Scores & Fixtures 2020-2021 Division 1 Féminine

Scores & Fixtures 2020-2021 Division 1 Féminine Table
Wk Day Date Time Home Score Away Attendance Venue Referee Match Report Notes
1Sat2020-09-0514:30 Stade de Reims4–4Bordeaux179Stade Louis Blériot N°2 Romy FournierMatch Report
1Sat2020-09-0514:30 Issy0–4Le Havre219Stade Le GalloEmeline RochebiliereMatch Report
1Sat2020-09-0514:30 Soyaux2–1Dijon312Stade Lebon 1Savina ElbourMatch Report
1Sat2020-09-0514:30 Fleury0–0Montpellier302Stade Auguste GenteletCharlène LaurMatch Report
1Sat2020-09-0518:30 Paris S-G4–1GuingampStade Municipal Georges LefèvreMaika VanderstichelMatch Report
1Sun2020-09-0617:00 Lyon4–0Paris FC636Groupama OL Academy Décines-Charpieu Victoria BeyerMatch Report
2Fri2020-09-1118:30 Montpellier2–0GuingampStade Bernard Gasset Terrain n°7Savina ElbourMatch Report
2Fri2020-09-1118:30 Stade de Reims0–3Lyon1,500Stade Auguste-Delaune IIJustine CataniaMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1214:30 Paris FC2–0Soyaux211Stade Robert BobinCharlène LaurMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1214:30 Le Havre1–3Fleury907Stade OcéaneRomy FournierMatch Report
2Sat2020-09-1214:30 Dijon3–1IssyStade des Poussots 1Maika VanderstichelMatch Report
2Sun2020-09-1312:45 Bordeaux0–0Paris S-G749Stade Jean-Antoine MoueixVictoria BeyerMatch Report
3Fri2020-09-2518:30 Paris S-G4–0Stade de Reims450Stade Jean-BouinSavina ElbourMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2614:30 Issy0–1Fleury128Stade Le GalloVictoria BeyerMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2614:30 Guingamp1–2Dijon156Stade Centre Formation EAG 1Emeline RochebiliereMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2614:30 Paris FC1–1Le Havre161Stade Robert BobinMaika VanderstichelMatch Report
3Sat2020-09-2614:30 Soyaux1–4Montpellier301Stade Lebon 1Vanessa CruchonMatch Report
3Sun2020-09-2721:00 Lyon2–1Bordeaux330Groupama OL Academy Décines-Charpieu Alexandra CollinMatch Report
4Fri2020-10-0218:30 Fleury0–3Lyon865Stade Auguste GenteletCharlène LaurMatch Report
4Fri2020-10-0218:30 Le Havre0–1Soyaux946Stade OcéaneGabrielle GuillotMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0314:30 Bordeaux1–0Guingamp372Stade Sainte-GermaineJustine CataniaMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0314:30 Stade de Reims7–1Issy124Stade Louis Blériot N°2 Romy FournierMatch Report
4Sat2020-10-0314:30 Montpellier2–1Paris FCStade Bernard Gasset Terrain n°7Alexandra CollinMatch Report
4Sun2020-10-0415:00 Dijon0–3Paris S-GStade des Poussots 1Vanessa CruchonMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-1014:30 Paris FC5–0Issy115Stade Robert BobinEmeline RochebiliereMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-1014:30 Le Havre0–1Stade de Reims990Stade OcéaneAlexandra CollinMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-1014:30 Bordeaux6–1Fleury463Stade Sainte-GermaineGabrielle GuillotMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-1014:30 Guingamp3–0Soyaux202Stade Centre Formation EAG 1Charlène LaurMatch Report
5Sat2020-10-1020:45 Paris S-G4–0Montpellier155Stade Municipal Georges LefèvreMaika VanderstichelMatch Report
5Sun2020-10-1117:00 Lyon2–0Dijon466Groupama OL Academy Décines-Charpieu Victoria BeyerMatch Report
6Fri2020-10-1620:45 Lyon4–0Guingamp750Groupama OL Academy Décines-Charpieu Romy FournierMatch Report
6Sat2020-10-1714:30 Fleury1–1Paris FC320Stade Auguste GenteletEmeline RochebiliereMatch Report
6Sat2020-10-1714:30 Dijon2–1Le HavreStade des Poussots 1Savina ElbourMatch Report
6Sat2020-10-1714:30 Stade de Reims0–1Montpellier182Stade Louis Blériot N°2 Justine CataniaMatch Report
6Sat2020-10-1714:30 Issy3–1Bordeaux120Stade Le GalloCharlène LaurMatch Report
6Sun2020-10-1812:45 Soyaux0–3Paris S-G694Stade Lebon 1Alexandra CollinMatch Report
7Sat2020-10-3114:30 BordeauxDijon
7Sat2020-10-3114:30 SoyauxIssy
7Sat2020-10-3114:30 GuingampLe Havre
7Sat2020-10-3114:30 Paris FCStade de Reims
7Sat2020-10-3121:00 MontpellierLyon
7Sun2020-11-0112:45 Paris S-GFleury
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 Stade de ReimsFleury
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 Le HavreBordeaux
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 LyonSoyaux
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 DijonMontpellier
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 GuingampParis FC
8Sat2020-11-1414:30 IssyParis S-G
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 SoyauxStade de Reims
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 Paris S-GLyon
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 Paris FCBordeaux
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 IssyGuingamp
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 MontpellierLe Havre
9Sat2020-11-2114:30 FleuryDijon
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 GuingampFleury
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 Paris S-GParis FC
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 DijonStade de Reims
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 BordeauxSoyaux
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 Le HavreLyon
10Sat2020-12-0514:30 MontpellierIssy
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 Le HavreParis S-G
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 Stade de ReimsGuingamp
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 FleurySoyaux
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 LyonIssy
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 Paris FCDijon
11Sat2020-12-1214:30 BordeauxMontpellier
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 IssyDijon
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 SoyauxParis FC
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 LyonStade de Reims
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 GuingampMontpellier
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 Paris S-GBordeaux
12Sat2021-01-1614:30 FleuryLe Havre
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 DijonSoyaux
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 Paris FCLyon
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 GuingampParis S-G
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 Le HavreIssy
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 MontpellierFleury
13Sat2021-01-2314:30 BordeauxStade de Reims
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 DijonBordeaux
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 Stade de ReimsParis FC
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 LyonMontpellier
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 Le HavreGuingamp
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 FleuryParis S-G
14Sat2021-02-0614:30 IssySoyaux
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 Paris S-GIssy
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 MontpellierDijon
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 FleuryStade de Reims
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 BordeauxLe Havre
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 Paris FCGuingamp
15Sat2021-02-2714:30 SoyauxLyon
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 Le HavreMontpellier
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 BordeauxParis FC
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 GuingampIssy
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 DijonFleury
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 Stade de ReimsSoyaux
16Sat2021-03-1314:30 LyonParis S-G
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 MontpellierParis S-G
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 FleuryBordeaux
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 IssyParis FC
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 SoyauxGuingamp
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 Stade de ReimsLe Havre
17Sat2021-03-2714:30 DijonLyon
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 Paris S-GSoyaux
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 MontpellierStade de Reims
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 GuingampLyon
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 Paris FCFleury
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 BordeauxIssy
18Sat2021-04-0314:30 Le HavreDijon
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 Stade de ReimsDijon
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 Paris FCParis S-G
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 LyonLe Havre
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 SoyauxBordeaux
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 FleuryGuingamp
19Sat2021-04-1714:30 IssyMontpellier
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 IssyLyon
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 Paris S-GLe Havre
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 SoyauxFleury
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 DijonParis FC
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 MontpellierBordeaux
20Sat2021-05-0814:30 GuingampStade de Reims
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 Stade de ReimsParis S-G
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 Le HavreParis FC
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 BordeauxLyon
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 DijonGuingamp
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 MontpellierSoyaux
21Sat2021-05-2214:30 FleuryIssy
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 IssyStade de Reims
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 GuingampBordeaux
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 Paris FCMontpellier
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 SoyauxLe Havre
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 LyonFleury
22Sat2021-06-0514:30 Paris S-GDijon

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