fri2022-07-0116:00 FC Edmonton3–0York9 FCClarke StadiumRenzo VillanuevaMatch Report
Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
Thu2022-06-3020:30 Pacific FC3–3Cavalry FCWesthills StadiumYusri RudolfMatch Report
Sun2022-07-0316:00 Forge FC0–1Atlético OttawaTim Hortons FieldCarly Shaw-MacLarenMatch Report
Fri2022-07-0819:30 York9 FC0–2Forge FCYork Lions StadiumBen HoskinsMatch Report
Sat2022-07-0914:00 FC Edmonton2–3Pacific FCClarke StadiumSeyed Mohammad MohseniMatch Report
Sat2022-07-0919:00 Atlético Ottawa1–1Cavalry FCTD Place StadiumRenzo VillanuevaMatch Report
Sun2022-07-1014:00 Valour FC1–0HFX WanderersInvestors Group FieldMichael VenneMatch Report
Thu2022-07-1418:30 Cavalry FC3–0HFX WanderersSpruce MeadowsCarly Shaw-MacLarenMatch Report
Fri2022-07-1519:30 York9 FC2–4Pacific FCYork Lions StadiumFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Tue2022-07-1918:45 Forge FC5–1FC EdmontonTim Hortons FieldMario AlayassMatch Report
Wed2022-07-2019:00 Atlético Ottawa1–1Valour FCTD Place StadiumFilip DujicMatch Report
Tue2022-07-1919:30 Cavalry FC0–1York9 FCSpruce MeadowsScott BowmanMatch Report
Sat2022-07-2314:30 HFX Wanderers1–1FC EdmontonWanderers GroundsJuan MarquezMatch Report
Sat2022-07-2316:30 Forge FC3–1Valour FCTim Hortons FieldMathieu SouaréMatch Report
Fri2022-07-2221:00 Pacific FC3–0Cavalry FCWesthills StadiumAlain RuchMatch Report
Sun2022-07-2414:00 York9 FC0–3Atlético OttawaYork Lions StadiumSeyed Mohammad MohseniMatch Report
Wed2022-07-2719:00 Cavalry FC1–2Forge FC2,989Spruce MeadowsYusri RudolfMatch Report
Sat2022-07-3014:00 Valour FC1–2Pacific FCInvestors Group FieldDavid BarrieMatch Report
Sat2022-07-3016:00 Cavalry FC2–0FC Edmonton3,446Spruce MeadowsFilip DujicMatch Report
Sun2022-07-3119:00 Atlético Ottawa0–4Forge FCTD Place StadiumCarly Shaw-MacLarenMatch Report
Mon2022-08-0115:00 HFX Wanderers2–4York9 FCWanderers GroundsFabrizio StasollaMatch Report
Wed2022-08-0319:00 Valour FC2–0Cavalry FC3,200Investors Group FieldBen HoskinsMatch Report
Sat2022-08-0616:00 Forge FC1–0HFX WanderersTim Hortons FieldMichael VenneMatch Report
Sun2022-08-0714:00 Atlético Ottawa2–1FC EdmontonTD Place StadiumMyriam MarcotteMatch Report
Sun2022-08-0716:00 Valour FC2–0York9 FCInvestors Group FieldAlain RuchMatch Report
Sat2022-08-1315:00 HFX Wanderers1–0Valour FCWanderers GroundsBen HoskinsMatch Report
Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
Sat2022-08-1316:00 Pacific FC1–0Atlético OttawaWesthills StadiumDavid BarrieMatch Report
Fri2022-08-1219:00 Cavalry FC2–1Forge FC3,945Spruce MeadowsAlain RuchMatch Report
Sun2022-08-1416:00 York9 FC3–2FC EdmontonYork Lions StadiumYusri RudolfMatch Report
Wed2022-08-1719:00 Atlético OttawaHFX WanderersTD Place StadiumHead-to-Head
Sat2022-08-2014:30 HFX WanderersPacific FCWanderers GroundsHead-to-Head
Sat2022-08-2019:00 Forge FCYork9 FCTim Hortons FieldHead-to-Head
Sun2022-08-2113:30 Valour FCFC EdmontonInvestors Group FieldHead-to-Head
Sun2022-08-2115:30 Cavalry FCAtlético OttawaSpruce MeadowsHead-to-Head
Sat2022-08-2713:30 Cavalry FCYork9 FCSpruce MeadowsHead-to-Head
Sat2022-08-2718:30 Atlético OttawaForge FCTD Place StadiumHead-to-Head
Sun2022-08-2814:00 Valour FCPacific FCInvestors Group FieldHead-to-Head
Sun2022-08-2816:00 FC EdmontonHFX WanderersClarke StadiumHead-to-Head
Wed2022-08-3119:00 Valour FCForge FCInvestors Group FieldHead-to-Head
Fri2022-09-0219:00 Atlético OttawaFC EdmontonTD Place StadiumHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-0316:00 Pacific FCYork9 FCWesthills StadiumHead-to-Head
Sun2022-09-0416:00 Valour FCForge FCInvestors Group FieldHead-to-Head
Mon2022-09-0515:00 HFX WanderersCavalry FCWanderers GroundsHead-to-Head
Fri2022-09-0919:30 York9 FCFC EdmontonYork Lions StadiumHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-1015:00 HFX WanderersValour FCWanderers GroundsHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-1017:00 Forge FCCavalry FCHead-to-Head
Pacific FCAtlético OttawaHead-to-Head
York9 FCHFX WanderersHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-1714:00 FC EdmontonCavalry FCHead-to-Head
Sun2022-09-1816:00 Valour FCAtlético OttawaHead-to-Head
Pacific FCForge FCHead-to-Head
Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
York9 FCValour FCHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-2415:30 Cavalry FCAtlético OttawaHead-to-Head
Sat2022-09-2415:30 HFX WanderersPacific FCHead-to-Head
Sun2022-09-2514:00 FC EdmontonForge FCHead-to-Head
Pacific FCFC EdmontonHead-to-Head
Sat2022-10-0115:00 HFX WanderersAtlético OttawaHead-to-Head
Sat2022-10-0117:00 Forge FCYork9 FCHead-to-Head
Sun2022-10-0213:30 Cavalry FCValour FCHead-to-Head
Wed2022-10-0519:00 Forge FCPacific FCTim Hortons FieldHead-to-Head
Sat2022-10-0813:00 FC EdmontonValour FCHead-to-Head
Sat2022-10-0816:00 Cavalry FCPacific FCHead-to-Head
Sun2022-10-0913:00 Forge FCHFX WanderersHead-to-Head
Sun2022-10-0916:00 Atlético OttawaYork9 FCHead-to-Head

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